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    Discount deals are undoubtedly one of the smart ways to increase customer count and conversion rate on your e-commerce store. Shoppers are always more interested in buying things at discounted rates.

    Hence, offers and discounts encourage them to shop more by benefitting themselves with free offers, attractive price deals, and more. 

    You too can make your marketing campaigns effective by incentivizing your online shoppers with attractive discounts. All you need to do is add WooCommerce discounts plugins to your online store.

    It is easy to set up discounts on the e-commerce store if you use the best quality WooCommerce plugin. You may consider the following plugins for your online shop’s discount strategies.

    1. Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

    Counted among the most versatile discount plugins for WooCommerce, Pricing Deals for WooCommerce comes with a number of options for product pricing and discount.

    With this plugin in use, online store owners can create discount deals, decide deal action, as well as schedule the deal timing. Besides, it allows them to promote their discount offers on their online store using shortcodes.

    image 2 1
    Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

    More so, e-commerce owners will have the advantage of creating pricing tiers, wholesale value, Dynamic, Catalog, Role-based, and Category pricing. Plus, you can also offer the benefit of bulk discounts to your customers such as buy 1 get 1 offer. Creating Bulk Pricing for basic deals is also possible with this WooCommerce plugin.

    Pricing Deals for WooCommerce plugin has multilanguage feature which works through GTranslate. Additionally, sellers can access detailed discount report of a particular order with the use of this plugin.

    You can also limit the number of customers who can take advantage of a discount offer. Overall, it’s a perfect option setting discount prices and attracting increased number of customers on your online store.


    • It is a free version WooCommerce Discount Plugin
    • Allows sellers to advertise their offers
    • It is updated from time to time


    • Limited features in the free version
    • Its premium version is costly

    2. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Plugin

    The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discount Plugin allows users to create multiple types of discounts discount for their online store.

    From bulk discounts to pricing, role-based offers, tiered discounts, and discounts on total order – there are so many options to customize your discount deals. 

    Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Plugin

    Moreover, you can even create discount offers according to the location of delivery. It is easy to use and set-up.

    You can add discount percentage for different products according to product type and product category. The plugin also facilitates the users to appy fixed rate discounts.

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules plugin can be pinned on your site’s cart page, product list page, and checkout page. You can also add the plugin to the notifications sent to customers through email.

    The pricing table and discount details can be presented beautifully before the shoppers so that they are enticed to buy more. Users can set discount rules according to the number of products in the shopping cart, Products, Cart total/subtotal, buying history, category, and attributes.


    • The plugin comes in both premium and free version.
    • Its premium version is cost-effective comparatively.
    • Create conditional discounts for countries, cart value, user roles easily with the free version.
    • Bulk discounts can be created and applied with it in a matter of seconds.
    • Apply various conditions (single as well as multiple) for discounts using the premium plugin.
    • Discounts can be applied to checkout and cart pages


    • Limited features in the free version

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount

    Apply advanced discount conditions to drive more revenue with our intuitive and easy-to-use plugin.

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Banner

    3. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

    This Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugin for WooCommerce businesses is one-in-all promotion and pricing tool that gives online sellers the flexibility of setting the prices, conditions, and discounts for their products. It comes with a wide range of methods that can easily fit all kinds of discount strategies.

    image 4 1
    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

    It is considered one of the best plugins because it reduces the need of using a variety of tools for bulk pricing, tiered sales, special offers, promotions, exclusive deals, pricing, flash sales, bundle offers, wholesale offers, member offers, individual offers, loyalty price, pricing as per location, behavioral pricing, and others. The prices can be changed anytime.

    More so, online sellers can create pricing and discount strategies for engaging the top customers of your online shop.

    You may also reward your best online shoppers when they achieve shopping goals such as number of completed orders, shopping limit, etc. This plugin is ideal for both wholesale and retail sales. Users my create insider offer or create a club for special customers.

    Sellers can also expect increase in Customer retention rate with the use of this plugin as it allows them to run promotions on their site.


