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Superior Product Clarity with WooCommerce Attachment Plugin

Leverage our WooCommerce Product Attachment Plugin to infuse your store with detailed product insights. Create a comprehensive shopping experience with unlimited attachments in various formats.

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Simplify Product Management & Reduce Returns With Bulk Product Attachments for Your WooCommerce Products

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Unlimited Attachments: No More Restrictions

Add an unlimited number of attachments to your products. Provide your customers with all the necessary information they need to make an informed purchase decision. Whether you want to attach user manuals, guides, additional images, or product specifications, the sky’s the limit.

Save Time & Improve Efficiency With Bulk Uploads

Experience the much-needed convenience of bulk uploads for a wide range of file formats. Select numerous files at once and upload them all together, rather than doing it individually for each product. Save the time and effort required to attach each file manually to your products.

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WooCommerce Product Attachment – Feature 3

Customizable Display Options & Complete Visibility Control

Choose how and where your attachments will appear on the product page, whether in a separate tab, within the product description, or in a sidebar. Decide who can see each attachment, and under what conditions. Improve your chances of conversion by sharing only relevant materials with the customers, based on their user journey.

Customers love us 😍

Product Attachment for WooCommerce

Great plugin and Great Support

Really like the plugin, works very well! I had some issues with the configuration but their customer SUPPORT is very fast. It’s perfect now. Keep it up good work!!

Clive Ortiz | CIO

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

Product Attachment for WooCommerce

Super Service

The plugin is very useful, we had some theme compatibility issues but the development assistance solved them quickly.

Paula Kay | COO

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

Product Attachment for WooCommerce

Just great plugin

A good plugin for a reasonable price. The plugin has great options to makes our job much easier.

Walter Brandon | COO

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

Product Attachment for WooCommerce

Excellent plugin

Excellent plugin, many options but easy to use. Customer service is great too! Highly recommended.

Walter Smith | Tech Lead

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

Product Attachment for WooCommerce

Good Enough!!

Basic and well coded. Keep it up guys.

Manuele | Tech Lead

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

Product Attachment for WooCommerce

Great plugin and support!

This plugin is perfect for upload attachment files. The support is great and fast.

Cinthia | Operational Head

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

Product Attachment for WooCommerce

Easy to manage bulk attachments

Very good support! And thanks not only for making changes, which were exactly I wanted, but also to remind me about politeness.. Sometimes you forget to say thank you, so I am doing it right now!!! You, people, are great!

Andrej Konstantinov | Tech Lead

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

Product Attachment for WooCommerce

Fantastic Plugin

We’re very happy with the Plugin. We were looking for a custom solution for our website and this Plugin offered just what we needed with a bit of custom work needed, which the support team was able to provide in an efficient and timely manner. We could not be happier. Thank you guys!

Miguel Gomes | Senior Consultant

Oct 2023
Verified Buyer

An In-Depth Look At All Our Features

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Create, upload, and send files for every stage of the buyer journey. Go to the order edits page and enable product attachment display for specific order statuses, including completed, on-hold, pending payment, processing, canceled, failed, and refunded.


Enhance your product pages with excellent and detailed product information, in a variety of formats. You can add technical descriptions, certificates, licenses, manuals, user guides, and any other information you deem fit.

Add downloadables to WooCommerce products irrespective of whether it is a simple product or one with many variations. You can even create independent product documentation for every single variant of your product.


The plugin supports a wide range of files and formats such as MS Word Documents, images in JPG format, spreadsheets in MS Excel, video (MP4), read-only documents in PDF format, audio (MP3), URL, and many others. You can add multiple files in various formats simultaneously as well (like adding a PDF along with a video of the product in action). You also can add custom icons representing each type of file to make it more visually recognizable.

You can upload and make bulk attachments downloadable/viewable on the ‘Order Details’ and/or ‘Product’ pages for specific products, product categories, sub-categories, and product tags. You can also define multiple attachments for multiple product tags. This can help save a lot of time if you want to share repetitive information across product categories and sub-categories. 


Display attachments on the ‘Order Listing’ page and enable or disable them as per your requirements. You can also enable attachment visibility on the ‘My Account’ page and the ‘Download’ tab of your WooCommerce store.

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Great for website owners with a single WooCommerce Store

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Great for agencies or WooCommerce website developers

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

14-Day money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

Applies to all eligible products or services purchased through our platform. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may request a refund within 14 days from the date of purchase.

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Why our customers love us

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    Top-of-the-Line Customer Support

    Responsive, fast, and competent. That’s our user support. Our customer service is world-class and we’ve been consistently appreciated for our clear and quick solutions to customer issues.

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    Solutions you can trust

    Built with integrity, coded with precision, and optimized for performance, our plugins are designed to help you get the most out of your WooCommerce store.

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    Flexibility for Customization

    Highly customizable and compatible with all major plugins, the Product Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce can be tailored to your needs. Whether you have a retail store or a membership business, we have you covered!

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    Easy to use and set up

    Simplicity is the name of our game. We believe in creating user-friendly plugins that are intuitive and ridiculously simple to use, with accessible features and straightforward interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions


See how the Product Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce looks for both customers and admin users.

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    01 Add product attachments in the tab

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    02 Personalize your attachment icons

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    03 Bulk product CSV import settings

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    04 Attachments on custom templates

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Loved it!

I LOVE the premium version. There is more features available and it is very useful for our store.

Eric Stark

Fantastic Plugin

We’re very happy with the Plugin. We were looking for a custom solution for our website and this Plugin offered just what we needed with a bit of custom work needed, which the support team was able to provide in an efficient and timely manner. We could not be happier. Thank you guys!

Miguel Gomes

Excellent support from Mahesh, additional support needed was completed within a day and now we can do exactly as we needed to. Would recommend!

Nick Attfield

Great plugin

Great plugin and great customization support!

Josep Pujol

Great support

Florian Teltscher


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    Installation guide

    Read through our in-depth installation and user guide to learn all about the Product Attachment Plugin for WooCommerce.

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    All plugins developed by DotStore are GPL-compliant. For more details, contact our customer support.

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    We’ve published 100s of step-by-step videos and tutorials on how to use our plugins for a wide range of purposes.

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    We work on consistently updating our products with useful and unique features.

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