Aug 06, 2020
Shipping Rules Help
I'm very happy with the support, Best support system ever. Love using the advance flat rate shipping plugin
Jarrar Ali
Jul 13, 2020
Excellent support!
Extraordinary support team!
Jul 13, 2020
Advanced Shipping Plugin
This plugin solved all my complicated shipping requirements for different products, countries and quantities. The support is one of the best I have ever witnessed, quick and detailed. Thank you!!!
Gordan Bosnjak
Jul 03, 2020
Plugin: WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin Premium My problem was to create a comprehensive calculation, where there are 8 conditions for applying a discount on specific categories and products with a total of 70 products and 9 shipping zones. I spent 10 hours trying the plugin and without success. I thought this plugin didn't have the functionality I needed. Then I wrote an email to: and Hitendra (support man) sent me an invitation to a zoom meeting because my problem was too complex to explain via email. After a 15-minute zoom meeting, Hitendra solved my problem, which I wasted 10 hours trying. Amazing support that will take care of you until you solve the problem and basically the only clear and affordable plugin for advanced shipping calculations for woocommerce if you are not a programmer and more. I recommend it 100%
Jun 24, 2020
Excellent service beyond the plugin
The ability to calculate complex conditional fees is wonderful. When I needed one extra feature that wasn't built-in, the DotStore coders provided me with the extra code within a day. That is what I call professional service!
Tom Steenhuysen
Jun 24, 2020
Excellent Plugin
Excellent plugin to use, easy to configure and more importantly excellent customer service - very responsive!
Jun 22, 2020
It does what it says, thank you to developer for creating this plugin.
Jun 16, 2020
Huge time savings
Anyone who works with many items in the Menu knows how suffocating it is to try to organize the Menu with the Standard Tool of Wordpress, the Advance Menu Manager For WordPress Plugin saves hours of work making everything visually and incredibly easy, not counting the support team that is grade 10.
Jun 11, 2020
Great Plugin & Support
We bought the plugin for our shop to enable all our shipping options. We are thrilled with the range of functions. Really great. Another highlight: In case of problems or questions, the support will help immediately. Thanks a lot for the great work
Jun 08, 2020
It does what it says, and the support is fast, even for the plugin.
Jun 06, 2020
Does the Job
I bought this plugin to hide the "collect from store" option on a product that I only wanted to offer as a delivery. The plugin has a lot of functionality and as a result the UI does appear a little messy and it is quite a lot to take in at a first glance. That said, once familiarised with the interface it is a powerful tool and does what it claims to do well. Support was also fast and efficient.
May 30, 2020
This plugin does it all
I need a variety of shipping rates: domestic and international, flat rate, free, express, discount express, with/without coupon and other options. This plugin does it all. Support is amazing, not just a fast response but even a custom video to show you the answer. Highly recommended.
May 22, 2020
Beautiful ♥
Great Plugin. Quick Support. Exactly what I was looking for.
Erkan Yüksel
May 08, 2020
Works like a charm
Apr 29, 2020
Highly Recommended
The plugin works fine. If there are any problems, support will help you quickly and easily. Thank you Hitendra.
Jürg Senn
Apr 23, 2020
Great plugin. I'm able to modify my shipping preferences the way as I want. The team helped me immediately when I needed help. Thank you.
Apr 23, 2020
Fast and clever
I talked to Hitendra, and he was fast and clever. He has given me a code snippet which worked well!
Apr 17, 2020
Fantastic Tech Support
I had a series of shipping rules which kept conflicting with each other during the checkout process. The support I received from the team was incredible and they even provided me with a demo to talk me through the rules and how to avoid the conflicts. Plugin and support are 10 out of 10.
Apr 14, 2020
Great plugin
Great plugin, does exactly what it says on the box. Support was also very helpful with some unique business requirements.
Apr 02, 2020
Great plugin and support
The plugin is very useful and the support is fast and helpful.
Mar 31, 2020
This software did exactly what it says it was going to do (which almost never happens). The development team stand by their software and provide top-quality support when you email them requesting assistance. Customer service quality is 10 out of 10 and I cannot recommend this product & service more highly. My store is now live and I have these guys to thank for it.