    • Allows setting up of Dynamic pricing
    • Helps in earning shoppers loyalty
    • Easy to set up cart discounts
    • Supports product variations
    • Supports multiple product pricing


    • Free version has limited features
    • Premium version is expensive comparatively

    4. ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Free Plugin

    image 5 1

    This free plugin by ELEX allows users to add flat rate and percentage discounts on their online store. The discounts can be created on category and product levels.

    Additionally, it also offers the benefit of setting up complicated pricing structures on WooCommerce site. It eliminates the risk of loss which may occur otherwise due to discounts.

    With this plugin in use users can also add Dynamic discount details on every product. Plus, you can also include various rules to the items listed on your site.

    Moreover, users can set product discount based on the product’s quantity, weight, and price. Online sellers can set category pricing, product pricing, combinational pricing, category pricing, BOGO pricing, cart pricing and others using this WooCommerce plugin.

    Online sellers’ configuration of discount based on cart level, payment and shipping method is also possible with this plugin. The best part is that you can also set German and French languages as default using this plugin. 


    • It comes with export and import feature
    • Excellent customer support
    • Easy to use and set up


    • At least two product rules are mandatory for display of product pricing table
    • Adding multiple rules at a time increases loading time of the web page

    5. WooCommerce Extra Fee Plugin – Pro

    WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin
    WooCommerce Extra Fee Plugin

    WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin is a plugin by Dotstore that allows you to create extra fees as well as discounts. So, with it, you can fulfill your store’s need to give discounts as well as an applicable surcharge.

    Using this plugin, running seasonal sales, festive promotions, daily deals, shipping related offers, and applying added fee for additional services becomes very easy.

    The WooCommerce Extra Fees plugin takes negative and positive values for extra fees as input. So, in the case of discounts, you will have to add negative values. Alongside adding the fee, you can specify one or multiple conditions, for which, your discount will work. – Download free plugin version


    • Create discounts as well as extra fee methods
    • Apply one or multiple conditions to your methods
    • Add fixed or percentage-based discount amount
    • Apply discount for one product or one/multiple products, categories.
    • Give discounts as per location, cart value, product value, user, weight, quantity, and other such parameters.
    • Very user-friendly plugin and supportive assistance team.


    • You might not find it difficult to apply discounts if you do not know that this plugin takes negative values too.

    WooCommerce Extra Fees

    Make profits from every confirmed sale through smart, conditional fees.

    WooCommerce Extra Fees Banner

    6. Easy WooCommerce Discounts – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing, Discounts, Shipping

    If you are looking for a plugin that can help you create percentage pricing, bulk pricing, dynamic discounts, cart pricing, advanced and dynamic methods for WooCommerce shipping then opt for Easy WooCommerce Discounts plugin.

    image 7 1

    It facilitates the users with high-end solutions for creating enticing discount deals and offers on their website. The plugin is ideal for both professional and beginner users as it’s easy to use and install.

    The plugin also comes in handy when it comes to customizing product rules for pricing based on quantity. Using Easy WooCommerce Discounts plugin for your online store will allow you to design free, advanced, cart-value based and weight- based methods for shipping.

    It is one of those discount plugins that help in increasing conversion rates of the site by elevating its sales graph. The plugin encourages the potential buyers to purchase in bulk.

    You can set category based pricing, cart subtotal discount deals, cart total discount offers, order total discount offers, and more. There are also Shortcodes for promotional campaigns.


    • Availability of buy 1 get 1 deals
    • Allows offers display on product-list page
    • Permits discounts scheduling
    • Excellent customer support
    • Easy to use and install


    • Loaded with exceed features (which can be confusing for online sellers).

    7. Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce

    It’s a powerful, free discount WooCommerce plugin used by sellers for managing and creating a wide range of discount deals for their website. With this plugin in users can easily customize the pricing and discounts.

    image 8 1

    They can create percentage pricing, bulk pricing, free gifts, fixed pricing, BOGO deals, discounts based on popularity, and much more.

    Users can even add discounts on cart value, variable items, and category products. You can also use it for creating discount deals based on product quantity which will further enhance the sales of your online store.

