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Efficient, cost-effective and secure shipping has remained the focus of both online buyers and sellers. Today, each e-commerce website is a cut-throat competition to offer flexible and free shipping to impress the buyers. There is a lot of cost and process involved in the websites shipping options, live rates for desired Pin codes and more. So obviously, you will need the help of best WooCommerce Shipping plugins.

If you are about to build an e-commerce store and are trying to build shipping service to look and feel seamless to the buyers, try the WooCommerce Shipping plugins. Utilizing the ready to use shipping plugins will not only save you development time but bring you on a unified competitive platform to sell more and easily.

Let us take a look at the top 20 WooCommerce Shipping Plugins for 2018:

1.  Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce

Handling complexities of shipping rules and rates become superbly easy with Advanced Flat Rate Shipping for WooCommerce plugin. As a highly customizable and best WooCommerce Shipping plugin, it allows website owners to create their own rules quickly using a single dashboard. The shipping rules once created are applied to the cart that meets the rule requirement. All this happens instantly for both website owners and buyers too.

The classification of shipping rules can be customized as per the product type, category type, and country of shipping, total amount of products in the cart and selection of shipping class.

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping 2017

Free version Features:

It allows you to create custom shipping methods based variables:

  • Custom create the shipping method name and Charges
  • Custom time of Delivery for selected shipping method
  •  Set the start and end date of a promotional shipping method
  • Create flexible shipping rules for different user roles.
  • Set a shipping method based on Country
  • Set a shipping method based on Cart contains product
  • Set a shipping method based on Cart contains category’s product
  • Set a shipping method based on Cart Subtotal

Premium Version Features

  • Create flexible rules for shipping rules
  • Shipping Charges Based On Country, State and Zipcode
  • Shipping Charges Based On Custom Zone
  • Shipping method based on product
  • Shipping method based on category
  • Shipping method based on Tag
  • Shipping method based on SKU
  • Shipping method for specific users
  • Shipping method Based on User Role
  • Shipping method based on Cart Subtotal
  • Shipping method based on total cart quantity
  • Shipping method based on total cart’s weight
  • Additional shipping charges based on Shipping Class

2. WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

WooCommerce Shipping plugin lets you create a table of shipping rates that are executed only when a condition matches. It allows your portal to be extremely flexible with the shipping rates.


Free version Features:

There are many default shipping conditions available.
Conditions like:

  • Create shipping based on subtotal
  • Create shipping based on Quantity
  • Create shipping based on Country
  • Create shipping based on Category

Premium Version Features

  • No coding changes required as the interface is very user-friendly.
  • Allows you to build a table rate shipping based on the weighing, delivery location, delivery and volume of the products in the cart

3. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

A WooCommerce shipping plugin with lots of flexibilities and a price tag that is highly affordable. The Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce allows you to create two segregated tables for domestic and international shipping rates. This feature simplifies the rule creation and editing in case of changes in rate or creating shipping offers that are domestic only. It is simple yet comes with lots of features that make it easy for the website owner to bring a spark to the shipping page.

Premium version Key Features

    • Registered buyers can have access to multiple rates based upon the products in the cart and shipping destination
    • Custom rules for item shipping class, the weight of products in cart and price of the products.
    • The rules allow you to reflect the state-specific tax inclusions based on the class of the product.
  • Bulk shipping rates, handling fees and consignment bundling all rates are reflected in the final figure

4. Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce

Flexible Shipping comes across as the most advanced Shipping plugin for WooCommerce. It is ready to use and easy to install a plugin that allows WooCommerce store users to get the shipping cost calculated instantly on the basis of product weight or cart total.

