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The Compact Guide to Best Selling WooCommerce Shipping Plugins for Busy People

Let’s assume that you have built your all-time epic online store.

After meaningful comparison and research, a customer has decided to add a product to the cart and checkout.

It means he has made two decisions:

“Yes, I want this product.” and
“Yes, I am willing to pay the particular price.”

But nowww…

The customer realizes, he/she also has to pay for shipping charges.

What do you think about the chances of cart abandonment due to that reason?

That’s a whopping 28% out of 69.23% of abandoned online shopping carts. (Link 28% with “The Sooner The Better. Because Free Shipping Can Save 28% of Your Shoppers”)

When it comes to running a profitable online store, cart abandonment may feel like a webstore owner’s kryptonite.

That means offering flexible options, like click and collect, would minimize the cart abandonment rate, at least by 28%.

You may be wondering then:

“Why we have listed the 20 best-selling shipping plugins from CodeCanyon only & only for WooCommerce based stores ?

That’s because:

With 30,477,629 downloads; 1,986,324 websites (that’s >40% of all eCommerce sites) usage; or 23,724 of the world’s top million websites (that’s 2.8% of the top million websites) usage;

WooCommerce is 8 times more popular than Shopify or Magento – combinedly ranked 2nd for the title of most popular eCommerce platform!

These and many other reasons like…

  • Optimized for content (because content drives sales),
  • Offering large number of features and extensions than many of the other platforms out there (because as your online store expands, you would need more inclusion), and
  • Offering full extent of options to really dig into keyword optimization (because everyone wants to rank higher than their competitors).

So not only I but millions of people believe in choosing WooCommerce for their e-commerce website compared to other platforms.

So in this compact guide, we have not only listed 2017’s Best Selling WooCommerce shipping plugins but mentioned what purpose each shipping plugin could fulfill or can be helpful in devising your shipping strategy.

This can particularly be useful for people who’re so busy that they’re unable to find out how they can save 28% of their online shoppers as this is the “most wonderful compact guide ever” about free shipping plugins till now to our knowledge:

1. Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce

If you’re looking to easily set up shipping charges based on class, total weight, total price, total quantity and a total volume of products in the cart, go nowhere than Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce plugin.

Price: $9

1. Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce

Whether you want to calculate shipping by class, increase in weight, price, quantity & volume or by volumetric/dimensional weight; put your complex shipping requirements into the cost formula, and the plugin will implement it.

Do you have thousands of rules, then just prepare CSV and import using this plugin, because inserting it one by one is impossible.

2. Table Rate Shipping For WooCommerce

Let suppose not only you want to implement complex shipping requirements based on dimensions, price, quantity, and weight; but you want to create tables of rates that apply to different shipping classes, categories, products, and dates, then the No.1 best-selling WooCommerce shipping plugin as listed on Codecanyon is the perfect option for you.

Price: $12

2. Table Rate Shipping For WooCommerce

It’s brilliant features like WPML compatibility, tax inclusion, handling fees, work with any theme, simple bundling as well as various shipping rate choices and easy to customize – make it the most popular shipping plugin for eCommerce stores.

3. Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce

“Take whatever you can in this box at $9 Shipping Flat Rate.

You know your online t-shirt store sells a couple of t-shirts to every purchaser. But when you offer the mentioned above shipping strategy where if the buyer has to add only one t-shirt to get the benefit of that shipping policy, what do you think the chances of adding that one t-shirt?

Pretty High!


That’s what the Flat Rate Shipping is. To a major extent, it shares the same advantages of a free shipping strategy. So if you’re a newbie and looking to generate profit from this popular perk, go for Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce.

Price: $59

3. Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce

Irrespective of the item, weight, seller location & delivery location, offer a single rate for all orders and become famous amongst your customers.

Well, I understand, at first sight, it may look costly to invest, but compare that with the profits you would get by selling a couple of more items EVERY TIME! And, it also provides the flexibility to shift to table rate shipping through its ‘advanced conditions.’

Doesn’t that sound fair enough?

Yet, looking for something more?

Here it is:

“With the price they quote, the plugin suits the needs of most WooCommerce based stores,” David voiced. “It is certainly better than most of the other out-of-the-box plugins we tested,” Kelly says.

4. USPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

You want to give freedom to your customers about choosing carrier and shipping speed?

Do you want to be accurate in shipping estimates?

Then choose USPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin.

Price: $19

4. USPS WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

With this, you can make available USPS Flat Rate Boxes to your customers.

The specialty of it is it’s 3D packing algorithms. With that, your customers would able to understand the exact amount of ordered items that will fit into their boxes they send with.

In the past, many merchants have lost money – or potential customers – with inaccurate shipping estimates that are much higher than the actual cost. So slowly providing real time carrier shipping rates has encroached into shipping rate strategies of many webstores.

Oh yes, you may enhance your customer service by choosing USPS Retail Ground, USPS Priority Mail, USPS Priority Mail Express, etc.

5. WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

In a sentence, by default, WooCommerce has no weight-based shipping support. So this plugin was created to offset that shortcoming. This sounds promising, right?

Weight-based shipping is cost-effective and ensures that customers will be charged a proportional price regardless of the number of items in their shopping cart.

Price: $19

5. WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

Weight Based Shipping for WooCommerce is a super simple and flexible shipping method for stores which focus on cart weight (but not limited to) to calculate shipping fees. This plugin also allows you to create table rate shipping, flat rate shipping, and conditional free shipping.

6. WooCommerce Dropshippers

Supposedly, your online store has a network of wholesale dropshippers. When it comes to dropshipping, the price is probably going to be one of the first things that you think about. But what about improving customer service?

Of course, Customer Service > Price

So don’t compromise your price with losing potential customers. Rather use WooCommerce Dropshipping to send automated order notification emails to your dropshippers when new orders arrive via your WooCommerce store.

Price: $25

6. WooCommerce Dropshippers plugin

It also generates a packing slip PDF file and attaches it to the order notification email. Your drop shippers can print the packing slip, and add it to the customer’s shipment for easy blind drop shipping. Supplier inventory can be imported from a CSV file provided by your supplier if need be.

7. Canada Post Woocommerce Shipping Plugin

Do you know 75% of Canadian online shoppers rate order tracking as an important part of their satisfaction with an online retailer? So integrate Canada Post with your WooCommerce site and provide live shipping rates directly to your customers in their shopping cart and at checkout.

Price: $24

7. Canada Post Woocommerce Shipping Plugin

Not only it provides up-to-date package information from Canada Post’s Parcel Tracking service, but is entirely bilingual in English and Français (French) and is compatible with WPML. It can be used to ship within Canada as well as Worldwide.

8. WooCommerce Shipping Tracking

Black Milk Clothing, the manufacturer of printed leggings, swims, tops and skirts from their design studio in Brisbane, Australia, gives two of the following options:

  1. free Standard International shipping delivery estimate 1-4 weeks with no tracking and claiming no liability for missing packages.
  2. $10 Standard International shipping with tracking and responsibility for missing packages.

What would you choose?

So devise your shipping strategy with double-thought. Can’t stop thinking about whether to provide tracking option or not, then buy WooCommerce Shipping Tracking.

Price: $24

8. WooCommerce Shipping Tracking

By installing the WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin, you’ll be able to allow your customers to track their orders easily. WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin defines more than 40 shipping companies. It’s also an easy way to provide a better online experience to your customers.

9. Shipping Details Plugin for WooCommerce

Who doesn’t want to encourage their customers to return to their online stores, or stay longer, to increase chances of additional purchases or cross-opportunities? Then, proactively offer tracking options.

To do so, are you looking to support your online store by more than 140 couriers, then go for Shipping Details Plugin for WooCommerce.

Price: $29

9. Shipping Details Plugin for WooCommerce

The most excellent feature of this plugin is your customers don’t have to enter tracking numbers and taken directly to tracking results page on courier site as most couriers support dynamic URL – from afghan POST to US Postal Services.

10. Woocommerce Pickup Locations

Gone are the days when courier employees have to continuously visit the customer’s home if a customer is not immediately available to accept the product. After a few days though, the order automatically gets canceled, and the product gets returned to the seller. Since there is no physical point where these products can be picked up by the customer if a product delivery is missed, it becomes difficult to coordinate. Woocommerce Pickup Locations allow store owners to define various pickup points and allow their customers to come and pick up their product purchased by visiting the pickup locations.

