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    Big dreams for your new high-tech crisp website? We wish you all the luck, and along with that, we would like to ask you – How compelling is your best marketing landing pages?

    The landing page may be a standalone page that you develop to capture the potential audience attention before the launch of your website, or a page through which you are generating leads or selling product. It can also be embedded to the website for targeted promotion. A landing page is the most reliable digital marketing tool to engage the audience most effectively.

    A compelling, engaging and enchanting landing page is must for the online foundation of your business. It binds your audience to the business and converts the ones, who are still pondering.

    Best Marketing Landing Page Templates

    Developing a marketing landing page from scratch is a tedious task, and that is how the multipurpose landing page templates help businesses reach out to the audience quickly and engage your audience way before it hits the market.

    We are not through yet!

    Creative, multipurpose and fully functional themes are available in the digital world to help the businesses accelerate their growth with the targeted promotion.

    Want to know the secret behind a compelling landing page?

    Check out the extensive list of best multipurpose Landing Page that engaged and converted potential clients for big brands.

    1. Powerful Colander

    Built on powerful features, this landing page template is multipurpose in the true sense. You would see it being used for the businesses that are poles apart. Inherently creative and robust template of Colander is developed in latest HTML5 and CSS3 to make it feature rich and versatile. The Colander marketing landing page delivers a responsive and optimized landing page perfect to launch your product.


    Features: Background sliders, multipurpose icons, contact forms, newsletter subscription and Google Maps.

    Enchanted? Wait till you get to point number 3, you will freeze in your tracks.

    2. Responsive Othelo

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    It would be great if you would use Othelo. Professional and multipurpose, the template is a perfect page building tool. Bootstrap framework empowers the Othelo powered landing page to be responsive and compatible across browsers. Many company website landing pages are powered by Othelo and have reaped substantial leads from the same.

    Features: Offers you three different templates to pick from that encompass Slideshow and parallax options. The video background option gives more engagement and better user experience.

    3. The leader – OnePage Studio

    Must say it is the best in marketing landing page niche. Built on HTML 5 and CSS3, the page builder offers high-end customization capacity. Easy to integrate to your full-fledged website, the OnePage studio has become the first choice for developers you like to develop excellent landing pages. With 20 core features and five different layouts, OnePage Studio stands true to its name.

    Onepage Studio


    • Drag and drop page builder
    • Ready to use elements, social widgets and many more; all are developed on the easily readable code to speed up the building process.
    • You can enable a video background to engage more clients.
    • Load-optimized web pages can be created in no time.

    4. Parallax – Promo

    Parallax is the in thing in website and landing pages. We all have been there; it seems like a movie unfolding. With multipurpose templates, Promo has parallax themes based landing page template is built on HTML5. The template is versatile and creates beautiful landing pages to market any business.

    4 2

    Features: Unleash your creative horses when you plan to use Promo. It offers you everything that is latest. Based on most recent technology it lets you incorporate animation, sliders and on the top make your website responsive. Pick from the 6 templates offered by the Parallax based Promo landing page template.

    You would have heard the advice million times, keep your page responsive. Promo will help you implement the advice.

    5. We all love Creativ

    Do you wish to create exceptional landing pages that are creative yet powerful? Look no further. The bootstrap based Creativ template offer your four models to pick from and craft a responsive design that speaks of your skills. Powered by HTML5 and CSS3 technology, Creativ is feature rich and powerful.

    5 2

    Features: Build the most responsive landing pages that keep it feature rich on all devices. Right from subscription forms to newsletters, Creativ is highly customizable with clean pieces of code.

    6. More templates – Zodkoo

    Let us be honest, Zadkoo is extensive. It offers the developers 12 event based landing pages templates. You can actually do a lot with Zadkoo and even keep your page responsive. Modern themes and layouts that suit all businesses, Zadkoo is loved by developers.

    6 2

    Features: Know now bounds while using Zadkoo. I must admit it does not have the video background feature but offers you image background, pricing tables and hundreds of icon.

    7. Performance rich – Drew

    The name itself is quite appealing. The web has lots of landing pages using the Drew templates. Are you looking for something robust? Well, it does not beat the one at point 3, but it is good.  You can build a simple page or a full driven landing page on this template. The pixel-perfect design of drew will surely tempt you.


    Features: Add optimized headlines to boost your SEO and add engaging images and videos with live feeds.

    8. Customize with Teoder

    Perfect for the startups, developer community loves the landing pages build on Teoder. Immensely responsive landing pages on Teoder templates are built on HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. It is entirely W3C standardize template and has the best Twitter bootstrap framework.


    Features:  Fit to use for small businesses, the template helps even naïve developers to customize the landing page. The power behind the customization is clean and commented code. Add a slider or CSS animations to this standard feature template.

    9. Market with Hybrid:

    Check this out if you are looking purely for multipurpose marketing page. The search engine loves the Hybrid template based landing pages as it is fast loading. Developers have really been creative with this page builder and its customization power. It is easy to use to develop robust and engaging landing pages.

    Features: Developers and bloggers extensively use Hybrid to get ready landing pages quickly. It offers a very responsive and optimized template to enhance the conversion rates.

    Market with Hybrid 1

    10. Love for monochrome – Black White

    Finally, we couldn’t resist ourselves while exploring through this monochromatic template. It is perfect for the creative business and bloggers. But that’s not all. The landing pages developed on Black white are responsive and powered by HTML technology. Right from corporates to NGO’s client loves the monochrome and the organization excellence offered by the template.


    Features: Integrated lead generation form and six demos in two variations make it quite extensive to customize even in monochrome. The MailChimp comes integrated with the template, and the template also offers images placement and CSS3 effects. Get your professional and best user experience based landing page developed on monochrome  

    11. Minimum and impactful – Advnt

    After the monochrome, Advnt offers the landing page theme that highlights its content inherently in a unique way. Full of white spaces, whatever content you put is highlighted without any extra effort. It offers a very elegant platform for products and services.


    Features: It comes in eight demos and gives you ample of customization freedom. Ideally designed to capture the audience details, the themes come with integrated MailChimp, pricing tables, testimonials and many more.

    12. Real Business – Sencillo

    Sencillo offers you a multipurpose responsive landing page template that with precision can be transformed into a beautiful landing page for App landing page or a website landing page. The design elements integrate to create an entirely modern look. Built on HTML5 and CSS3 the template is robust and has lots of variants to develop entirely different landing pages.

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    Feature: The Sencillo templates are available 14 different colors and seven different layouts for creating a unique homepage. Good for an effective online presence, Sencillo develops responsive and SEO friendly landing pages.

    13. Fully Featured – Marco

    Think about it, how extensive can a landing page theme get? Fit for every business with the variants that can be easily created with Marco, it many developers first choice. A pro developer can create fully-featured landing pages by using Marco.


    Features: Available in 19 different layouts, Macro is a perfect match for any business. Whether you want to promote your App, website or blogs, Macro has elements to promote all these in best form. Registration forms, contact page, subscription feature, slider and Mailchimp integration are some of the aspects of Macro.

    Wrapping it up!

    There is a magic formula, which works behind the most engaging landing pages. They can drive immense traffic to your website, through the captivating CTAs and efficient elements. The multipurpose Landing Page Templates make it sound simple. The developers and designers, involved in making them, take care of all the complexities of developing a landing page every time you need one. That’s what makes them a quick, comprehensive and brilliant solution for every business needs.

    Out of above 13, figure out the one that best suits your needs the best. It is time to give it a go and create a landing page that is engaging enough to transform the pondering clients into potential customers and isn’t that what you always wanted?

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