WooCommerce Instagram Product Photos

Easily display relevant product photos on your WooCommerce product pages. Images can be pulled from user accounts and Hashtag!


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Setup is quick and easy
Connect to your Instagram account from WordPress
Add a hashtag to each product you’d like to display Instagram images on

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step-by-step guide and feature introduction of the plugin
Displays Instagram photographs of your products, based on a hashtag.

Bring these images on your website, by integrating Instagram photographs, tagged with a specific hashtag, directly on to product details page.

How to setup
  • Enter Client ID and Redirect URI in their respective text boxes Woo Instagram General Settings Page and click on Generate Access Token button to generate token.
  • You will be asked to log in to your Instagram account. Login with the same Instagram account which you used to generate Client ID and proceed.
  • Token will be automatically filled in the access token text box. Enter limit of the number of photos to be displayed on the product page and click Save Settings at the end to save all information.
  • Add a hashtag to each product you’d like to display Instagram images on.
  • You’re done!

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