Tane Winiana
Mar 30, 2020
Great Plugin and Quick Support
Great plugin , appreciated. #staysafe
Mar 17, 2020
We've been using the Conditional Product Fees For WooCommerce Checkout plugin for almost 2 years. They just did a custom modification for us and that process went quickly and smoothly and is working great. We continue to be impressed with the quality and capabilities of their plugin and their support is among the absolute best we have found anywhere. Thank you Dotstore!
Marc Vendetti
Mar 17, 2020
I've used more than 200 plugins on various website and this is one of my default, go-to developers because their stuff just works and if it doesn't because there's a conflict or I have some weird setup, they just fix it.
Jan 17, 2020
Best flat rate shipping plugin
Thanks for that very easy to use and intuitive plugin. Excellent support as well. They really digged into finding the bug very quickly! best flat rate shipping plugin for wordpress.
Jan 13, 2020
What a fantastic product and Quick Support
What a fantastic product, and even better support team! Thank you Hitendra very much for fielding all my queries and helping me to customize the plug-in to provide a deeper solution for our criteria! Wishing you all the best in 2020!
Dec 17, 2019
Great Plugin, work very good and very useful, diserve a 5 star, advice you to use it. Very good support also, fast and effective Thank's a lot David
Dec 14, 2019
Excellent Plugin With Amazing Support!
Amazing Plugin! A Must Have Plugin For Woocommerce Stores
Dec 06, 2019
Just new user, Had to deal with support to setup the plugin. GReat support, fast and helpful :)
Dec 03, 2019
Amazing plugin and excellent tech support
Amazing plugin and excellent tech support helped sort out a rule that was specific to my needs. Thank you!
Nov 20, 2019
DotStore has a very helpful after-sales team. I have the premium Conditional Product Fees For WooCommerce Checkout Plugin and had a problem with the plugin on my site. The support team looked into it for me and even recorded a video to show me how to fix the issue. I'm very happy and would recommend them.
N Davies
Nov 18, 2019
Awesome Shipping Plugin
This Plugin did help us a lot. And the support is friendly! Thank You!
Oct 22, 2019
The support is very friendly and competent! The plugin is very good. Thanks for the help!
Zoltan. K
Oct 09, 2019
Very good support! And thanks not only for making changes, which were exactly I wanted, but also to remind me about politeness.. Sometimes you forget to say thank you, so I am doing it right now!!! You, people, are great!
Andrej Konstantinov
Oct 04, 2019
Nice Work, Looks and Works Great, Thanks for that.
Sep 26, 2019
Purchased yesterday, Had a small problem with one of my triggers for different shipping rates, my mistake. The team went in and got everything working, explaining why I'd hit an error with sceencap video. Great support.
Sep 24, 2019
All I can say is "wow!" these guys are simply amazing. After using Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce for a little while we discovered that we needed some "enhancements" to take it a bit further than what it could do. DotStore's team didn't run from the task, they were simply amazing and worked with me to get what was required coded! I'm blown away! Not only that but the plugin is very capable as it stands, really adds that extra bit of functionality WooCommerce users need. Thanks DotStore!
Jay K
Sep 16, 2019
Plugin works as expected! Support is just awesome! I described the issue to the support and after some hours they fixed the issue directly on my page. Thank your very much!
Marco Birchler
Sep 07, 2019
Very nice plugin that supports all our advanced shipping options. Support is one of the best, if not the best that we ever received!
Sep 06, 2019
Very powerful plugin that can do sophisticated fee formulas. Along the way, the support is high-quality, they even send you custom-made videos to explain anything that you need to do. Highly recommended, thank you!
Farallon 5
Sep 04, 2019
This is awesome plugin. I had a complex set of shipping options to introduce and Advanced Flat Rate Shipping helped to smoothly implement a few of them. A few more are pending to be implemented but that can be rolled out only when we open the shopping for other countries as well. At the moment, I am using it for our company's domestic shipping operations. The support team was awesome. Hitendra helped in the implementation when we had an issue. He sorted it out and made necessary changes and reported about the changes made too. He even quickly made a video to explain the changes to be done. Super awesome plugin and team. As you know, most plugins have limitations when it comes to specific themes. I used Flatsome theme and the styling issue was resolved through custom CSS. Thanks to for the awesome support and plugin.
Dani Gorgon
Aug 11, 2019
Works very well. We had some compatibility issues with our automatically generated coupon codes and the DotStore customized and fixed the plugin for us at no extra charge. It really saved us. I recommend it.
