Convert Classic Editor to Gutenberg Blocks

It is useful to convert your existing classic block/editor content to Gutenberg blocks.

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Convert Classic Editor to Gutenberg Blocks

you can easily Convert Classic Editor old blog post to Gutenberg Blocks

Single Click Convert to Gutenberg Blocks

With single click, you can convert old blog post to new Gutenberg Block editor

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How to converting Existing WordPress Posts To Gutenberg Blocks
Download the Multipurpose Gutenberg Block Plugin

Download the Multipurpose Gutenberg Block Plugin from the given link and install it on your WordPress/WooCommerce store. This plugin won’t convert your classic posts to block-based posts but will serve as the basis for another plugin, which will do it. So, it is important to install this plugin before moving forward.

Multipurpose Gutenberg Block plugin enhances the capabilities of blocks made through Gutenberg editor. You can set margin, page layout (fixed or semi), background, overlay color, overlay background opacity, gradient, border-related properties, padding, width, height, etc. While using this plugin, you can add your own additional CSS to make changes.

Download Convert Classic Editor to Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

To automatically convert your classic posts into Gutenberg-ready posts, Convert Classic Editor to Gutenberg Blocks Plugin comes in handy. Just as the previously-suggested plugin, this plugin also works well with WordPress 5.0 and above, as Gutenberg Editor was introduced in that version.

The plugin supports a good number of HTML tags, and hence is capable of converting almost everything in your old posts, drafted using classic editor, into a new block-based format.

Convert your Old Posts, drafted using Classic Editor, into Gutenberg Blocks

Once you have enabled both the plugins, you are all set to convert your WordPress posts and pages into Gutenberg Blocks.

Now, open any post, which you’d published after drafting it using the Classic WordPress Editor.

You must be able to see an option named ‘Convert to Gutenberg blocks’ on the top of your post. It’ll look like this –

Successful Convert classic editor content to gutenberg

See the notification above your post, which says ‘this post is successfully converted into Gutenberg blocks.’ Right! The post is no more a classic post. It has been converted into a Gutenberg post with blocks as you wanted.

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