ALSO READ:  Adding New Custom Flat Rates With Zones in WooCommerce 2.6

Price: $20

10. Woocommerce Pickup Locations

Research from the Wall Street Journal shows that about 50% of shoppers surveyed opted for the in-store pickup. So right now, it’s a competitive advantage that can act as a differentiator for your online business and increase in-store foot traffic and upselling.

11. Conditional Free Shipping

Do you want to drive impulse buying? Do you want to make purchases happen with no pre-planning? Even in the spur of the moment, you can push your customer to buy something more. How? With Conditional Free Shipping plugin.

Price: $14

11. Conditional Free Shipping plugin

Let suppose if the average order value from your online store is $40, then set the free shipping threshold at $49. Odds are consumers will look for another item or two to add to their cart before checking out. So use Conditional Free Shipping to the advantage of your eCommerce store.

12. WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar

As human beings, we’re driven to:

  • Have goals, and then
  • Accomplish goals.

Have you ever observed we feel good and engaging while we feel we’re achieving something? Progress Bars shown by WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar does the same job. In fact, Dr. Hugo Liu from MIT and says, “It turns out that when you finish a complex task, your brain releases massive quantities of endorphins.” in his article Need to Complete.

Price: $20

12. WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar plugin

So make important missions while setting the Free Shipping threshold. Moreover, it does the job of showing congratulation message when customers purchase enough to reach minimum amount for Free Shipping. In the words of a speaker and the author John C. Maxwell, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” Henceforth, when we congratulate, we are communicating our sincere thoughts of gratitude and appreciation to clients and employees. So showing congratulation message will promote your purchases.

Well, “Congratulations!” you at least now know about 12 Best Selling WooCommerce shipping plugins of 2017.

13. WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping

WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping is a shipping method that uses distance, volume, weight, quantity, and order total to create shipping rates in the cart and at checkout. WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping uses the customer’s distance from the store in the shipping rules, so it’s the best plugin for any company that delivers its own goods.

Price: $17

13. WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin

The great features of this WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin include:

  • Use customer distance from your store to define shipping rate (you can charge per km/mile and different rates depending on distance)
  • Use volume to calculate shipping (so large items cost more)
  • Use weight to calculate shipping (so heavy items cost more)
  • Use quantity to calculate shipping (so you charge less per item for large orders)
  • Charge flat fees that depend on distance, volume, weight and order total
  • No requirement to set dimensions or weights on your products
  • No requirement to use all the variables in your shipping rates
  • Theme compatible

And so much more…

14. WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping Four Strategies

Four Strategies:

a.) An online shop sells books, DVDs and CDs where shipping rates are configured as follows:

  • Books: $5 for the first book, $2 for every book thereafter.
  • DVDs: $4 for the first DVD, $1 for every DVD thereafter.
  • CDs: $4 for the first CD, $1 for every CD thereafter.

What do you are the chances that customers won’t buy anything more than one?

b.) Another online store who sells books has configured his shipping rates as follows: b.) Another online store who sells books has configured his shipping rates as follows:

  • 1st book: $4
  • 2nd – 3rd book: $0
  • 4th book: $-4
  • Subsequent books: $0

Clearly, the store owner is promoting more sells. Though we understand it, rarely customers will stop with one purchase.

c.) The other webstore sells beer with following strategies:

  • Box of 24: $12 for the first box, $6 for every box thereafter
  • Case of 6: $8 for the first case, $4 for every case thereafter

What could be the number of customers who would check out with only one box/case?


d.) The most often used: “Purchase over $99, and get free shipping.”

Supposedly, you’re done with your required shopping in $85, won’t you go for $14 more?

In brief, all these things can be done with WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin.

Price: $19

14. WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping Four Strategies plugin

As aforementioned many many variations of the business cases can be handled with WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping Plugin. It is so exciting that I’m sharing a couple of more variations:

  • Free shipping for Books when purchased along with DVDs.
  • The first shipping cost is $5 in the US, $6 in Canada and $7 in rest of the world.

So awesome that is. Isn’t it?

Let’s move to the next one.

