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3 Ways to Draw Eyes To Your WooCommerce Store

Building a WooCommerce Store into your website gives you a lot of great ways to engage with potential customers. Most notably, you’ll be able to present an attractive digital storefront with easy shopping functionality. You can also add in small perks that incentivize shopping for prospective customers as they browse; for instance, we’ve discussed enabling coupons and discounts, or even offering free product samples on your WooCommerce store, which can go a long way toward driving purchases and winning customer loyalty.

Even with features like these effectively incorporated into your online store’s design, however, there’s the issue of how to attract customers in the first place. This is a course a concern for any business operating online. But particularly if you’re looking to bring customers into a newly optimized digital store, you’ll need to give some thought to how to do so.

The following strategies can make for an excellent start.

Leverage Your Personal Network

You may well have heard of something called “influencer marketing” before, particularly if you’re immersing yourself in the world of eCommerce. If you’re not familiar with the concept though, defines it as word of mouth, for the digital age. That’s a fairly logical way to think of it, though the term “influencer” is also often used to refer to someone with a massive social media following. In an ideal scenario, therefore, influencer marketing means gaining word-of-mouth attention courtesy of some with an existing, influential social media platform – ideally, a celebrity or someone of note in your industry.

Because most of us don’t have access to these kinds of influencers though, there’s also something to be said for leveraging your personal network in the early going. This means selling or distributing your products or services to any and all friends and family who are active on social media, and asking them to share information about said products or services if they feel so inclined. Now, if you happen to be friends with Beyoncé, you’re in good shape – but even a favorite cousin with 3,000 Twitter followers can give you a nice boost in early attention.

Engage In Digital Marketing

For a more formal approach, you should also look into putting together a digital marketing strategy to drive online consumers to your store. In effect, this means coming up with ways to make sure that your website is visible, and that it will reach the audiences you’re ultimately targeting for sales. This is about as difficult as it sounds like it would be, though in the modern digital environment there are some established methods you can put into practice.

To that point, Ayima details digital marketing strategies for startups in a clear and concise overview that can help you to get some idea of the kind of effort you should be looking at. The piece highlights the development of technical SEO knowledge, content SEO efforts, and link development as three areas of focus, essentially conveying that a modern business should be shaping its content to perform well in search engines and to appeal to target audiences. Again, accomplishing all of this can be difficult. But it’s doable for any company willing to put in the effort, and it might be the single best way to generate attention for your online store.

Demonstrate Use Cases Continually

As a final point, we’ll also note that you can have a little bit of fun with your store by incorporating social functions that demonstrate use cases to site visitors. This is something we’re beginning to see more of these days, most typically at retail sites for fashion and accessories – though the practice can work for virtually any business.

Specifically, this effort can take a few different forms. One approach is to build a function into your website that flashes alerts on the screen when customers make purchases, informing site visitors of what was just purchased and cultivating a tone of excitement. Another option is to include a social media feed on your site in which customer posts that tag your store name (or the name of a specific product) show up for everyone to see. Whatever specific approach you take, the idea is to compound sales, using existing customers essentially as marketing vessels to show others that people are indeed buying your products.

Through these efforts, you can begin to draw more eyes to your WooCommerce store, and hopefully, generate the sales you want as a result!

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