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Here’s how to add extra flat rate feature in a WooCommerce Store.

Shipping, undoubtedly, is one of the key factors that will influence the success of your e-commerce business. Deciding on the amount to charge for shipping and how to calculate it, confuses, many online store owners. Whether to go for flat rate shipping, free shipping or calculated shipping can be very difficult to decide on.

Many store owners, these days, prefer flat rate shipping because of its simplicity. This shipping method works excellent for products that are small.
However, when it comes to levying flat rate shipping, there is another challenge that store owners face. You simply can’t levy, for example, $55 shipping bill to your customers who make purchases in hundreds of dollars. This is a situation wherein you would need to customize the flat rate shipping options integrated into your store.

Plus, there are specific country rules and tax criteria that need to be followed when shipping. All these need to be considered for customizing shipping options.

And, customers expect a lot from you when they shop in bulk and it’s your responsibility to deliver them the best experience and give the best deal.
This reminds me of a client who was puzzled regarding how to customize the flat rate shipping option in his woocommerce store.
The default woocommerce shipping options were not solving his purpose. He was losing customers based on the shipping fees, we found out.
So, what did we do?

Well, we came up with a little plugin known as the Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce.

Advance Flat Rate Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce – Under the hood!

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The plugin lets you customize flat rate shipping for your woocommerce store. You get multiple options to create flat rate shipping methods as per your unique requirements and you can even set your own custom rules.

WooCommerce Extra Flat Rate Shipping1

There are 13 types of options which allow you to add flat rate shipping method as below:

  • Flat Rate Shipping Method For Countries.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method For Products.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method For Category
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method For Tag.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method For Product SKU.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method For User.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method For User Role.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method on Coupons.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method on Order amount.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method on Weight.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method on Quantity.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method on Shipping Class.
  • Flat Rate Shipping Method apply Forcefully/compulsory.

The Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce also supports English and Spanish. For adding more languages, you can add .mo file in the plugin.

How does it benefit your online store?

  • Set up custom shipping rates as per your specific business needs.
  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction by offering best shipping rates.
  • Never lose a customer because of shipping rates.
  • Cut down your time and efforts every time you want to customize shipping rates.
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