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Learn how to setup local pickup in WooCommerce with our guide. Add shipping zones, adjust pickup times, and watch your store's sales skyrocket.

By Sahil Multani 12 Jun-2024

Know what is local pickup in WooCommerce and how it benefits your store. Save money and offer your customers an easy pickup option with Dotstore's plugin.

By Sahil Multani 12 Jun-2024

Imagine transforming your product pages with sleek, dynamic sliders that captivate your customers’ attention. While WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform, it doesn’t come with built-in solutions for creating aesthetically appealing product carousels. This is where third-party plugins come into play. These plugins offer a variety of features to enhance your online store’s visual appeal, […]

By Anjali Rastogi 14 Jun-2024
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Shipping is a critical component of eCommerce, shaping customer satisfaction and retention. Efficient, transparent, and responsive shipping operations elevate the customer experience, transforming first-time buyers into loyal customers.  Efficient shipping meets the basic expectations of quick and reliable delivery and is pivotal in enhancing your brand’s reputation and reducing cart abandonment. By optimizing shipping processes, […]

By Nimesh Patel 30 May-2024

Are you looking to enhance your customer’s shopping experience and increase your sales on WooCommerce? Recommending products to customers on your WooCommerce store is a great way to do so. To truly stand out and maximize sales, your eCommerce store needs to provide a personalized shopping experience that guides customers to the products they are […]

By Anjali Rastogi 6 Jun-2024

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) have solidified their status as the crowning moments in every eCommerce year, presenting opportunities for online merchants to boost their sales and revenue. In 2023, a staggering 200.4 million consumers eagerly engaged in the shopping frenzy spanning Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday. Consumers reported that, on average, 55% of […]

By Anjali Rastogi 12 Jun-2024

eCommerce fraud is a persistent threat that can lead to significant financial losses and reputational damage. The sheer volume of transactions and the global reach of online businesses create fertile ground for fraudsters.  eCommerce companies are estimated to lose $48 billion to fraud each year. For business owners and eCommerce professionals, adopting advanced eCommerce fraud […]

By Anjali Rastogi 29 May-2024

As a WooCommerce store owner, you understand the constant need to adapt your pricing strategies to various factors. Pricing adjustments for a product influence sales volume, attract new customers and ultimately drive profitability. E-commerce consumers are more likely to compare prices across different online stores and platforms, intensifying competition. Cost fluctuations, whether due to changes […]

By Anjali Rastogi 4 Jun-2024

A WooCommerce lead represents more than just a casual visitor; it represents potential, interest, and conversion. Unlike general site traffic, a lead is a qualified prospect who has expressed a genuine interest in a product or service, signaling a higher likelihood of conversion into a paying customer. However, generating such leads poses significant challenges. Fierce […]

By Anjali Rastogi 29 May-2024

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