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Selling Digital Products Online with WooCommerce: Learn from these 22 examples which did everything right

By 2016, WooCommerce had 13.8 million downloads and 1 million installations. Not just that, it powers 42% of eCommerce shops today and has been translated into more than 25 languages.

Surely, WooCommerce has become the go-to eCommerce solution for many entrepreneurs whether they need to sell physical products or digital downloadable goods or services.

What are digital downloads or digital goods/products?

  • eBooks
  • Software
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Courses
  • Membership/Subscriptions
  • Time
  • Tickets
  • Art & design products
  • 3d scans
  • Fonts

Today, Digital Downloads is a billion dollar industry worldwide. With plenty of options available, one might get overwhelmed at choosing what’s the best solution. Here’s a worth reading post to know what your options are —

Selling Products Online: The Best Ways to Sell Digital Goods

How do you know WooCommerce is right to build your Digital Product Store?

If you are looking out to just sell e-books within your existing WordPress website, then WooCommerce might come across as a complicated solution for your business. Because…..

you will have to work with a complicated user interface wherein you will not be using most of the features.

Not that WooCommerce will be a wrong choice but you will be adding a lot of unnecessary code to your site, you will need to put in a lot of time for maintenance etc. which is not required. Hence, a big no for WooCommerce here.

In such scenarios, experts recommend using Easy Digital Downloads Plugin.

Ask yourself these questions?

  • What is my digital downloads store all about?
  • Am I planning to sell physical products along with it?
  • Do I need to customize my shop considering the product variations?
  • Will I need extensions to embed new functionalities?
  • What are my theme options and will it help achieve my goals?
  • Am I thinking of running a subscription/membership-based business?

Get inspired from these 22 businesses that sell health videos, music software, to coffee subscriptions. Let’s dig in.

1. AudioShelf — South Africa’s Premium Audiobook Marketplace


One of the leading Audio Production Companies in South Africa, AudioShelf specializes in concept, casting, recording, post-production, marketing & distribution of audio books.

Their aim is to let the writers create best-sellers while they do the job of bringing a book to life with an amazing voice.

To allow their audience to buy audiobooks seamlessly with South African Rand, AudioShelf decided to set up an online store that would give them complete control over customizing its features. And, what better option than WooCommerce.

With free extensions already available, they just had to integrate WooCommerce with their existing WordPress Theme and embed PayFast (which is available for free).

For instance, if they had thought of developing it with Easy Digital Downloads (which is also a free plugin), they would have needed to purchase $39 extension for integrating PayFast.

2. HSM


HSM has been into the distribution of hardware and software solutions since 1990. By 2016, they realized having a web shop was a necessity. However, with 4000+ products to sell and with more than 100+ filters, having an eCommerce store setup was a challenge.

Nothing could have been better than WooCommerce here. A host of plugins has been integrated with the site for conditional shipping, memberships, payment, and check-out.

3. Laura Worthington


An award winning typeface designer from Washington, Laura Worthington has designed custom faces for Fortune 500 companies and published 80+ typefaces. This store allows her to sell fonts based on dynamic pricing wherein she can offer bulk discounts.

4. ConversionXL Course


ConversionXL needs no introduction. You can subscribe to their conversion rate optimization courses and get videos every week. It’s a great example of using WooCommerce for subscription with digital products. People who have domain expertise can set up such websites and have a steady income flowing by.

5. SnapTank


This store sells 3D scans to be used by computer graphics professionals, game artists, VR app developers etc. What’s more, it even allows artists to upload their work and sell through the WooCommerce Store allowing them complete control on pricing.

6. Ziglar


For years, Ziglar has been inspiring with his thoughtful work. This store offers a combination of physical, shippable products to digital downloads like eBooks and MP3s.

Plus, there is also a monthly membership option for those who regularly want to enlighten themselves with his powerful personal development secrets. The site uses a host of extensions for shipping methods, shipment tracking, product bundles and many more.

7. Getaway


What if someone told you that you could sell time online? Sounds crazy?

Well, Getaway has been built on the business of selling time. We live in times wherein its super-difficult for us to take time out for ourselves. For those who need to spend some time, Getaway allows them to book stays in Boston and New York at specific places. Using extensions like WooCommerce Bookings, you can offer time or date based bookings.

8. Gotham Studios


This site sells everything right from downloadable workshops, in-person lessons, prepaid photography services and even physical products like equipments for photography.

9. GrutBrushes


An online store for designers to purchase brushes for Photoshop, GrutBrushes offers various filter options to buy bundle products and even provides dynamic pricing to offer bulk discounts. It also allows one to download all the downloadable products in a single zip file using the WooCommerce Bulk Download extension.