15. Easy WooCommerce Order Amount Based Shipping

When it comes to shipping, the word “free” can be a deal maker. Free shipping is a competition hot spot. That’s why 60% of e-commerce companies cite “free shipping with conditions” as their most successful marketing tool.

Easy WooCommerce Order Amount Based Shipping Plugin allows specifying the unlimited number of min price/max price pairs of order amount for accurate defining of shipping cost – one of the most widely used parameters to use free shipping with conditions.

Price: $18

15. Easy WooCommerce Order Amount Based Shipping plugin

There is also a possibility of using a fixed shipping price or specify the percentage of an amount. Spend just a couple of minutes to understand and make necessary settings, and you can do simple single settings page that covers 99% needs of your webstore.

16. WooCommerce – Estimated Dispatch Date

When a customer buys a product from your online store, he/she becomes attached to it. Consequently, making them aware about the estimated number of days the product would take to be dispatched would establish the trustworthiness and also enhances the chances of a customer relationship.

Price: $18

16. WooCommerce – Estimated Dispatch Date plugin

With WooCommerce – Estimated Dispatch Date, you can also enable a countdown timer on the product page, showing the user how much time is left before next day processing

17. WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping

Most shops need more options based on cart contents, for example:

  • weight based shipping,
  • totals based shipping,
  • items based shipping (number of products or cart line items),
  • and finally location based shipping.

This not possible with the shipping methods built in WooCommerce. When you need any of the above shipping rules,WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping Plugin comes in handy.

Price: $18

17. WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping plugin

With WooCommerce – Estimated Dispatch Date, you can also enable a countdown timer on the product page, showing the user how much time is left before next day processing

18. Royal Mail & Parcelforce Shipping for WooCommerce uses the innovative method in which products are priced to entice customers into buying more. They have put an intelligent real-time pricing algorithm in the background of the store. Coined as ‘smart cart,’ the algorithm matches their customers’ delivery location for selected merchandise with the closest trusted supplier that stocks them. The closer the distance between supplier and delivery location, the cheaper the product. This is a smart way of pricing products, since discounts can be applied while still maintaining profitability.

Likewise, Royal Mail & Parcelforce Shipping for WooCommerce Plugin calculates which box and how much box to use while offering real-time rates to customers.

Price: $18

18. Royal Mail & Parcelforce Shipping for WooCommerce plugin

It’s Parcelforce guarantees your customer to get their shipping by 9 am or 1 pm on Saturday.

19. WooCommerce Shipping Label Generator

It’s shipping labels which provide vital information to each actor of your supply chain to move your package from one hand to another, from the warehouse to your customer’s doorstep

Each carrier (UPS, DHL, FedEx, Amazon…) use a particular template for its shipping labels and offers online tools to help you create shipping labels that fit their specific requirements.

Here is where you can find each online tool (they usually requires to sign up first):

But when you’re going global, you want ease. So leave your labeling worry to WooCommerce Shipping Label Generator.

Price: $49

19. WooCommerce Shipping Label Generator plugin

Just 3 steps in WooCommerce Shipping Labels Generator and you are ready to go with automation in shipping label generator. Get tied up with any shipping carriers that most suits your needs and get your shipping carrier rates. You’re all set!

20. UPS Shipping method for WooCommerce

If you ship a large volume of packages, you can always negotiate with UPS for lower rates.

Do you know?

  • On average, 15.8 million UPS shipments are sent daily.
  • 101,900 is the number of UPS ground vehicles.
  • 7.9 million customers use UPS daily.

Price: $19

20. UPS Shipping method for WooCommerce plugin

Like Royal Mail & Parcelforce Shipping for WooCommerce Plugin, UPS Shipping Method plugin does offer real-time shipping rates. But there are many more easy customizations you can play with UPS Shipping Method plugin like multiple tracking, add box packing and you can also add currency for shipping originating outside the USA.


I hope this article will help you in selecting the right shipping plugins for your WooCommerce store. If you have any query or suggestion about these WooCommerce Shipping Plugins, feel free to leave a comment below.

At last, I would like to emphasize again that shipping strategies continue to evolve as an area of competitive difference for eCommerce businesses. Small business owners can capitalize on these changes in shipping trends to compete with the biggest businesses on a more even footing.

Make shipping a breeze by using these plugins and also share your success with us at

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