Ashkan Ahmadi
Aug 02, 2019
Great tool to handle larger-scale menu structures. Support is awesomly fast and on the point. And really friendly and courteous. Absolutely recommended!
Jul 09, 2019
Awesome plugin and thanks to support team for giving amazing support. Keep up the good work guys.
Lin Goticha
Jun 14, 2019
Again Great Support
Again great support from TheDotStore team !! :-) Incompatibility between two plugins was solved, regardless that the problem actually was in the other plugin. That really says it all - TheDotStore team is both competent and responsible. Thank's again for the great support.
Henrik Leth
May 30, 2019
Very good plugin - one of the best I've used. Highly recommended.
May 21, 2019
Plugin is working as expected! Very user friendly. You can't go wrong with it especially when you want to set specific conditions for specific situations. Thank you.
May 09, 2019
Nice to have some startup help from support when trying out the demo! Really helped me understand the plugin and see if this is what I require.
Apr 23, 2019
Very good account support by Afsana. The isue was handled quickly and professionally. My warmest recommendations to TheDotStore team. The products and support are Top Class !!
Henrik Leth
Apr 22, 2019
Perfect customer service and resolution of doubts. Very powerful and flexible plugin. 100% recommending
Antonio Pol
Apr 11, 2019
Solid plugin does what it states, easy to setup & great support from the dot store team.
Mar 05, 2019
Unbelievably excellent customer support. Thank you so much for your continuous help.
Feb 25, 2019
Thank You, gret work, great support.
Lucia Idem
Feb 14, 2019
I can solve my problem with the dot store staff. Thanks for your helps.
Feb 04, 2019
Working perfectly and very good help and support from the excellent team. Keep up the good work, and highly recommend the plugin
Emad Rashad
Jan 30, 2019
Great Support! Great plugin!!!
Jan 30, 2019
Great support! Great plugin!
Dec 26, 2018
We need the function of downloadable files in my product page, WooCommerce Attachment Pro does a great job in my site, and the support team fixed some issues of my site timely! We do have confidence with this plugin to serve our customers! If there are settings for CSS or attachment logo will be better. Recommend!
Dec 24, 2018
Excellent plug in and great, fast support. I needed a number of very specific shipping rates for a client and Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Pro was perfect! There are so many options to choose from and being able to combine different conditional statements made it super easy to achieve what I needed. I ran into one issue and even though it was an error on my part Jitendra quickly gave me two different solutions to fix my issue. Outstanding customer support!
Dec 20, 2018
318/5000 One of the best plugins that I have found my clients find their best product with questions with this wordpress plugin. If you have a problem, the support department will help you quickly and well. they always want to help you see what the problem is and solve it quickly! Greeting Ruben Budding
Dec 17, 2018
Working perfectly and very good help and support from the excellent team. Keep up the good work, and highly recommend the plugin
Dec 05, 2018
Great Support. Quickly looked into my issue and solved it also improving the plugin. Totally recommended.
Hugo Ribeiro
Nov 23, 2018
Excellent product, it facilitates the creation of pages in a few seconds. 100% recommendable.
Oct 15, 2018
Indeed great people and an awesome customer support. Deserve my effort to come here and rate their service. :)
Sep 25, 2018
Nice plugin
Sep 19, 2018
Very goo customer support! Always very helpful and solving the issues ongoing. A support to trust :)
Sep 03, 2018
Very Nice support~
Aug 16, 2018
Tried a few different plugins for creating rules on shipping based on location and product, none worked in a logical way so I dropped the coin on this one. Not only is it exactly what I needed to limit locations/methods on certain products but the Support Staff actually helped me build the filters and rules correctly. Top notch plugin with top notch support. I highly recommend.
Aug 02, 2018
Very useful plugin and awesome support! Thank you!
Jul 25, 2018
Great plugin
May 04, 2018
Great Plugin and amazing support. I had an issue but they solved it within 1 day. Thank you DotStore, Thank you for Afsana and Jitendra!
May 03, 2018
I had used another plug in to add an extra fee, but it was a lot more complicated to use and didn't work as I wanted, so I decided to give this plugin a try. This plugin is very straight forward and easy to use and the Pro version is even better. I definitely recommend this plugin. Also, I needed additional assistance and their support team was very quick and helpful. 5 stars!!!
Apr 17, 2018
The plugin works great. Adding documents to categories instead of having to add on each product is just superb! The support is also very nice. They replied fast and professional when I had an issue, helping me all the way.
