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Adding New Custom Flat Rates With Zones in WooCommerce 2.6

Adding New Custom Flat Rates With Zones in WooCommerce 2.6

We are pleased to inform you that we have just released our new update for the ‘Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce’ which is version 1.2.

WooCommerce allows only one flat rate shipping method by default.  Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce plugin allows you to create multiple custom flat rate shipping methods in wooCommerce. Also you can create shipping methods which will be available at specific conditions.

What are the features added to ‘Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce’ ?

As the WooCommerce has introduced the Zone Features in the version WooCommerce Version 2.6. We have added create zone feature in the plugin. Using this functionality user will be able to create their own zone and can set the country, states and zipcode settings for the zone.

How User can create zone in our plugin ?

To create a zone go to your admin panel -> WooCommerce -> Add Shipping Zone

Create New Shipping Zone Step 1
Create New Shipping Zone Step  2

You can create Three type shipping Zone as per below:

Shipping Zone based on One and More Countries

Using this option you can create custom COUNTRIES wise shipping zone.It will me single or multiple countries.

Shipping Zone based on One and More State and Counties.

Using this option you can create custom STATES and COUNTIES wise shipping zone. like Africa States, Asia States, EU States, US states, Oceania States.

Shipping Zone based on One and More Post Codes / Zips.

Using this option you can create custom POSTCODES / ZIPS WISE SHIPPING ZONE.

You can add postcode per line only one.

Wild Cards (*) Support – When you want to use all postcode of the particular region then used this option.

Postcodes Ranges – When you want to apply shipping method for the particular range of postcode then this features used. like 380001 – 380030

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  • Author Ellis-7787 profile picture
    Ellis says:

    Hello Team,

    Can this plugin allow me to edit my woocommerce site to ship to regions/states within Ghana?

    For Example Greater Accra as a Region with different towns(Achimota, Dome etc) as locations

    • Author The Dotstore-7786 profile picture
      The Dotstore says:

      Hello Ellis,

      Thanks for reaching out to us on this and hope you are doing well.

      Using our plugin you can create shipping method based on regions/states using the range of postcodes by creating a custom zones.

      So if, your each regions/states has defined based on the postcode then, you can achieve your requirement using our plugin.

      For more detail about how to create zone using postcode click below link in which you can read full document about the zone section.

      Click here ->

      Still you have any query then, create your support ticket from below URL so our technical team will get back to you within 24 hours.

      Create support ->

      Let us know still you have any queries.