    Sellers can create affiliation pricing or SendinBlue/ MailChimp newsletter for their store. It allows users to facilitate the affiliate customers with discounts. 

    You may even add user-based pricing; address based pricing, discounts based on previous purchase, and payment mode. In a nutshell, Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce pluginis an ideal option for adding lucrative discount to your online store, while improving its growth rate.


    • Less impact on usage of memory
    • Page speed isn’t affected by adding the plugin 
    • Zero Javascript problems
    • Compatible with advanced PHP 7.4.8 
    • Compatible with advanced WordPress 5.5.1
    • Zero activation issues 
    • Zero resource issues
    • Updated from time to time


    • No warning or notices when errors occur (however, errors don’t occur in this plugin generally).

    8. WooCommerce Bulk Discount

    WooCommerce bulk discount will help you create and add variety of discounts on your website. This free discount plugin lets users manage bulk, percentage, and fixed pricing in different currencies.

    Plus, users can also set product pricing both globally and individually.

    image 9 2

    More so, the plugin can be used for adding their discount deals to the website’s order details and checkout pages. Discounts can also be displayed in order invoice/e-mail.

    With this plugin in use users can create discounts for bulk product purchase and they can be either treated all together or separately (for discounting).

    The best thing about this plugin is that discount can be displayed on different locations (on the website) at a time. It allows users to change the price’s CSS so that customers can compare after and before discount rates.

    However, note that you can’t use the plugin’s bulk pricing feature if you configure your site with coupon code. The discount deals can be localized in Czech and English languages.


    • Setting of flat, fixed, or percentage discount in different currencies.
    • Setting individual discount as per the product
    • Allows users to add different types of discounts on bulk of individual products
    • Allows User role discount creation
    • Users can promote products as headers or pop-ups
    •  Periodic discount activation automatically


    • Advanced features available in premium version
    • Pro version isn’t cheap

    9. Discount Win-Wheel For WooCommerce

    If you are looking for an effective way to engage and entice your customers then this WooCommerce plugin will prove out to be your best bet. Online sellers can easily create discounts for their products using this plugin.

    It also helps in increasing customer base of the online store. Ask how? When a customer visits the site a popup appears on the screen asking the visitors their email.

    If the buyers win, this plugin sends the relevant details of a coupon to their email address. In case they lose, visitors can consider wheel spinning unless they win a coupon. It is one of the smartest ways of collecting emails of potential buyers and grow customer base.

    The plugin’s spin wheel can be customized by store owners as their business needs. Moreover, store owners can customize the email template for discount deals.

    The best part is that you can change the style of spin wheel as per the theme of your online platform. This plugin also comes with reporting option wherein users can get detailed reports of total sales.                                                                                                                         


    • Wheel segments can be altered according to the colour and text of segment.
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Admin can send messages to customers once they get their email.


    • Users need to entice customers with out-of-the-box discount deals to collect their info
    • Its pro version has more features.

    10. ELEX WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing Plugin

    ELEX WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing Plugin is an ideal option for setting up layered discount pricing on their e-commerce store according to the user roles.

    image 12 2

    Additionally, this plugin can be used for setting up role-based discounts according to product type. The free version of the plugin supports limited products but its pro version works for all types of products listed on the WooCommerce site.

    The plugin also allows users to customize or remove the Add to Cart option for both unregistered and registered online sellers.

    Plus, you can hide the price of products or remove the shopping option completely for the entire online store or for selected user types. In a nutshell, users can convert their e-commerce site into a well-designed catalog.


    • Discount offers at multiple levels.
    • Allows users to create Buy 1 get 1 offers
    • Display of price table.
    • Compatible with WPML
    • Excellent customer support


    • Doesn’t allow wholesale pricing on shipping prices.
    • Doesn’t work when coupon code plugin is added.

    11. Discount Rules for WooCommerce by Flycart

    WooCommerce Discount Rules by Flycart is one of a kind discount plugin that can be used for creating dynamic discounts, bulk pricing, and advanced product discounts.

    image 13 2

    Additionally, users can also create product-based, percentage, and tiered- based discount offers for their customers. 

