Plugin NameWordPress
Compatible Upto
Compatible Upto
Advance Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce6.0.x6.7.x
Advanced Product Size Chart for WooCommerce6.x6.5.x
Hide Shipping Method For WooCommerce6.0.x6.6.x
Product Attachment for WooCommerce6.0.x6.6.x
WooCommerce Category Banner Management6.0.x6.6.x
WooCommerce Blocker – Prevent fake orders and Blacklist fraud customers6.x6.5.x
WooCommerce Enhanced E-commerce Analytics Integration with Conversion Tracking6.0.x6.7.x
WooCommerce Conditional Product Fees for Checkout5.9.x6.4.x
Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method WooCommerce (Marketplace)6.0.x6.5.x
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules5.9.x6.5.x
WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods5.9.x6.3.x
WooCommerce Shipping Method Display Style5.9.x6.2.x
Minimum and Maximum Quantity for WooCommerce6.0.x6.7.x
Product Finder for WooCommerce (PRO)6.0.x6.2.x
Product Finder for WooCommerce6.0.x6.2.x
Advanced Menu Manager6.0.xN/A
Page Visit Counter5.6.xN/A
Mass Pages/Posts Creator5.9.xN/A
Advanced Product Sample for WooCommerce6.0.x6.7.x
Advanced Linked Variations for WooCommerce5.9.x6.3.x
Advanced USPS Shipping Method5.9.x6.3.x
Conditional Payments For WooCommerce6.0.x6.5.x
WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Shipping Addon6.x6.5.x

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