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Plugin Launch: Seamlessly add custom product fees or cost to products in your WooCommerce Store

Seamlessly add custom product fees or cost to products in your WooCommerce Store

Running an online store is tricky business. Know how much to charge and you can be at the peak. Don’t know how much to charge and you stand to lose your customers’ trust forever.

Therefore, the questions pertaining to adding extra fees for products, running specific promotions etc. should always be dealt with caution. It’s like walking on thin ice. You need to add extra fees in a way that help you cover business expenses and at the same time don’t let you down in customers’ eyes.

Now, once you have decided that you need to add extra fees depending on specific circumstances, you need to automate this entire process. Otherwise, the entire task can become a nightmare and you will spend time only managing extra fees rather than focusing on other aspects.

This is where the Woocommerce Conditional Extra Fees Plugin can be of amazing help to WooCommerce shop owners.

Let’s take a detailed look.

Extra Fees Plugin For WC

How does Woocommerce Conditional Extra Fees Plugin help?

The plugin has been developed to help you add extra fixed charges on orders which can be specific on the basis of products, categories, countries, amount etc.

The Plugin offers 12 options to add extra cost.

  • Add Extra Fees based on Country.
  • Add Extra Fees based on User Role.
  • Add Extra Fees based Shipping Class.
  • Add Remove All Extra Fees based on Maximum Total.
  • Add Extra Fees based on Cart Total.
  • Add Extra Fees based on Total Cart Quantity.
  • Add Extra Fees based on Cart Weight.
  • Add Extra Fees based on Product.
  • Add Extra Fees based on Variable Product.
  • Add Extra Fees based on Product Category.
  • Add Extra Fees on Particular Product Tag.
  • Add Extra Fees on Particular Coupon.
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For instance, you want to levy extra cost of $15 and $5 on orders from US and India respectively, you can do so by selecting the Extra Fees feature based on country. See below.

Extra fee based on the country

Similarly, you can even levy extra Fees based on shipping class. For instance, you want to charge $20 for the Shipping Class ‘Large’ option when a customer selects it, you can enable the feature and put in the amount you want to charge and there you go!

Extra fee based on the shipping class

The Advance Extra Cost Plugin for WooCommerce offers similar other options for various categories as per your store requirements.

Currently, the Plugin is available both as a free and paid version. You can check out the free version before buying additional features. Here are both the links.

How to download the plugin?

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