    You can even create offers based on quantity of the product. The plugin even allows sellers to add discounts based on cart value at the total value or percentage amount. Moreover, you can even create BOGO offers to elevate the graph of your online sales. With this plugin in use you can offer dynamic discount offers to your customers based on buying history, categories, user roles, products, etc. The discounts can be added to product-list page, checkout, and cart pages. It can be even added to the notifications sent to customers via email.


    • Outstanding customer support
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Allows to run promotions on the site


    • Premium version has advanced features 

    12. WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features FREE

    This discount plugin adds to the already existing in-built features of WooCommerce. It is an amazing option that allows users to create attractive discounts automatically on their store.

    image 14 2

    After installing this free plugin, online sellers access multiple options featured on the site’s coupon panel. It comes with some exclusive features that help in enhancing both sales and popularity of the platform.

    You can create coupons for cart of the customers when they meet the set conditions for the offer.

    Plus, the plugin also facilitates users to add coupon using URL. The online sellers also have the benefit of restricting coupon according to the payment options and shipping methods opted by the customers.

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount

    Apply advanced discount conditions to drive more revenue with our intuitive and easy-to-use plugin.

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Banner


    • Allows users to add coupons automatically to the cart
    • Add coupons using a URL
    • Coupons as per the payment mode
    • Coupon based on shipping mode
    • Coupons as per the buyer’s roles
    • Coupon based on product combination type 


    • Its premium version has high-end features

    13. First Order Discount WooCommerce

    WooCommerce First Order Discount plugin is another perfect option for pricing your products. The plugin allows admins (website owners) to facilitate the new buyers with attractive discount offers on the first purchase they make on the site.

    image 15 2

    Plus, you can also add the conditions under which the customers can take the benefit of these discounts. Users may include offers like minimum purchase value for activating the discounts.

    The plugin’s premium version comes with various advanced options. You can set the cart value for your customers so that they can avail the promotional offers. Moreover, you can also highlight the customer’s progress of shopping. It helps in elevating the sales of the e-commerce store. This plugin is a perfect option for those looking for a plugin that can help them create promotions based on categories.  It will help your customers to find their pick from wide range of options.


    • Excellent plugin
    • Advanced features that enhance  the value of an e-commerce store
    • Simple and effective


    • Inexperienced sellers could face issues with set up
    • Major features are included in pro version

    14. Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce

    WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Discounts and Fees plugin serves as an extension to the existing features of WooCommerce. The plugin gives the option of setting discounts or fees according to the payment gateway selected by the customer.

    The best part about this plugin is that it supports different types of payment gateways including standard payment options (such as transfer through Bank, Cash on Delivery, and Payment through cheque) and personalized payment options which may include any other WooCommerce plugin.

    Discounts and fees can be created based on product type. On using this plugin users can create fee value, percent or fixed discount/fee, taxation, rounding, and shipping rules.


    • It is an ideal option for both start-ups and small business owners
    • Free installation
    • Seamless integration with the seller’s WooCommerce website
    • Users can combine different payment methods for their e-commerce store to collect relevant data.


    • Doesn’t facilitates with recurring payments
    • Its pricy in comparison to other plugins 

    15. Discounts Manager for Products

    It’s a powerful plugin that helps in customizing different types of discount deals to attract the customers. The plugin is compatible with both WooCommerce and s2Member plugin.

    image 17 1
    Discounts Manager for Products [Plugin 16 of Top 20 Free WooCommerce Discounts Plugins]

    Moreover, it comes with detailed instructions for installing and setting up this plugin. You won’t face any hassles using it.

    Discounts Products Manager plugin can be used for creating flat or plus discount offers. Also, users can set pricing and add to any of the webpages. It supports the creation of discounts based on product quantity (both shared and separately). The offers can be promoted on different locations on the site including invoices, email, and cart, checkout, and product details pages.


