Product Finder for WooCommerce

Store owners can now add a questionnaire to the products page allowing the customers to narrow down the product list based on their choices. Easy customization, quick setup, thereby, boosting sales.

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Quick Highlights

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Increased Sales

Reducing the hassles for buyers may increase your sales. Show them the right recommendation based on factors and let them buy quicker.

Easy Purchases

Removing the unwanted products from the list helps the buyer choose and buy easily. And, better user experience means a higher probability of sales. Isn’t it what you wanted?

Reduced Searching Time

If a buyer is looking for certain gender/age/brand’s product then why show 100 other products which are worthless for him? Reduce their search time significantly!

Decision Support

For Decision, Users can easily match their criteria for product finding and easily check plugin details and take decision for purchase product.

Personalized Advice

The plugin will give personalized advice to visitors and match their individual needs with help of basic level of question and suggest the most suitable products.

Reduced Support Costs

A plugin will give personalized advice to visitors and match their individual needs with help of basic level of question and suggest the most suitable products.

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step-by-step guide and feature introduction of the plugin
Create Questionnaires

You can create questions and add options like radio buttons or checkboxes. Render multiple questions on a product page in the form of questionnaires by utilizing the plugin’s functionality and it will collect the answers and therefore, the information
about interest trends.

Questionnaire-based searches

The user data, collected through the questionnaires, will help you list the best recommendations, as per the choices made by the customers. Users will see the products which are meeting most of their requirements.

Create multiple Wizards in quick time

In order to create a wizard, you will need to add the wizard title and select its category. After saving the wizard, add questions and options to it. Now, you can embed the newly-created wizard to the desired page and showcase the questions.
It’ll immediately enable your visitors to search quicker and smarter.

Display Random and Slider Banner for specific page and category

Displays the Random banners that you specify by the order of their position every time the page is refreshed.Also plugin allows you to display simple image slider with enable/ disable navigation option and assigned to a specific page and category
of your WooCommerce store.

Product Finder Searcher on Category and Attributes

Plugin work based on product category and specification attributes. Each question assigns product attribute or category, on that based product will search and showcase most suitable product.

Design Custom Product Finder Wizard

With this wizard setting, you can create customization layouts of the wizard as per your theme. you can set how many attribute show per product, number of product per page, upload product image and much more.

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