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Hide Shipping Method For WooCommerce

Make free shipping or local pickups work properly for your store by hiding all or a few shipping methods from the cart/checkout page. This plugin also lets you hide shipping methods for multiple advanced conditions.

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Quick Highlights

Explore the key features of the plugins
Hide Shipping Methods

A few specific methods or all – Use this plugin to hide any number of shipping methods.

Conditional Hide Shipping

Create basic/advanced hide shipping rules based on delivery dates, day, time, rules, product properties, and a lot more.

Basic Hide Shipping

Add location, product, attribute, user and/or cart specific hide shipping rules for your store.

Advanced Hide Shipping

Add multiple basic rules and apply them when all basic rules match or anyone basic rule matches.

Hide Custom Shipping Method

Though a bit technical, you can use slugs to hide your custom shipping methods from the cart/checkout page.

Manage Multiple Hide Shipping

Configure multiple hide shipping rules or hide multiple shipping methods from the cart page when free shipping is available.

Smooth Free Shipping

With this plugin, it takes exactly one click to choose ‘disable all shipping methods when free shipping is available’.

Secure and Updated

Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce plugin is secure. We update it as per the latest WP & WooCommerce versions.

Easy Installation

You can install it on your WooCommerce store in a very few clicks and with the least technical knowledge.

Benefits of the Plugin for Online Businesses

Keep your Store Functionally-Correct

Do not let unnecessary shipping methods show on the checkout page. Hide them as per your requirements, for free shipping, and for local pickups. It is how your store remains flawless and functionally-correct, reducing the chances of product returns or cancellations (which happen due to incorrect selections during the checkout process many times).

Hide Shipping Methods for Multiple Conditions

You can hide (one or more) shipping methods when your buyer’s location is in a particular country, or when you’re running a sale (as per start date/time and end date/time), or when the purchased product belongs to a particular category, and so on… This plugin empowers you with enormous shipping method(s) hiding capabilities.

Flexibility to Show and Hide Shipping Methods

Show a set of shipping methods for one category while hiding it for others, or show/hide shipping methods as per products according to their significance for your buyer’s scenario – Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin lets you do it all.

Benefits of the Plugin for Your Customers

Reduced hassles

Multiple shipping methods make the shopping tough for buyers. Worst is when the non-applicable shipping methods aren’t disabled, and a customer completes the lengthy checkout process, just to go back to the checkout page and correct the shipping method before completing the purchase. Definitely not good! Use our plugin to avoid such a situation.

Minimal Options during Checkout

An ideal checkout page is that which has minimal options on it. The messy it will be, the lesser will be your chances of a successful sale. How to do it? Well, what about reducing the unnecessary shipping methods from your checkout pages as per the cart/items. It will surely enhance the clarity and usability of your checkout page.

Better Purchasing Experience

With a slight improved in the checkout speed and a fair checkout page that is quite understandable for even the naive buyers, your online store with definitely does better. So, utilize the basic and advanced shipping method hiding capabilities of Hide Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin to deliver a better purchase experience.

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step-by-step guide and feature introduction of the plugin
Hide All Other Shipping Methods, if Free Shipping is enabled

Go to General Settings and choose ‘Hide other shipping methods when free shipping available on the cart page’. On saving the settings, your cart will stop displaying other shipping methods, if your buyer is eligible for free shipping.

Reducing confusion, it will also make the cart page more understandable and clean, thereby, improving the buying experience for your store subscribers.

Hide All Other Shipping Methods for Free Shipping and Local Pickups

If your online store offers local pickup services as well as free shipping facility to a certain group of buyers, as per their location, use this option.

Open plugin’s dashboard, navigate to General Settings and find out the checkbox with value ‘Hide all other shipping methods when free shipping and local pickup available on the cart page’. Save settings, and it’s done!

Now, if your buyer will avail of free shipping or local pickup facility, there won’t be any other shipping option on the cart page. So, he or she will just have to proceed to choose the payment method and take other required steps to confirm the order.