    • Users can change the price’s CSS so that customers can know the product price after and before discount is applied
    • The plugin doesn’t work in case a coupon is configured.
    • Flawless customer support


    • Users have to pay to access advanced features of the pro version
    • Virtual terminal is not supported

    16. Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules for WooCommerce

    This plugin is a perfect option for online sellers who are looking forward to customize bulk pricing for their online store’s products. You can quickly create discount offers using this advanced plugin.

    image 18 1

    All you need to do is install the plugin, create the deals according to the given parameters, and your offers will ready within few minutes.

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing with Discount Rules plugin comes with advanced User Experience design making it easier for the online sellers to set the pricing and rules for the same. You can create discount offers according to the quantity and type of product. Plus, it even allows users to personalize borders and titles of the price table.


    • User-friendly WooCommerce Discount plugin
    • Advanced interface
    • Allows sellers to customize both Fixed and Percentage pricing
    • Sellers can create discounts according to product category
    • Removes discounts from specific products automatically (as customized)
    • Sellers can create pricing based on product Range or Quantity


    • Extra charge to access premium features

    17. Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons

    It’s an excellent plugin for making discount coupons for your online store. On using this plugin there is no possibility of using a discount feature accidentally. You can define the rules for cart and create coupons for your WooCommerce store for products belonging to different categories.

    image 19 2

    Misuse of coupons is a common problem in the world of online sale. Coupon conditions help in reducing these issues while making the online store more secure and efficient.

    Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons can be used for creating BOGO offers, organizing coupons according to the categories, applying discount coupons via URL, restrict discount coupons based on customer role.


    • Plugin installation and setting up is easy
    • Accessible globally
    • Enhances the overall security of the WooCommerce store
    • Instant deposit of payments
    • It is a highly secure plugin for sellers as well as buyers


    • Inexperienced users may get confused while setting-up the plugin.

    18. Discounts Per Payment Method for WooCommerce

    WooCommerce Per Payment Method Discount plugin can help you in setting up discount deals for particular payment gateways. Users can easily use plugins for their WooCommerce store by adding prices to multiple payment methods available for the customers on the site.

    image 20 2

    On using this discount plugin you’ll have the choice of choosing from different types of discount such as percentage, fixed, and more.

    The plugin allows users to set discount or price according to the payment and shipping method, cart amount, and customer role. Additionally, you’ll also have the option of setting up discount or price according to product category featured in the buyer’s cart.


    • Increases the revenue generation capacity of the store
    • The plugin increases the value of cart amount
    • Sellers can create discount offers based on user-role
    • Create specific discounts and fees according to product categories
    • Discounts and fees according to shipping mode


    • Small businesses may find its premium version expensive

    19. Role Based Price For WooCommerce

    This plugin allows online sellers to facilitate their potential customers with a variety of price offers.

    image 21 2

    Plus, they can even add multiple options for currency making it easier for international buyers to buy products from their sites. WooCommerce Role Based Price plugin comes with an easy interface making it easy for inexperienced sellers to set up and install the plugin. 

    Using this plugin, the sellers can also create attractive offers for their registered customers. Additionally, you can also customize discounts on both regular cost as well as sales rate of the product(s). It can be added to variety of products listed on the site. Users are also facilitated with short codes for better pricing of the items.


    • Users can easily create and manage discounts
    • The plugin comes with an advanced version ensuring quick and smooth processes.
    • It features an in-built plugin marketplace extension for the seamless experience of users.


    • Doesn’t integrates with third party plugins


    Discounts deals help online sellers to promote their sales. The best part is that there are wide selections of WooCommerce discounts plugins that can be used for setting up lucrative discount offers on your e-commerce store. The free plugins are ideal for getting basic offers and discount deals features on the site.

    Compare the pros, cons, and features of the Discount plugins to find a plugin ideal to promote your online sales.

    However, note that plugins simply add value to your online store, but the success of your e-commerce site depends on how smartly you entice the customers using these tools. 

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount

    Apply advanced discount conditions to drive more revenue with our intuitive and easy-to-use plugin.

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Banner
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    Saksham Kumar is a Content Writer and SEO with 6+ years of experience, specializing in WordPress and Marketing. Skilled in helping businesses expand their customer reach, he maintains a balance between work and his passions for biking, traveling, and adventure sports.