Free version Key Features

    • Managing the calculation of handling charges, insurance costs, and varied shipping cost.
    • Customize COD shipping method for some specific zones with or without any additional costs
    • Shipping method disabled on the basis of the rule match
    • Creation of unlimited shipping methods and rules with a specific name for ease of recognition.
    • A rule for minimum and maximum weight or price of products in
    • Shipping methods to be displayed on the basis or registered client or not
  • Multiple language support and CSV import

Premium version

    • Based on the location of the buyer, special rules can be created for making the shipping more flexible.
    • Cancel a rule quickly at the time of checkout
    • Quick Additional shipping cost calculation
  • Lowest cost and highest cost based shipping rate calculation

5. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by JEM

A Table rate shipping plugin is a perfect way to create rules that are of practical use. As a super easy to use plugin, WooCommerce Shipping plugin allows rules to be created on the basis of tiered shipping based on a table created by the admin that can be edited easily.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by JEM

Free Version Key Features

  • Integration with WooCommerce stores is seamless for multiple shipping zones
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Create rules for the Shipping rates based on the  Cost of the cart
  • Customize Shipping rates based on the Weight of products in the cart

Premium Version Key Features

  • Select to include or exclude the state taxes in the cart
  • Tiered shipping for registered and premium users.
  • Customized the handling fee rules for specific selections
  • The Pro version of this Shipping plugin for WooCommerce comes with features for unlimited shipping services liked express and standard. The Plugin handles complex rules of shipping easily.

6. WooCommerce Shipping plus

Are you looking for a comprehensive shipping plugin? Shipping plugin for WooCommerce plus allows you create unlimited shipping methods quickly. With the versatile customization options for shipping methods, it is the best WooCommerce Shipping plugin that allows 18 shipping rules to be created efficiently. 

Premium version Key Features:

  • Custom enable or disable the different shipping methods
  • Create a shipping Title and manage its rule to determine the cost
  • Tax calculation of the shipping method integration.
  • Automate the start and end date of shipping methods for promotional shipping offers.
  • Customize Shipping rules based on total price of products in the cart.
  • Shipping rules based on the count of items in the carts
  • Shipping rules based on multiple vendors
  • Shipping rules based on the weight of the products in the cart
  • Shipping rules in case of a coupon match
  • Shipping rules based on the destination segregated on the basis of country, state, Pincode and  shipping zone
  • Customization of shipping rules based on the User login and guest checkout.

7. WooCommerce Shipping Gateway per Product

A unique and highly versatile plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to create rules that let the user select shipping gateways for each product added to the cart individually. The freemium version of the plugin offers limited features while the premium version allows creating unlimited shipping options for the buyers.

Woocommerce Shipping Gateway per Product plugin

Premium version Key Features:

  • Selection of shipping gateways for products individually at the time of checkout.
  • Default shipping gateway set up by the website admin.
  • Opening best shipping gateways to the buyers.
  • Supports Dutch and English
  • Offers 1-year free support and upgrades.
  • Any updates are automatically reflected your plugin

8. WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping

A plugin that works on calculating the shipping rate based on what is in the customer cart. It used three methods to calculate the price:

    • Based on the weight
    • Based on the price
  • Based on items in the carts

WooCommerce Cart Based Shipping

Premium version Key Features:

    • Simple to set the plugin
    • Customization of shipping labels
    • Shipping rate With and without tax calculation
    • Setting minimum and maximum shipping price
  • WPML compatible plugins.

9. Weight Based Shipping for WooCommerce

WooCommerce currently does not have a provision to customize shipping rates on the basis of product weight. It becomes an important parameter to select the shipping method or rate on the basis of weight when the products involved are very heavy or have to go for international destinations. Weight Based Shipping for WooCommerce is a made simple and flexible with the plugin that primarily focuses on taking the weight as a primary criterion of shipping and then considered other factors like pricing, delivery location and more.

Download WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

Premium version Key Features:

    • Create unlimited shipping riles based on the combination of order destination and cart product weight.
    • Dynamic calculating of shipping rate as the weight of products in the cart increases.
  • Qualification rule for free shipping based on the weight of the products.

As an open source plugin, various additions have been made to the plugin based on the specific requirements.

10. WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin

Multi-carrier Shipping Plugin is the one that has it all. It is one of the plugins that says invest once and use forever. It offers the creation of multiple shipping methods to the admin. The process is easy and makes the shipping options versatile for the user. Integration of shipping service providers like DHL Express, FedEx, UPS and more is possible.

