WooCommerce Local Pickup

WooCommerce Simplified: Enhance Shipping with Local Pickup Plugin

Let your customers shop online and later pick up their purchased items from your store. With advanced features such as selecting from specific locations, choosing pickup dates, and more.

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Allow Customers to Schedule Pickup at Multiple Locations

Local Pickup Plugin - Feature 1

Offer Pickup for Any Product, Anywhere

With the built-in “Local Pickup” shipping method for WooCommerce, your customers can collect their purchased products directly from you.

Multiple Pickup Locations

Set up many pickup locations for your customers to choose from at checkout. Either product-specific or total cart pickup locations will be shown.

The chosen pickup location is visible on the customer’s account, view order page, in order emails, and in order admin.

Local Pickup Plugin - Feature 2
Local Pickup Plugin - Feature 5

Bulk Import / Export Pickup Store Locations

You can create and manage pickup locations in bulk using the built-in CSV or JSON import/export functionality.

Fine-Tune Product Pickup Availability

Shipping bigger or risky items can be challenging. Make the process easier by:

Requiring pickup for these difficult-to-ship items via product and category pickup availability selectors.

Disallowing pickup (requiring shipment) for specific items as needed.

Local Pickup Plugin - Feature 3
Local Pickup Plugin - Feature 4

Local Pickup Appointments

Define your availability schedule and time slots and let your customers choose the date and time to pickup their order.

Holiday Dates

During the configuration of local pickup appointments, You can define your business hours, holidays, pickup lead time, and pickup deadline.

Local Pickup Plugin - Feature 6

An In-depth look at all our features

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User-friendly import and export of pickup locations data in both CSV and JSON formats, catering to your exact needs, and making data movement a breeze.

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Set up many pickup locations for your customers to choose from at checkout. The chosen pickup location is visible on the customer’s account, view order page, in order emails, and in order admin.

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Enables users to filter pickup locations based on specific products or categories.

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On these public holidays, the delivery schedule is automatically adjusted, and customers are not able to schedule deliveries, preventing any delivery-related issues and ensuring a smoother operation for the business.

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A retailer using the plugin wants to adjust pickup fees based on the store chosen by the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can use the Local Pickup for WooCommerce plugin with your existing physical store. The plugin allows you to define pickup locations that match your physical store locations. This way, customers can choose to pick up their orders from your store during the checkout process. It’s a great way to offer a convenient pickup option for local customers and streamline your order fulfilment process.
  • To add multiple pickup locations, follow these steps:
    • Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to “DotStore Plugins” > “Local Pickup for WooCommerce”.
    • Click on the “Pickup Locations” tab.
    • Click on the “Add New” button and enter the details of the new pickup location.
    • Save your changes and the new pickup location will be available for customers during the checkout process.
  • Yes, you can. You can configure this by enabling the “Pickup Location Tax” setting in the global settings of our plugin. This will apply tax based on the location of your warehouse.
  • Absolutely! You can do this by using the “Lead time” option in our plugin’s global settings. This allows you to set the start date for pickup of your parcel or product from the pickup locations. You can also customize this setting for specific pickup locations if needed.
  • Yes, you can do this using our global setting called “Fee adjustment“. You can select the discount amount you want to offer to your customers for all pickup locations. Additionally, you can override this setting by assigning fee adjustments for specific pickup locations.


See how Local Pickup for WooCommerce looks for both customers and admin users.

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    01 Add Address for Pickup Location

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    02 Apply sorting on the pickup location

  • local pickup plugin image 7

    03 Apply bulk actions and search on listing

  • local pickup plugin image 8

    04 Apply different fees on different pickup locations

  • local pickup plugin image 4

    05 Holioday selection on pickup location-wise

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