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    In a world where customers abandon carts for high shipping costs, complicated checkout processes, and even extra handling charges, the optimized delivery system is imperative for growth. So, if an online store wants to mark its presence in the over-crowded landscape, its WooCommerce shipping policies and methods must be perfect and flawless. 

    However, considering the enormous landscape of eCommerce, incorporating stability and seamlessness is beyond human capabilities. Experts have affirmed that using a reliable WooCommerce shipping plugin is the only way out of this trouble.

    In today’s blog, our focus remains on unfolding the capabilities of an Advanced WooCommerce Shipping plugin, Flat Rate Shipping, so you understand its worth and significance. Also, we will help you learn the usage process of this plugin. So, get started.

    When do you need Advanced WooCommerce Shipping Features in your Store?

    Let’s begin with knowing the situations where using an inventive and modern WooCommerce shipping plugin becomes imperative. As a success-driven online store, you must look beyond the offering of traditional shipping solutions and look for its advanced version when:

    • You want to offer your customers multiple shipping methods like expedited, standard, or economy shipping. With different shipping methods come huge operational responsibilities, and an advanced WooCommerce shipping plugin can help you handle all of it without delays and errors.
    • You want to offer shipping rate customization. Calculating shipping charging according to the weight, dimensions, distance, or product categories is not a human task, and you need cutting-edge automation that only an advanced WooCommerce shipping plugin can bring to life.
    • You’re handling international shipping. With the help of the plugin, configuring shipping according to different time zones, regions, and countries becomes easier than ever.
    • You aim to use real-time shipping rates from carriers like UPS, DHL, FedEx, and many more. A reliable WooCommerce shipping plugin will provide in-built integration with all these carriers and will help you get accurate and real-time shipping rates.
    • You want to handle time-sensitive shipments with delivery facilities like next-day and same-day deliveries.
    • You want to use dropshipping for WooCommerce shipping, as the plugin can help you automate the entire order fulfillment chain for third-party suppliers.
    • The store offers customized packaging and handling fees as the plugin will help you integrate additional fees in the WooCommerce shipping process.
    • You have set up different shipping rates for different product categories, like fragile and perishable items. The WooCommerce shipping plugin can help you set up advanced shipping rules based on your requirements. 
    • Localized shipping with region-based shipping rates applies to your store. With a plugin’s built-in WooCommerce shipping calculation capabilities, it’s easy to calculate shipping rates for different regions and localities. 

    You need advanced WooCommerce shipping capabilities to offer flexible, fully customized, and automated shipping with accurate WooCommerce shipping calculations. 

    Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Methods

    Boost your WooCommerce store’s revenue with flexible shipping options. Your business deserves the best!

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    How to Enable Advanced Shipping Rules for Your Online Store?

    Want to leverage your customary shipping with advanced shipping rules? WooCommerce has a few default options that you might want to check out. Here are the details:

    • To configure your WooCommerce shipping process, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping.
    • Now, you can create and modify your shipping zones as per your requirements. It is also possible to set shipping methods for your zones so that only the customers can use those zones.
    • You can also customize a few settings for your shipping operations from here.
    • You can also create and enable shipping classes for your online store.

    Want much more? You will need the Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Plugin in that case.

    You will be able to add advanced shipping functionality for your WooCommerce store after installing and activating this plugin. Here’s how:

    • Go to your WooCommerce store and navigate to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New.
    • You must install a reliable WooCommerce shipping plugin offering advanced shipping capabilities. Try Flat Rate Shipping.
    • Upload the plugin from the downloaded file and complete its installation. 

    What is the Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce Plugin?

    The Flat Rate Shipping plugin is perhaps one of the most advanced and upgraded WooCommerce plugins that online store owners can get to level up their customary shipping.

    Using this plugin, it’s doable for e-commerce businesses to deliver unparalleled flexibility for configuring shipping costs, as you can create multiple flat-rate shipping methods. This way, it’s easy to cater to the needs of a wide range of customer pools, eventually leading to the swelled growth of an online store.

    Designed by The Dotstore, this plugin is available in four global languages and is compatible with your most-updated WordPress and WooCommerce versions. Over 12,000 premium customers have already used this plugin and upgraded their WooCommerce shipping calculations and other aspects. 

    Here is a quick overview of some of its advanced capabilities. 

    Dynamic Shipping Fees

    Using the flat rate shipping formulas of this plugin, this plugin enables you to set up shipping fees according to the dynamic variables.

    Multi-rules-based shipping

    This WooCommerce shipping plugin is here to help you as you configure conditional rules for your store. You can set up shipping based on the payment gateways, checkout time, shipping methods, and other details.

