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Top 18 Marketing Landing pages for Popular Companies – Know what helps them ‘Sell’

Year’s old traditional marketing or ultra-new digital marketing, the goal remains the same- “Appeal and convert”. The landing page is the hero of digital marketing for lead generation. It warms up the cold leads online where potential clients permit you to contact them, due to the impression your landing page had on them. Landing page and its marketing strategy can turn the tables on your marketing.

Whenever you start to market a product or a service, the Landing page becomes the focal point of the marketing uniqueness and engaging the potential leads. With no general purpose stuff, the landing page is dedicated.

The industry leaders have been extensively using strong marketing landing pages to create a magical marketing campaign. But how to decide what will work for your landing page?

Let us take cues from the masters, the names you know for the best always. It gets better when we will highlight what worked for them on the landing page. Also, you can try One Page Studio to build similar or better pages to convert your customers easily – that through simple drag-n-drop development. Here’s the treat:

1. LinkedIn

Marketing - LinkedIn

The LinkedIn landing page is strikingly engaging. Developers have effectively highlighted the core-offer of marketing strategy at the top. Rather than using any random image, the product image makes the page quite effective. It creates a familiarity with the actual product to the potential client and increases conversion when they click the pronounced button “Submit.”

The visitors love the page for its autofill feature making it quick to fill in the information.


467 million LinkedIn users!

2. Birst:

Marketing - Birst

Vibrant and Keyword rich headline is supported by the sub-headline that suggests what the product is about. A complete No-nonsense content presented in a minimalistic way. Use of bullet points to highlight the features from the potential buyer point of view by dropping questions works like a breeze.

The charmer of the page remains the “Read now” button that stands out in color. It creates a sense of getting down to business instantly.

3. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer

Must say, it is one landing page that stays true to the core. It conveys what the company has to offer boldly. Offering a toolbox as a freebie, the landing page is quite enticing. The sub-components of the toolbox are very promising.

What we loved the most on the page was it just asked the email-id nothing else.

4. Fitness Singles

Almost instantly tells you what the page is about. Subject-oriented image and bold to the point headline followed by two crisp bullet points say it all. The page has a subtle display of its testimonials in a unique way. It showcases the accreditations of the organization.

Fitness Singles

The bullet point’s content includes the keyword of the business, and that is what is required for a highly convertible landing page.

5. Flywheel


No one misses the word “Free” at the top of the landing page. The usage of power words, proper highlighting and striking two CTA buttons make this page informative with minimalistic content.

The landing page is dedicated to offering a freebie for generating leads for the organization. A crisp description of what one should expect from the freebie passes on the confidence of the visitors.

6. Geico

Marketing - Geico

Geico has always been a very powerful marketer. Be it the TV ads, on-pages ads, and now the landing page market leader. The super-engaging & lifelike landing page asks you just the Pin code while offering you a quote in return.

Highlighted CTA is impossible to miss, and the landing page does not even have a single distraction element. The secret is the Single quote “See how much brighter your day could get.”

7. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Wow, a 60-day free trial- could the things get better. A clear description of what all will be included in the trial period is highlighted by relevant thumbnails. The Google Cloud Platform landing page is the best example of “8-sec” conversion on the landing page.

Reinforcing the Free aspect the standout CTA says “Try it Free.”

A subtle link to FAQ’s and Contact Sales makes the page more informative with a single click.

8. Hubspot


An ‘almost monochrome’ landing page uses a hint of orange to highlight the ‘Free valuable advice’ as well as bullet points the elements in dollar value. Use of multiple CTA’s is optimal and offers a higher conversion rate.

At a glance, direct phone number at right-hand corner comes in handy for a little push for the call.

9. Labtech


CTA is the catch of the landing page. The headline has a major keyword followed by informative details of products and services. A “What to expect” section on landing page encourages the visitors to register for the event and make it a perfect marketing landing page.

The images of the products make the visitor familiar with the suites and make a strong impression.

10. Marketo


The logo (along with the right-aligned graphics) is enticing, and the headline is loved for the word “Budget.” A highlighted CTA button stands out from the white background. The developer has used the Download word three times and highlighted it well.

The free ebook is a lucrative offer, and the blue bullet points of what the ebook holds are good bait. Minimum elements of distractions keep the page engaging to the visitor.

11. Masterclass


The landing page of Masterclass is the class apart. The developer has very well tapped the potential of using videos on the landing page that help raise the conversion count by 86%.

The authoritative screenwriter Aaron Sorkin makes a huge impact on the audience and drives the signups. The CTA is a catch on the black page as it comes out in a subtle orange hue. The video is informative and engaging.

12. Microsoft e-Book

Microsoft e-Book

The block of content is a perfect example of breaking down the long style landing page into informative pieces. Long marketing landing pages generate up to 220% more leads than the fold call-to-action.

Bullet points highlight the benefits of the products and offer a good flow to conversion.

13. Salesforce

A strong headline is a major player on the entire content page. Minimum text and a communicative image make the page likable.


Focusing on an entirely different league of elements, the page offers a security confidence of shared information and drops the direct toll-free number. A “Download Now” button entices visitors into an instant gratification.

14. Shopify

Marketing - Shopify

Shopify landing page plays well with the power of CTA.  A contrast CTA button works in coherence to convince the potential lead for conversion.

Powerful word “Today” and Logo that linked to homepage works well to direct it to the full-fledged website.

15. Thrivehive


The headline of the landing page makes it quite evident that the marketing landing page is for small businesses. The CTA button has uniqueness; we will leave you to keep guessing what that is.

The testimonials in the form of awards won earn credibility to the landing page. The image of the actual product is best for creating the strong base for future relationships with clients. The form is easy and short.

CTA Uniqueness: The color has not been used anywhere else on the page.

16. Uber Landing Page

Uber landing page is unique in its way. The headline that works like magic and the short form is the main players. An image that showcases the comfort depicts Uber’s happy driver. It makes the page prolific and helps Uber stands out from the white background.

Uber Landing Page

The sub-heading focuses on the content of sub-services. Overall the pages are quite likable and we are yet to take out its secret elements.

17. Upwork


The logo stands out bold and beautiful. It works to propagate the brand image. Landing page has two distinct parts one talks about the summary, other talks about Overview. The overview gives the details of when, where and what.

18. OnePage Studio

OnePage Studio

The landing page of One Page Studio is designed elegantly with the least possible elements showing up in the main part. The headline states ‘Multipurpose Marketing Landing Page with Page Builder’. By reading this, anyone can understand what it does.

Monochrome buttons are used for the CTAs to attract the visitor. You can see that all 3 CTAs are placed nicely. ‘Buy’ option is put on the right-most corner while demos and builder’s link are kept in the center. For more curious customers, there are the documentation and feature links too.

Final Words

When you are in the digital world, it is a never-ending battle of the lead generation. If you have 10-15 dedicated marketing landing pages, 55% increase in conversion awaits you.

Are you still thinking about developing highly engaging marketing landing pages?

Take tips from the above marketing landing pages to build a super strong page that skyrockets your conversions. The multipurpose marketing landing pages with Page Builder are a perfect tool to build engaging marketing landing pages in a matter of minutes.

Using correct targeting and testing methods will help you increase conversion rates up to 300 percent. What are you waiting for?

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