10. Audio Theme


AudioTheme provides world-class themes and plugins for building web presence for bands, record labels, musicians, bands and artists. If you are the one who builds and manages sites for people in the music industry, AudioTheme might be God-sent for you.

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Besides offering themes and plugins as downloadable products, there is also a subscription plan for people who want access to all themes and plugins for a fee of $99/yr.

11. eDrawings


eDrawings offers software to help accurately represent product designs which are in the form of 2D drawings and 3D models. Collaboration becomes easier for product designers using email-enabled visualizations and communication tool which makes sharing of product design information seamless.

One can buy software licenses for compatibility to different CAD platforms via this website. It also offers a subscription based model based on different needs of their users.

12. Scenic Screens


Alexander Suchy started Scenic Screens as a solo project during graduation and turned it into a fully-featured eCommerce store for selling mockups (premium photos of screen devices) for web designers and app developers.

One can download high-quality PSD files and with minor edits here & there, you can have an attractive mockup for your project.

Using WooCommerce alongside the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes, the store has been customized to offering digital downloads of mockups considering user interface and aesthetics. What’s more it is even in compliance with EU and German Law.

Using the Amazon S3 Storage extension which allows offering digital products through your Amazon AWS S3 service. One can specify the bucket and object name of files using shortcodes in the download file paths, and when a user downloads a purchase, the extension translates this into a Amazon S3 URL and serves that product/file as a download.

13. Seisware


A software focused on seismic interpretation, the site offers subscription model. Having integrated with Min/Max Quantities extension, it allows them to define thresholds for quantity and cost.

14. EditSquare


Start creating & downloading amazing videos like — YouTube intro, explainer videos, animated titles etc. with EditSquare.


Choose from templates, color styles, typography, etc. to have your own custom video. Preview it for free and if you think it suits your needs, go ahead and purchase it.

15. Output


Output deals in music production software across all genres. Artists can purchase either individual software like rhythm processor, vocal engine, bass engine, pulse engine, reverse loop engine etc, or buy these as a part of an entire bundle.

The store’s checkout process has been customize using the Checkout Field Editor plugin which does not involve writing code. Plus, it has also ensured compliance with EU VAT laws. The product bundles extension has been used to setup custom software bundles available as a download.

16. Post Status


Post Status kick-started in 2013. What was a link sharing blog quickly turned into a membership based site to share news, insights and build a community focused on WordPress professionals. The membership allows premium members to have access to their newsletter, engage with members via Slack chat etc.

17. University of San Francisco — Office of Human Resources


The University’s Office of Human Resources ensures that its 1200 faculty and staff are constantly learning new skills and hence offers training & courses across spectrum ranging from communication to leadership.

These courses and workshops are in the form of online videos, audio, slide shows and in person too. The site uses WooCommerce Product Search (makes it easier for search courses) Extension alongwith Element LMS to offer a seamless experience to learners.

18. Primary Book Club


A membership based website for buying books for children. Instead of shipping individual books, the site asks for memberships wherein people can get books for toddlers, baby and even pre-school children. Plans start at $18/mo. The books are curated by experts and tailored for each child. Users also have an option to gift memberships.

19. Wireless Theatre Company


A subscription based website allowing users to download plays & radio dramas on their device. One can even become a life-time member and schools/radio stations can purchase license to use plays for events, classroom etc. Users can even download plays in bundled form.

20. Express Writers

20 1

Express Writers sells content services and bridges the gap between businesses looking for awesome content and writers wanting to work on interesting projects with steady pay. This site has been built entirely on WooCommerce and has a custom check-out process.

It allows users to make payments through PayPal or a pre-filled Wallet. Gravity Forms plugin has been tailored to allow users to submit their brief (to achieve better results) before kick-starting their project. Read detailed case study here.

21. TriBreath


Founded by Brett Hayes, TriBreath is a membership site offering access to videos to help you learn breathing techniques. Integrated with WooCommerce Subscriptions, the site allows the owner to manage memberships and earn income on a regular basis.

What’s more, with options to accept payments from 25 different payment gateways, it even supports manual renewal payments. Users can upgrade/downgrade their plans, get email notifications regarding plan etc.

22. Noble Tree Coffee


NobleTree Coffee is an excellent example of shipping physical products + membership site. Custom shipping and payment options have been integrated for the convenience of users.

Closing Thoughts

WooCommerce is an eCommerce powerhouse. When you are aware of your needs and the kind of customization your site requires, this solution can turn the tables around when it comes to earning revenues. Be it running a membership/subscription site or selling games/software, WooCommerce will let you run an online business seamlessly.

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