WooCommerce Size Chart: What, Why & How to Create it?

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    Whether you call it the rising importance of mobile shopping or the uncertain times during and post-COVID-19, people have resorted to online means for purchasing goods. Today, everything can be purchased online, from apparel to footwear, fashion accessories, or gadgets.

    But is it as simple as it seems to be?

    It isn’t either for the buyers or for the sellers. A major disadvantage of purchasing products online is the inability to touch and try before you buy. Consumers have been accustomed to the concept of trying out multiple clothes or footwear before they buy one. And apparently, they have loved doing so for years. With online shopping becoming the new normal, it becomes challenging for store operators to win customer trust.

    On the other hand, customers are skeptical about the quality of the goods and, most importantly, the size. A few might wonder if sizing conventions matter. To tell you the truth, they do, and a lot. Most of the online returns are routed back because the product wasn’t the right size.

    This is where a WooCommerce Size Chart seems important and relevant.

    What is a WooCommerce Size Chart?

    A WooCommerce size chart is a tabular chart custom-designed to display the standard sizes and their conventions relating to a particular product. With a WooCommerce size chart, the admin can create separate size charts for different products in their store and assign them accordingly.

    Product Size Charts For WooCommerce Banner

    Why would you need to go through the pain of creating such charts and assign them to products in your store?

    Because the size of a product varies from one vendor to another, one manufacturer to another, and from country to country, having a product without showcasing the sizing chart would lead to confusion, and the customer might buy the wrong size product.

    Let’s understand this through an example. Consider that you are an online store owner based out of the USA. Your store operates both in the UK and the USA. Since you are from the USA, all of the products added to follow the USA sizing convention. When a customer from the UK tries to purchase a shoe of size UK 8, he buys one of the USA 8.

    Not knowing that the two sizes are different and that the product wouldn’t fit as the USA size 8 is smaller than that of the UK. Not only would this road to the customer returning the product, but it would also run the risk of you losing a potential customer.

    On the contrary, imagine if you had a size chart on the product page displaying all relevant information about the product size. This would keep the customer informed and prevent them from placing the wrong order.

    Hence, there is a need for a WooCommerce Size Chart!

    image 29
    Figure 1 – An Example WooCommerce Size Chart created using WC advanced product size charts plugin

    Benefits of a WooCommerce Size Chart

    If you are unsure how a WooCommerce size chart benefits your store, here are a few benefits of integrating product size charts for WooCommerce.

    1. Help Customers Find The Right Fit

    With a custom-designed WooCommerce size chart, customers would have enough information about the product size. They can pick the right size depending on what best suits their requirements.

    2. Abate Online Returns

    Because a size chart keeps them informed and the product ordered is of the size that the customer wants, the rate of returns get reduced dramatically.

    3. Increase Customer Experience

    When a customer has the right product and doesn’t need to return or replace the product, the experience gained by them is top-notch.

    4. Boost Sales

    Directing customers to find the right fit for themselves, they make informed decisions and end up placing the order. This in a way leads to more and more orders boosting overall sales.

    How to Create a WooCommerce Size Chart?

    Now that you are well aware of what a WooCommerce size chart is and why do you need to equip your online store with the same, we now outline the steps you need to follow to create a WooCommerce size chart.

    The best solution to creating a WooCommerce size chart is to use a plugin. The Product Size Charts Plugin for WooCommerce by DotStore is a plugin that helps you create exceptional sizing guides for your online store. Without wasting time, let’s move ahead with the steps you need to follow to create the guide.

    Product Size Charts For WooCommerce

    Simplify your store experience with customizable size charts that reduce returns and maximize sales.

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    Before you start creating the size chart for your WooCommerce store, here are a few things you must do.

    1. The first thing to do is to download the plugin to your online store.
    2. Move to the WordPress dashboard by logging into the same using your credentials.
    3. Hover around the page and scroll down to the plugin section.
    4. Click on Add New, and then in the search bar, type Woo-advanced Product Size Chart. The plugin has a free and a premium version. You can download the Advanced Product Size Chart Plugin premium version by visiting the official page for which the link was given above.
    5. Once the plugin is downloaded, click on install and then activate the same.

