37+ Tools Your WooCommerce Store Needs Right Now!

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    A hand-picked list of tools that will help you build a high-converting WooCommerce Shop

    Once you have launched your WooCommerce Store, you can’t just make it sit over the web and expect it to generate millions for you.

    You need to channelize it in a way so that it keeps minting money for you 24×7 even when you are asleep.

    You will have to think of ways to generate more sales, more revenues. Be it through affiliates, social media or directly visitors landing on your store, you will need a whole range of different channels to drive the growth with tools your WooCommerce store needs.

    So, here are 37+ tools we have carefully selected for WooCommerce Store Owners who are struggling with growth and looking out for new ways to increase sales. Use them, experiment with them, and see what best works for you.Conversion Rate Optimization

    1. Marketizator

    An award winning CRO software that includes A/B Testing, online surveys, advanced segmentation, web personalization, popup banners and lot more. It has now been renamed as OmniConvert.

    Pricing — Starts at $38/mo

    2. Convert Experiments 

    The A/B Testing and Personalization Software will meet your enterprise level needs with ease. Create A/B Tests, Multi Variate Tests, Split Tests etc. for eCommerce products, category pages with one code installation. You can test millions of visitors with this enterprise level software.

    Pricing — Stats at $449/mo

    3. Get Rooster

    Gives you a set of engagement tools to bring back your lost visitors. It has been specifically built with Exit Intent Technology focusing on abandoned visitors. Get real-time results from a single dashboard. Recently, acquired by Unbounce.

    4. InspectJet

    Record and playback everything what visitors do on your site. See what they are looking for and why. Tag sessions and users, see where people are dropping off in your conversion funnel, view eye-tracking heat maps with outline focus etc. Has a free plan too.

    Pricing — Starts at $39/mo

    5. Mouse Stats

    A powerful suite of UX analytics tool that tells you how to improve conversions. Visitor playback, micro surveys, from analytics, to heat maps, Mouse Stats is a bundle to improve user experience, understanding hidden problems and optimizing the design.

    Pricing — Starts at $29/mo

    6. Optimizely

    A powerful experimentation platform, trusted by brands like Microsoft & Netflix, Optimizely will let you A/B test your website across web & mobile. Get powerful insights to personalize your campaigns and improve ROI.

    Pricing — See plans of Optimizely

    Social Media

    7. CliClap

    A free tool for adding CTA to all the content you share. Customize call to actions as per your needs.

    8. Buffer

    This tool needs no introduction. By far, the most popular tool to share content on social media. More than 3 million people are already using this platform for content sharing. Has both free and paid plans.

    Pricing — Starts at $10/mo

    9. Tweet Full

    Automate your Twitter Marketing with Tweet full, known as the Growth Hacking tool to promote your business. Engage with followers, find influencers, manage multiple accounts, etc. Over 20,000 businesses using TweetFull to unlock on Twitter.

    Pricing — Starts at $15/mo for one account

    10. Brand24

    Monitor your brand’s mention across the web, see what people are saying & discussing, compare your mentions with competitors etc.

    Pricing- Starts at $49/mo

    11. Around.io

    Automate social media marketing. Around.io helps you gather all social accounts in one place, allows saving and resharing posts.

    Pricing — $149.99/yr

    12. Simply Measured

    The Full-Funnel Social Analytics Platform will give you gain a complete understanding of your audience across social channels. Know audience demographics, influencers, engagement levels with content, monitor & measure performance.

    Request a Demo for Simply Measured

    13. Social Insight

    Improve your Instagram marketing with this tool! Understand your followers, engagement levels, clicks, and optimize content based on insights.

    Pricing — Starts at $29/mo

    14. Oktopost

    Manage and measure your social media marketing. Set up the social media editorial calendar, create & run campaigns, automate content distribution, focus on content creation etc.

    Request a Demo for Oktopost

    15. Sniply

    Use it for social media conversions. Allows you to add call-to-action to every link you share. Share links, drive conversions, monitor engagements and track results. Drive targeted traffic to your online store, keep visitors engaged, use it to promote your newsletter etc.

    Pricing — Starts at $29/mo

    Content Marketing

    16 Content Seeding

    Discover influencers from a huge database depending on your industry type. 

    Pricing — Starts at $195/mo

    17. BuzzSumo

    Know what type of content is trending in your industry and find influencers for outreach.

    Pricing — $99/mo

    18. Contenttools

    When it comes to your online store, there can be a lot of content to prepare. Use this content marketing platform to manage workflows, roles and content types. Automate content production, publishing, get notifications & reminders, set up multi-channel distribution to improve your overall content ROI.

    Pricing — Starts at $249/mo

    19. Roojoom

    Increase customer lifetime value, manage customer journeys with relevant personalized content. Let’s you deliver tailored content experiences to customers across multiple touch-points considering their needs.

    Request a Demo for Roojoom

    20. Uberflip

    Create remarkable content experience depending on where your buyer is on the journey.

    Request a Demo for Uberflip

    21. Canva

    Basically, a graphic design tool but images are a vital part of Content Marketing so we have included this here. Social media images, banners, covers etc. whatever you name it, you can design in Canva. Save thousands a year and become a graphic designer yourself with this free tool. Has a paid option too for teams.

