Shipping Method Display Style for WooCommerce

Plugin provides a configuration to display shipping methods as the Radio button or select box on the checkout page.

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Woocommerce Shipping Method Display Style

Provides a configuration to display shipping methods as a Radio button or select box on the checkout page.

WooCommerce Shipping Method Display Style plugin provides you an interface in the WooCommerce setting section from admin side. As you know WooCommerce has removed choose shipping display mode option from 2.5.1 version. So, this plugin provides these features, admin can choose shipping display modes like radio option or select option for shipping display mode.

This Plugin is useful when you are using 2.5.2 or higher version of Woocommerce and you have to use more than 20 or 30 or more then that Shipping Method at that time you do not have forced to display all shipping method only using radio button, but you have also chosen a select option for display shipping mode and by choosing select option shipping method is displayed in the drop down box so you can avoid lengthy listing of shipping method.

We have added “Select shipping mode” option for default shipping method.

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