    Creating the Size Guide for Your Website

    Now that you have the plugin installed and integrated into the online store, we can start with creating the first WooCommerce size chart.

    Product Size Charts plugins For WooCommerce

    Add Size Chart

    image 30
    Figure 2 – Size Charts added to the Plugin already – Plugin Dashboard
    • Log in to the dashboard and then move to the plugin section. Here, click on the Advanced Product Size Chart Plugin.
    • As the new page opens, move to the Add new size chart. Since we haven’t created any size charts, the first tab would not display any.
    • Click on add new and here we will enter the details related to the size guide.
      • Add New Size Chart Name: Give a name to the size chart so that you can differentiate between the charts as you create.
      • Add Media: This section allows you to add an image of the product for which you are to create the size guide.
      • Description: Enter a short description of the size guide and the instructions to help users measure the right size.


    This product is measured around the natural waistline, to verify it’s fit for your body, don’t tighten the inch tape much.

    For the pants in this set of clothes, measure the bottom circumference of your fit trousers/pants, and you’ll get the idea.

    Size Chart Settings

    We have added basic details of the Size chart in terms of the name, image, and details. Next, we go to customize the size chart.

    • Label: Set a unique label for the size chart displayed on the top.
    • Primary Size Chart Image: If you want to have a pictorial representation of the size chart with a manikin showing the areas to be measured, the image can be added here.  
    • Chart Categories: Select the categories for which the size chart is applicable.
    • Chart Position: Adjust the position of the size chart using this tab. You can pick it from here whether you want it to be displayed as a modal pop-up or as an additional tab.
    • Chart Table Style: Select the table style from Custom, Classic, Modern, Minimalistic, and default.  Use the drop-down bar to select one.
    • Chart Table: Design the table as you want, adding as many rows and columns as possible followed by the information.
    image 36 2
    Figure 3 – Adding Product chart i.e. the size table for your product

    Save to complete the process, and you are done. 

    Final Words!

    It is always suggested for WooCommerce owners to add product size guides whenever there are multiple variants of your product. It will improve the user experience, help them make decisions, and reduce the product return rate due to the clarity that size charts add. So, if your online store is missing it, follow our article and enable the Size Chart for your WooCommerce shop. It’s easy!


    Why do we need a size chart?

    A size chart is crucial for online stores selling products like clothes, shoes, or any product where size matters. It provides customers with a clear understanding of the product’s dimensions, helping them make informed buying decisions and reducing the chances of returns due to sizing issues.

    How do I create a size chart in WooCommerce?

    Creating a size chart in WooCommerce typically requires a plugin like Size Chart for your WooCommerce by Dotstore. Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you can create a new size chart in your WordPress dashboard, fill in the required measurements, select which product categories it applies to, and save it. The specific process may vary depending on the plugin used.

    How do I create a size attribute in WooCommerce?

    In WooCommerce, creating a size attribute involves the following steps:

    1. Go to Products -> Attributes in your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Under “Add new attribute,” provide a name for your attribute (for instance, “Size”) and click on “Add attribute.”
    3. After this attribute is created, you can add specific sizes as ‘terms’ (like Small, Medium, Large, etc.) to it.

    What is size chart concept?

    The size chart concept refers to the practice of providing detailed, standardized measurements for products so customers can understand the exact dimensions of the product they are purchasing. For clothing or footwear, this could mean measurements for different dimensions like waist, length, chest, etc. This helps to reduce customer uncertainty and potential returns due to sizing issues.

    What are size charts?

    Size charts are standardized guides that provide comprehensive measurements of a product. They are primarily used within the clothing and footwear industry, where accurately understanding the dimensions of a product is critical for customer satisfaction. Size charts play a significant role in helping customers pick the right product size, thereby enhancing their overall shopping experience and reducing product returns.

    Product Size Charts For WooCommerce

    Simplify your store experience with customizable size charts that reduce returns and maximize sales.

    Product Size Charts For WooCommerce Banner
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