Page visit counter plugin for WordPress

Page Visit Counter for WordPress

Page visit counter plugin helps you boost conversion and increase visitor engagement. You can display a real-time page and post visitor counter on all page or specif page. Page visit counter will help increase conversions by transfer visitor to customer, subscribers and  reducing bounce rates

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An annual licence entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Your subscription will auto-renew each year until cancelled.

A lifetime licence entitles you to updates and support forever. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription.


Quick Highlights

Explore the key features of the plugins
Feature-rich Analytics Dashboard

Get to see details like browsers, Operating systems, countries, referrals & IPs in one place.

Reports in Multiple Formats

View intuitive graphs and lists of the available data [visitor counts for different parameters]

Page Visit Counter Layout

Set background color, font color & size, border, border-radius, icon and position of your counters.

Separate Pages and Posts Reports

Instead of giving a complex view, we render neat & separate stats of your pages and posts.

Separate Tracking of Particular Tags

Use different shortcodes to run campaigns and track webpage(s)/post(s) the way you want.

Set Counter-viewing Rights

Registered users, guests-only or everyone – Decide who should see your page visit counters.

Add Exclusions

The advanced WordPress plugin is the best way for excluding the people from being counted in the visitors. You can add exclusions, such as – Users, User roles, IP Addresses, Countries

Use Shortcode

Generate page visit wizards and use shortcodes to add them to your pages without hassles.

Most-visited Pages Widget

The data collected by Page Visit Counter can be sent to most-visited pages/posts widgets so that it could reflect your most-visited posts/pages as per the plugin setting, and not as per the overall traffic.

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Why this Plugin?

Page Visit Counter WordPress plugin is a powerful aid for adding page visit counters on the front-end of your website, alongside tracking multiple properties related to the viewers and showcasing all information in one place. When it is enabled for an online store or WordPress website, there appear default page counts on the bottom of all the pages of your website. However, using settings, you can make efficient use of this feature-rich plugin.

While we’ve covered the features of this plugin in the next section (Take a tour) in detail, this section has the information related to the advantages of using this plugin and other such things. See why Page Visit Counter plugin is a must-have for your website.

See if Your Site is Growing

The best way to figure out if your digital entity or business is growing well is, to track the traffic coming to it, and analyze the behavior of your visitors. You may view the browser-wise, Operating System wise and referral website wise statistics alongside top-performing pages using the Page Visit Counter Plugin.

Improve Site Experience

The plugin unleashes a full range of insights that could help you decide how to improve the user experience for the visitors coming to your website. The most-visited pages, most-visited posts, most-used browsers, most-used OSs and geographic details, as rendered by the plugin, can be utilized for this.

Well-Designed Counters

Unlike other page counter plugins, Page Visit Counter Plugin gives you enough control on the visual side of your wizards. You can set the background color, font color, font size, padding, border, border-radius, counter icon, and counter position through it. Additionally, there is an option to add custom CSS for the counter which means you can make your counters look the way you want.

Track your Sales Campaigns

Thinking to track specific landing pages or posts separately? Well, you can do it using Page Visit Counter Plugin. Enable page visit counting for a post or page separately, display today’s visitor count for that post or page, reset the page visitors’ stat for that post or page, and display total visits – everything is possible with it.

Check the Demographics of your Audience

If the sale of your services and products depends upon the location of site visitors, this site metrics need special attention of yours. Do it with the Page Visit Counter plugin. Even if you are a multi-branch business that is targeting multiple locations through different pages, our plugin has the functionality, sufficient for tracking your pages separately

Exclude trivial visitors

There are times when your inside-teams are visiting a page often, or many of your visitors are coming from geographies that you are not selling to. In such cases, these visitors affect the statistics and create a false illusion of good traffic. Using page visit counter plugin, you can exclude them all (IPs, user roles, users and countries) and view more reliable insights.

Take A Tour

step-by-step guide and feature introduction of the plugin
Counter Front-end Design

Your page counter plugin has a whole lot of options in general settings, which could be used to design a nice-looking page visit counter for your website or e-commerce store.
You can modify the properties, such as –

Background color, Font Family, Font Color, Font Size, Border (in pixels), Border Radius, padding, counter position…

Additionally, you can set an icon for your visitor counter.

The plugin also lets you set a title for the visitor counter and restrict access for the different types of visitors (guests, all, subscribers).

According to your requirements, you can choose to enable, reset or disable the counter.

Data-Rich Dashboard

The Page Visit Counter Plugin tracks multiple metrics for your website, its pages, and its posts. Its dashboard tries showcasing all the gathered data in one place, by rendering it all visually. The details, you will be able to see here, are –

  • Month-wise Website Visit Report
  • Year-wise Website Visit Report
  • Site Visits by Browser
  • Site Visits by Operating Systems
  • Top 10 Countries [total visitors and total visits made by them]
  • Top 10 referral websites [Referral URLs and visitor counts]
  • Top 10 pages [page titles, links, and total visitors]
  • Top 10 posts [post titles, links, and total visitors]
  • Top 10 IPs [total visitors and total visits made by them]
Total Website Count

So, this is how your page visit counter looks like, on the front-end of your WooCommerce or WordPress website. Well, not exactly like this, because you are allowed to modify its design to a great extent.

