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    Product documents? User manual? Comprehensive guides? Process descriptions? Certificates and licenses? Instructional learning? – “yyuuuu…are they supposed to be on a list even as product innovation, business development, or marketing strategy,” many business owners have such feelings. For many, they are just the words.

    But for Google.

    Ssshhhhh! It’s between me and you.

    For Google, it was a serious task. Yes, it used to be a flat organization ruled by engineers. But it evolved ruthlessly as it realized the importance of other specialist roles. Gradually, they put “technical communicators” on top, to focus on developing user assistance materials for their products. Since then the sentence, “a software company is only as matured as the quality of their product documentation,” has become the norm.

    For Wenzel Spine Inc.

    It was about blurring the lines between traditional and technical marketingWenzel Spine Inc., an Austin, Texas-based medical device company, gave Datahouse Studios LLC, the job to create the visually appealing materials enough to satisfy the marketing needs of their new product launch. So Datahouse employed Wenzel’s engineering data as the basis of the content production and developed a technical manual. That isn’t serving just as a window for Wenzel Spine’s VariLift® LX, but it is also the entire basis of a training curriculum.

    And for Apple.

    It has been the weapon of seduction. Pay heed to the details about their products, you would realize it. But let suppose, you’re selling an Apple Watch through your online store. So of course, you just don’t want visits, but you want conversions. You may want to attach a user guide like in the example below and encourage your customers to buy an Apple Watch from your store.

    WooCommerce Product Attachment Instantly 2017

    Reducing barriers to purchase,” is what every business strives for. And generating clear, accurate, readable, and user-friendly documentation is one of the proven ways to lessen the excuses the customers have to avoid buying.

    So is the intention behind creating WooCommerce Product Attachment. The goal is to present shoppers with engaging product tours, image and video galleries, and richer details of your products to drive sales.

    In particular, as a WooCommerce store owner you can now:

    • Clarify how your potential customers can benefit from buying your product and so increases sales.
    • Explain to users how to setup and use your product, reducing support costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
    • Educate your internal team on your processes, reducing training costs and improving productivity as everybody is clear on expectations.
    • Reduce the chances of being sued, giving you peace of mind.

    Prime Features of WooCommerce Product Attachment

    Any Type Of and Multiple Attachments can be added

    From documents, images, to video – inform customers about all the specifications, specialties and USP’s of a product in the medium you want.

    Want to display the details in multiple forms, at a time?

    Here you go. With WooCommerce Product Attachment, you can show five, ten, to whatever you can go up to. You can add ‘n’ number of attachments

    Set Product Attachment on My Account Page, Product Page, or Order Page

    Ever thought how giving customers an access to product documentation can help reduce barriers to purchase? Have a look at the example of Ikea Malm Bed:

    Have a look at the example of Ikea Malm Bed:


    Ikea displays such assembly instructions or videos below the short product description before customers purchase.

    That promotes visitors to spend more time on site and encourage them to buy. You may attach technical specifications, how-to videos, comprehensive guides, certificates or licenses image to engage your visitors.

    Super Dynamic Order Status

    Imagine having installation instructions on order page, when your customer is ‘on hold’ or ‘just completed’ the payment.

    Imagine presenting links to helpful videos or an image of technical specifications, when your customer is going through your product page.

    Imagine providing warranty information, when customer ‘cancels’ or ask for ‘refund’ for the product.

    Making you powerful for reducing the barriers to purchase is the goal behind making ‘Order Status’ super dynamic.

    screenshot fs.flockusercontent

    And much more…


    • Set auto expiry date for your attachment
    • Add attachment in all products so you can implement your strategy in a time-saving manner.
    • Each attachment has its settings – from Attachment name, Description, Uploads files, Show attachment, Select order status, to Set expiry date)

    All in all, the WooCommerce Product Attachment extension lets you publish all the documents customers need.

    Now How to Get Started

    1. Download and activate in your WooCommerce store. It’s free.
    2. Start filing the details in WooCommerce Product Attachment page and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. That’s it! You’re done. Now sit back and enjoy product attachment.

    Wishing you the happy reducing barriers to purchase.

    WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin will help you to attach/ upload any kind of files for a customer orders.You can attach any type of file like Images, documents, videos and much more. you can try with free plugin version.

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