Premium version Key Features:

  • Allows the derivation of real-time shipping rates from the reputed shipping organizations.
  • Table rates and real time rates are combined to achieve the actual shipping price.
  • Custom creates shipping rates when a rule match happens for shipping class, product category, cart product weight, item quantity, and price.
  • Allows bulk import of shipping rules
  • WPML compatible
  • The shipping methods can be titled
  • Edit the shipping rules using add, update, duplicate or delete.
  • Offer USPS flat rate boxes and FedEx pre-defined box sizes to be used for shipping.
  • Allows multiple currency payments.

11. APG Weight Shipping

APG Weight Shipping plugin offers its users a highly intuitive interface for both buyers and website admins. It allows admins to have access to calculate the shipping cost quickly on the basis of weight and zip code.

It shortens the selection process of shipping method by offering admins a customization feature for displaying those methods.

WC – APG Weight Shipping

Free version Key features

    • Allows admins to create a display list of around multiple shipping methods to shorten the selection time.
    • It is easy to install and acts as a robust shipping plugin for unlimited methods.
    • The Shipping methods allow you to hide payment gateways.
  • It is a perfect plugin to show estimated delivery time and is fully compatible with WPML. These options can be used by the buyers to expedite the buying process.

12. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

The idea behind Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce is to offer a simplified dashboard to admins. The creation of expandable sections makes it quite easy to setup shipping rules for very big eCommerce platforms also. It removes all the clutter from the admin dashboard to make it a more productive and feature packed plugin.

It comes across with perfect Setup plugins to make the task of shipping rate setting easy. It has a deep consideration of the elements that can impact the shipping costs and instantly offering customers the total shipping cost. The rules can be set to meet the conditions like the destination of shipping, payment mode or currency of payment, a total weight of products in the cart, number of items and the class and speed of shipping.

With a highly intuitive interface, it offers a near-perfect platform to sell locally as well as internationally.

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Premium version Key Features

  • Create Multilingual Shipping pages instantly.
  • Create multiple rule tables to define the shipping price according to per order, individual product, cart line items, and shipping class.
  • Creates rules based on subtotal, quantity, weight, height, width, volume, surface area and more.
  • Drag and Drop customization of conditions.
  • Hiding of the options that are not required.

13. WooCommerce E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping

A premium featured Shipping plugin for WooCommerce that offers special bundled prices when the customer cart has multiple items. Using bundled shipping as a marketing technique, it is a plugin that encourages buyers to add more products to the cart to avail the special shipping offers.

WooCommerce E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping

Premium version key Features:

    • Create Shipping zone features using the WooCommerce 2.6
  • Build flat categories and special categories
  • Free shipping after 4 products
  • Using shipping classes based shipping method
  • Free shipping when the order is over $100

14. Advanced WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

One of the most popular plugins bundled all the features to allow flexible shipping method creation. It offers a clean and responsive design to the user.

Premium version Features:

  • Customization of an instance and option per rule.
  • Reflect the shipping cost as per shipping class, order line, item, tag, category, and product.
  • Shipping cost based on weight, specific item, subtotal, quantity, volume, destination and more options.
  • Multiple costs associated with each rule.
  • Calculate charge and fee based on weight rate, quantity rate,
  • Allows drag and drop of conditions to expedite the process.

If you are looking for a Shipping plugin for WooCommerce that involves the rule set multiple deliveries to pick up options, this is the shipping plugin you must go for.

15. Canada Post WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

Easy to install plugin allows you to automatically add your WooCommerce site to Canada Post for shipping partnership. Once the order is completed, the customer can get Live shipping rates from the Canada Post directly along with the tracking service offered by Canada Post. It is a WooCommerce shipping plugin that offers flexibility and bilingual support.

Canada Post Woocommerce Shipping Plugin

Premium version Key features:

  • Using a single button click, the shipping label can be created.
  • Provides PIN- Parcel tracking number to allow easy tracking of parcels by both buyers and admin.
  • Displays Live shipping rates by Canada Post.
  • Multilanguage and multi-warehouse support for global coverage.
  • A quick addition of markup and margin to the shipping rates.