Apr 11, 2018
Support team help me get the plugin setup correctly was very quick, the support was second to none
Mar 22, 2018
Great support. He/she kept working with me until we got everything right. :)
Andrea Malone
Mar 13, 2018
Great Plugin its working perfect on own website. And 5 star for support team.
Bride Ministries
Feb 27, 2018
Great plugin and great customization support!
Josep Pujol
Feb 14, 2018
This one works. Awesome. So easy even I could do it.
Feb 14, 2018
Excellent support from Mahesh, additional support needed was completed within a day and now we can do exactly as we needed to. Would recommend!
Nick Attfield
Feb 05, 2018
Works great. Purchased for ability to define shipping methods based on the cart subtotal after discounts.
Susana Bendezu
Feb 01, 2018
Great Bundle exactly what I needed , there support team addressed my issue and was resolved very quickly , awesome.
Guglielmo Teoli
Jan 21, 2018
Excellent product and does what it is supposed to do. Easy to set up.
Peter Daszkiewicz
Jan 16, 2018
Support was excellent and resolved a small issue very quickly.
Jason Middleton
Dec 21, 2017
Really great plugin and excellent, fast technical support!
Dec 15, 2017
Excellent product. Does what it is supposed to do.
David Barrus
Nov 15, 2017
Great Plugin. The possibilities are enormous. Great Support!
Michaël Vorentjes
Nov 10, 2017
Great Plugin, worked from the start. Refreshing, since I feel like a beta tester with most plugins I purchase.
Nov 03, 2017
Cool product with quick support
John Israel
Oct 18, 2017
Excellent plugin, easy to use. I had multiple shipping rules and which weren’t possible in Woocommerce I found this plugin and it meet with all the requirements I had. I will recommend this plugin to those who have different shipping rules, support is remarkable!!
Numan Shaikh
Oct 15, 2017
Great product works straight out of the box! The plugin gives me additional flexibility for my product pricing strategies. Especially in setting up Free Product Cost and only pay for shipping which I could not find a way to do easily with the core WooCommerce.
Bohdan Poperechny
Sep 19, 2017
A functionality we couldn't find anywhere but here. Great plugin!
Sep 11, 2017
We needed more dynamic shipping options for Woocommerce, and the Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Plugin, solved that problem. The plugin is pretty straight forward to use, and their support is above and beyond. They are more than happy to help, and they go the extra mile to insure all questions are resolved. I can confidently recommend DotStore.
Eric Brown
Sep 01, 2017
Great support and patience! Highly recommended!
Joseph Marton
Aug 18, 2017
The product is formidable, it does exactly what it says! I had some question related to it and the support team was really helpful and very fast! Thank you for your great service!
Emanuel T
Aug 02, 2017
Excellent job on the plug-in. Very flexible. Does exactly what we need it to in setting up conditional shipping options. Dotstore customer service helped with customizing the plug-in to meet a specific need of our's that the plug-in wasn't originally designed to do. Excellent job!
Jul 27, 2017
This is a great plugin - exactly meets my clients requirements. Dotstore customer service is excellent.
David Arstein
Jul 18, 2017
Good Service. Good Plugin.
denny hsu
Jul 11, 2017
I cant believe how quick and easy it was to setup this plugin and does exactly what it says it will. Thanks for also recommending I purchase the plugin through the dotstore site, this alone saved me 10%.
Vaughan Owgan
Jul 05, 2017
Plugin is really great and helped us a lot. We are also glad that support reacts so quickly and that they solved our problem on our site so one more time THANK'S guys! :)
May 18, 2017
I liked the facts that I can edit the design elements like text, color, overlay, etc for the product size charts. Definitely recommendable!
Smith Williams
May 16, 2017
Great plugin! for Code Quality and quick Support
William Ryan
May 16, 2017
Along with the normal order tracking tasks, it also keeps track of social and Google Adwords campaigns. Perfect for me so far!!
Oliver Jones
Mar 14, 2017
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Jan 30, 2017
An excellent plugin by a clearly qualified developer. Top notch from start to finish and very much appreciate their level of detail and quality support. Thank you!
Dec 08, 2016
The plugin works exactly like we had hoped. It took a little work to get our settings correct for the intended benefit but we finally got everything working correctly. The plugin is very stable. We have contacted support a few times and they are very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend it.
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