You can change colors, size, radius, etc. of multiple elements of this counter. Alongside, Page Visit Counter Plugin users are allowed to add custom CSS for this counter. Therefore, there is nothing in the counter’s visual appeal, which you cannot modify.

You are also free to choose the position and access rights for your page counter.

Manage Wizard

From the ‘Manage Wizard’ tab, you can create multiple wizards for your pages and posts. It helps the site owners in tracking different parts of their website differently when required.

When you’ll visit this tab, first wizard ‘Total Website Visit’ is available by default and cannot be modified. For displaying the count of total website visitors on any post or page, you can use the shortcode, enlisted here.

Website owners can create multiple wizards here. Click on ‘Add New Wizard’ and fill in the details as the form requires. In settings, you can choose the background color and font color for the counter being created. You may also opt for excluding IPs and users here. If you won’t setup any restrictions or design properties for your counter, it’ll take default setting and work accordingly.

Make sure that you are creating different wizards for different pages and posts. Using same shortcode for more than one web page will track the collective count records.

Once the wizard is created, just copy its shortcode and add use it in pages and posts as you want. It is possible to enable, disable, delete and bulk delete these wizards.

Total Website Page Summary

There is a collective summary of your whole website, which can be accessed using the dashboard. But what if you want to track your pages separately?

You can see it using our plugin.

There is a ‘Page Summary’ tab in your plugin dashboard, where you can view the monthly report of your website pages. It lets you view a graph, comparing top 10 most-visited pages of your website.

Also, it is possible to filter the page-wise graph. For this, you will need to select or de-select the available pages. Just click on them and it’ll work.

On scrolling a bit more, you can view the page summary section which enlists your pages/posts (excluding blog posts). Here, the title, link and number of visits made to these web pages can be checked. The ‘visit’ cells in this table are linked to the individual page count records with report graphs.

In this list, it is possible to search for any particular page through the title of that page.

Total Website Post Summary

This feature works exactly similar to the page summary functionality of this plugin. You can check the post-visitors related statistics for your website posts by clicking on the ‘Post Summary’ link, which is present on the top of your plugin’s dashboard – within the WordPress dashboard.

Here, you will be able to view a monthly-report chart of your 10 most-visited WordPress posts, which depicts and compares the user count for different posts at an instance of time. You can filter this graph in order to see stat of one or multiple pages.

Also, there is a list of posts which shows the number of visit made to your posts. It sorts the posts priority-wise. In this list, you are allowed to search for the post you are looking for. Select the visit count hyperlink to open the stat related to the corresponding post

Individual Page Summary

You can visit the Individual Page Visit Records by clicking the digits, present as hyperlink in ‘visit’ cell of Page Summary table. This table is found at the bottom of Page Summary tab in the plugin dashboard.

Here, you may view multiple details related to your pages, including

  • Browser Name
  • IP address
  • Date
  • Operating System
  • User Role

Site owners, if looking for details related to particular property value (let’s say, IP Address), may use the search functionality.

Reports for one month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year can be viewed from the individual page report sections.

Individual Post Summary

Except for the fact that this functionality is for individual posts, its capabilities are just similar to the individual page summary feature which we’d discussed above. It renders individual post reports for last week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and a year.

Here, you can track the following properties related to visitors who visited a particular post –

  • Browser Name
  • IP address
  • Date
  • Operating System
  • User Role

You may search values of these properties, in order to find out entries related to a particular device/user/browser/OS.


The plugin utilizes shortcodes so that website, blog or online shop owners could quickly get started with its advanced features. While using the wizards through page visit counter plugin, these shortcodes will be required.

Once a wizard is created, it is assigned a shortcode.

To add this wizard to a page or post, you just need to copy the shortcode and add it to the page/post.


The advanced WordPress plugin is the best way for excluding the people from being counted in the visitors. You can add exclusions, such as –

  • Users
  • User roles
  • IP Addresses
  • Countries

This setting is very useful for businesses or websites which want to track their traffic for particular locations or a particular set of users.

Most-visited Page

The data collected by Page Visit Counter can be sent to most-visited pages/posts widgets so that it could reflect your most-visited posts/pages as per the plugin setting, and not as per the overall traffic.


To make it smooth for the website owners to find the pages and posts, which they are tracking separately, the plugin has a search facility. So, instead of going through the multiple-page list of pages or posts, you can just type the title of your page or post in the search box. It will work.

Individual Page/post with Metabox

The plugin adds a Metabox in the right-side bottom of your page and post editors. So, when you click on ‘Add Page’, ‘Add Post’ or edit post/page buttons, you must be able to see this Metabox easily.

There are 3 questions in this Metabox, which could be answered with yes or no –

  • Do you want to enable page visits to count for this page?
  • Do you want to display today page visits count for this page?
  • Do you want to reset all visits count for this page?

Just choose the desired options for these questions and update your post or page. It will work as the top-priority setting for your page visit count when it comes to the current page/post you’ve saved.

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