16. Conditional Free Shipping – WooCommerce Plugin

It is popular among WooCommerce developers as an easy to integrate plugin that buyers can use easily and that offers a wide range of conditions. The plugin comes with a promise of speedy setup and installation within 30 seconds. It adds a profound value to a WooCommerce store:

Conditional Free Shipping - WooCommerce Plugin

Premium version Key Features:

    • Allows the admin to select a minimum and maximum quantity of products.
    • Allows the setting of minimum cart value
    • Create shipping rates for countries and states.
    • Allows creation of multiple complex rules easily.
  • Create a bonus quote on the cart page for encouraging the sales.

17. Easy WooCommerce Per Product Shipping

A flexible shipping plugin for store owners that empowers them to set up rules for shipping rates based upon per product. Without any manual intervention, the shipping rates will be calculated instantly so that the buyer can know upfront the shipping amounts.

Premium version Key Features:

    • Allows shipping fees calculations as per product variations.
    • Custom the shipping rate for some geocodes as per the country and states.
    • Free shipping if a certain geocode or product variation condition is met
    • Creates 99% of the rules required to be added to the WooCommerce Page. It is very easy to work with.
    • Complete set of documentation for rules creation.
    • Offers complete translation features.
  • Shipping rates created on the basis of shipping class, method, and payment mode.

18. Per Product Shipping

As an owner of the e-Commerce store offering convenient services to your buyers that make it easy for them to know the shipping cost as per product in the cart or product variation should be your foremost focus. An innovative breakthrough in the shipping method, it allows admin to create multiple rules per product. It is quick and efficient making it easy for an admin to offer shipping rate to buyers for per product and as per its location.

This is a perfect plugin for WooCommerce stores that are selling heavy and large products and their shipping amount becomes significant. Some products can be kept for free shipping while for others per product shipping can be calculated.

Premium version’s Key Features:

  • Create a line and create per-item shipping costs per product
  • Create a line and create per-item shipping costs per product variation
  • Shipping costs are calculated as per the shipping destination.
  • Import and export multiple shipping rates using the intuitive CSV handler
  • Calculate shipping as per standalone method or use its per-product shipping cost features costs.

19. Powerful Shipping Methods for WooCommerce

Powerful Shipping Methods as the name suggests is a complete and simple solution for all the shipping rate calculation. It empowers the admin by allowing him to select multiple languages, create complex delivery cost quickly, selection of 14 different variables for calculation of shipping price.

Powerful Shipping Methods for WooCommerce

Premium version Key features:

  • Selection of shipping rules on the basis of shipping class, product category, shipping time, backorder, fixed fee, cart total, weight, quantity, and vendor.
  • Create the shipping label for the customer at the time of checkout.
  • When no rule is met the item cannot be shipped feature.
  • Create rules for back orders
  • Multi-vendor sites support
  • Use point-to-point shipping distance in miles/km. Calculate the shipping price as per the exact distance and add the features to add tolls and save the shipping cost.

A shipping plugin that offers you a platform you to upscale your services as per the customer comfort.

20. DHL Express WooCommerce Shipping Method

DHL express Plugin comes with a real-time Calculation of the shipping rates based on the weight of products in the cart, dimensions of the packaging box and the shipping destination. The plugin calculates the shipping rate based upon the DHL table rates. It has access to both domestic and international shipping rate table.

Key Features:

  • Real-time calculation of shipping rate based on the box size.
  • Enable and disable shipping methods
  • Edit names of shipping methods
  • Add costs to the flat shipping rates based on the handling fee your table rate determines.


Shipping is a very versatile and dynamic segment of an e-commerce website. To help the buyer make an informed purchase decision easily, the multiple shipping methods, exact shipping rates, duration of shipping and more is important to be available quickly. The buyer must be enticed with the best shipping offers so that he becomes a customer who returns to your website for future purchases. The best way to achieve this is by using a perfect shipping plugin on your WooCommerce store.

Selection of the best WooCommerce Shipping plugins for your WooCommerce store is necessary. So, always choose them selectively and as per your necessity.

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