    User-based Shipping

    Please your customers and apply Table Rate shipping seamlessly with user-based shipping.

    WPML compatibility

    Flat Rate Shipping is one of those rare plugins that are fully compatible with WPML and provide a guarantee to online store owners that their shipping rules are fully understood, regardless of the locations they are serving. 

    Multiple shipping methods 

    With this WooCommerce shipping plugin, it’s easy for online store owners to integrate various shipping methods like Minimum shipping charges – Apply Smallest, Maximum shipping charges – Apply Highest, Customer Chooses Shipping Method, and Apply All Shipping Methods. 

    The plugin is also helpful in forcing all the shipping methods on your online store and upgrading their basic shipping process.  

    Accurate and quick drill-down WooCommerce shipping calculations 

    Online store owners have the chance to increase their business profitability with the help of this WooCommerce shipping plugin. You can easily create the table rate shipping rules for all your products. 

    You can also create various product range costs with just one method. This plugin offers advanced shipping price rules: Shipping Cost on Product, Shipping Cost on Category, Shipping Cost on Total Cart Qty, Shipping Cost on Product Weight, and many more.

    Shipping based on geographical zones

    Optimizing shipping rules based on geographical zones is the easiest way to attract more customers. Store owners can easily identify their most famous shipping zones and optimize shipping rates accordingly. You can set affordable shipping rates for less-favorable zones and firm your feet there.

    The plugin allows you to construct shipping rules based on countries, postcodes, states, and countries.

    Hassle-free shipping

    This WooCommerce shipping plugin streamlines the entire shipping process by combining the default and plugin-based shipping methods. It automates the shipping from beginning to end and keeps you updated with real-time shipping updates.

    Better control over shipping

    With SKU-centric shipping, this plugin can optimize your entire shipping process, increase customer satisfaction, and gain better control over shipping.   

    Define the shipping rate according to the product weight

    This plugin lets online store owners define weight-based shipping methods and apply multiple conditions.

    How to Get Started with the Flat Rate Shipping Plugin?

    Are you impressed with all these benefits and want to try this plugin? 

    Don’t hold back yourself, and move ahead. The plugin is easy to use, and its installation is straightforward. See how to start with the Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for the WooCommerce plugin below.

    • Try this WooCommerce shipping plugin’s live demo before purchasing or installing it on your store.
    • If you want to try the free version of this plugin, use this link.
    • To activate and install the premium version of the Flat Rate Shipping Plugin, follow these steps.

    If you have already purchased the plugin, follow these steps:

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    • Search for the Advanced Flat Rate Shipping for WooCommerce plugin in the search section and install it after uploading the downloaded file.  Pay for the subscription and get the license. 
    • To activate the license key, go to the ‘License’ section in your The Dotstore account. Here, you will be able to see all the plugin license keys. 
    • You can activate the license once the WooCommerce shipping plugin is successfully installed. 

    If you follow these steps, the WooCommerce shipping plugin will be all set to help you. 

    Now, this plugin allows you to apply essential shipping settings for your eCommerce store.


    You can also enable fixed and variable rate shipping for as many shipping rules as possible. Combining these rules makes it possible to create a more complex shipping condition.


    Apply rules related to delivery and more as you please.


    Configure as many shipping method rules as your business requires.


    The plugin offers you dozens of advanced shipping rules. A few of them are: 

    1. Cost on Product
    2. Cost on Product Weight
    3. Cost on Product Subtotal
    4. Cost on Category Subtotal
    5. Cost on Category Weight
    6. Cost on Total Cart Weight
    7. Cost on Total Cart Subtotal
    8. Cost on Category
    9. Cost on Shipping Class Subtotal
    10. Cost on Total Cart Qty

    If you want to apply table rate shipping, enabling different shipping costs for different value ranges for a parameter, the plugin will let you do that easily.


    For this, go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Method Rules > Advanced Shipping Rules. 


    It’s high time that online store owners pay attention to their shipping process and start offering advanced WooCommerce shipping solutions that are weaved based on needs, preferences, and other requirements.

    In this journey, an inventive WooCommerce shipping plugin like Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce is the best ally of every online store owner. With its usage, store owners can easily integrate multiple shipping methods, calculate shipping fees seamlessly, and customize the entire shipping process according to the need of the hour. So, what’re you waiting for? Grab this plugin today for a fully automated shipping process.

    Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Methods

    Boost your WooCommerce store’s revenue with flexible shipping options. Your business deserves the best!

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    Boost your store’s revenue with flexible shipping

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