It’ll save shoppers’ time too!

Hide Specific Shipping Methods when Free Shipping is enabled

If you do not want to hide all shipping methods, but a few, when free shipping facility is available for a cart, this option comes in handy. You can choose one or more shipping methods that need to be hidden.

Select the value of ‘When free shipping is available during checkout’ as ‘Hide Specific Shipping Methods when Free Shipping available on the cart page’ in General Settings section & Save settings.

Create Conditional Hide Shipping Rules

Now, this is really the most advanced and significant feature of hiding Shipping Methods for WooCommerce Plugin. What does it do? It lets you hide different shipping methods as per different sets of rules.

Once enabled, it adds a ‘Conditional Hide Shipping Rules’ tab to your plugin dashboard. And this tab lets you do a lot more than you can expect! (Check next section ‘Manage conditional Hide Shipping Rules’)

Manage Conditional Hide Shipping Rules

If you have enabled Conditional Hide Shipping Rules for your online store, this option comes available to you.

Using this feature, you can add multiple conditional hide shipping method rules that are the collection of multiple rules. Once saved and enabled, these methods check whether or not the cart is satisfying the conditions as stated through the shipping rules. Whenever the conditions match, the chosen shipping methods are kept hidden from the shopping cart.

Now, these conditions are of 2 types: Basic and Advanced.

Also, there are a few more types of conditions that could be added through the direct setting in a conditional hide shipping method rule.

Conditional Hide Shipping Method Rules Settings

Through the settings, you can –

  • Enable or disable your method.
  • Give a name to your hide shipping method rule so that it becomes easy to find it for later usage.
  • Select shipping methods, that will be made hidden when the conditions, added to this method, will be satisfied.
  • Apply extra rules – Through this, the option to add advanced rules is enabled.

Also, you can apply conditions related to the following parameters on your hide shipping method, directly from the settings –

  • Start date
  • End date
  • Day of the week
  • Start Time
  • End Time

Alongside, basic rules and advanced rules can also be added to your hiding shipping methods rules, adding more efficiency and flexibility to it.

Basic Rules

Need to hide a few shipping methods as per buyers’ country? Apply basic rules.

Actually, there is a lot more you can do with basic rules.

In a hiding shipping method rule, you can add basic rules that are of different types –

  • Location Specific Rule – It could be related to the country, state, postal code or custom zone.
  • Product Specific Rule – It could be related to the product name, product category, product SKU, variable product or tag.
  • Attribute Specific Rule – It could be related to color or size or product or variable product.
  • User Specific Rule – It could be related to the user or user role.
  • Cart Specific Rule – It could be related to cart subtotal (before or after discount), cart quantity, cart weight (in kilograms), shipping class or coupon.

Multiple such conditions can be added to one hide shipping method.

Advanced Rules

Basic rules and their sets let you do most of the things. However, when it comes to setting a range for various properties of shipping cart items or the cart itself, advanced rules are to be relied upon.

You can set advanced rules (Min Quantity, Max Quantity & unique hide shipping) related to the following parameters –

  • Product Qty
  • Product Weight
  • Product Subtotal
  • Category Subtotal
  • Category Weight
  • Total Cart Qty
  • Total Cart Weight
  • Total Cart Subtotal
Condition That you can apply on Advanced & Basic Rules

You can apply 2 types of conditions on your basic rules and advanced rules (separately) –

  • Any one rule match
  • All rules match

It’ll work on the set of all basic rules or set of all advanced rules that are added to this particular hide shipping method.
Alongside this, you may also choose to apply AND / OR conditions. This is how it’ll work –

  • Or – Hiding Shipping Methods Rules will be applied if either advanced rules or Basic Rules are met.
  • And – Hiding Shipping Methods Rules will be applied if and only if advanced rules, as well as Basic Rules, are met.

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