    Pricing — $9.59 per user/mo

    22. Limber

    Manage and measure the performance of your content marketing campaigns. Bring all your content in one place, plan promotions, monitor performance and see where you should be improving.

    Pricing — Starts at $40 per user/mo

    Affiliate Marketing

    23. Ambassador

    Referral campaigns are a must for online businesses. As one of the best referral marketing software out there, Ambassador allows you to increase word-of-mouth, choose who the ambassadors of your business will be right from affiliates, influencers, employees etc., enroll these people, track how well your campaigns are running and even reward your ambassadors. With this all-in-one you can run referral programs, influencer programs, affiliate marketing programs and lot more.

    Pricing — Starts at $800/mo

    24. The Affily

    Creating, optimizing and tracking affiliate programs is a breeze with Affily. Get complete insights about your ads’ effectiveness, run campaigns, see custom reports to know what works and what does not, view demographic data etc.

    Pricing — Starts at $110/mo

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    25. Zanox

    Another important global affiliate marketing network to boost your brand’s reach. It allows you to market your products to your core audience. The best part —you pay only when you earn. Partner with other brands, run promotions for your store, choose your own commission model, track its performance, display ads on your store to earn extra income etc. with Zanox.

    26. CJ

    Becoming an advertiser on the CJ Affiliate site will help you improve sales, connect with new customers and drive revenues. You can discover partners on this platform which can ensure a global footprint for your online business. What’s more, you also have access to dashboards, charts, and other important metrics to see how your affiliate marketing is working for you.

    Acquisition Tools

    27. Perfect Audience

    Bring back your lost audience through Facebook ads and banner ads on the web. As a retargeting platform, it lets you create campaigns in minutes to drive sales and conversions. A rule based tag manager allows you to install a single line of code, track conversions, revenues, manage multiple sites, get detailed analytics etc.

    Pricing — On CPM Basis

    28. AdRoll

    Reach your customers on any device with this retargeting and prospecting tool. Created personalized campaigns based on your website data for multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Mobile etc. Irrespective of the size of your online business, AdRoll will help you reach new audience, improve sales and brand loyalty.

    Pricing — See plans of AdRoll

    29. imonomy

    The intelligent in-image platform that can take advertising to a new level. Maximize in-image ad performance and enhance ad experience with contextual, big data & behavioral analysis.

    30. Eltoro

    Based on IP Targeting Technology, Eltoro allows you to create digital advertisements by matching the physical location to its IP address. It’s one of the best one-to-one marketing solution. As an advertiser, you can place digital advertisements on the computers of whomever browses the Internet from a specific location and absolutely cookie-free too.

    Customer Feedback/Live Chat

    31. Live Chat Inc

    Solve your customers’ queries right when they are browsing through your store with this live chat tool. Get a comprehensive range of chat tools, customizations, and reports & analytics to make the best decisions.

    (Note: These tools are known to increase conversions but ensure you have the right person to deal with these queries on chat. )

    Pricing — Starts at $16 per seat/mo

    32. Survey Monkey

    The best and the most popular free tool for getting customer feedback, Survey Monkey lets you collect data to make smarter decisions. More than 30 million businesses rely on this tool to collect customer feedback.

    Pricing — Approx $12/mo

    33. Olark

    The most popular live chat options out there, Olark lets you chat with visitors. Installing and customizing Olark is a piece of cake. You can start with its free plan (forever) limited to one operator and 20 chats in a month.

    Pricing — Starts at $12 per operator/per month

    34. Zopim

    Real time chat tool with a host of options to increase your conversions by as much as 25% if used in the right way. The best way to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rates is to be proactive with customers. Zopim also helps increase average order value. Integrate it with Google Analytics to see conversion rates from chats. You can start with its forever free plan and upgrade as your needs evolve.

    Pricing — Starts at $11.20 per agent/per month

    35. Subiz

    Especially meant for eCommerce websites, Subiz is an agile solution allowing you to chat with customers in real-time, offering you widget customization options, visitor tracking and chatting via mobile too.

    Pricing — $9.59 per agent/per month

    36. SatisMeter

    Based on the Net Promoter System which is one of the most efficient ways to measure customer loyalty, SatisMeter lets you collect feedback from customers with integrated surverys, real-time analytics and survey customizations.

    Pricing — Starts at $49/mo

    37. Temper

    Want to know how customers feel about your online business? Embed a tiny code within your store where you want to survey to appear and see the magic happen. Learn what delights your customers and what disappoints them. Temper offers various options for measuring customer experience — bottom of the site, along an item they are purchasing or with email.

    Pricing — $12/mo

    38. Yotpo

    Collect reviews from your customers to drive your traffic and sales. Because when they see the opinions of those who have already purchased from your store, they start trusting you better. It allows you to display reviews across your site from the homepage to checkout. Start with the Lite plan which is free forever to know how this works for your store.

    Marketing Automation

    39. AdEspresso

    Facebook ads are one of the best ways to promote your products. However, getting the most out of your advertising campaigns can be a pain. With AdEspresso, you can create impactful campaigns within minutes instead of hours, create multiple variants, A/B Test those variants, analyze, and even optimize them as per your needs.

    Pricing — $49-$299

    40. Automate Ads

    This tool acts as your paid media team and is based on data science. Automate Ads can improve your campaign ROI by 45% and even saves hours that go into managing ad campaigns. Track your users, know their behavior, what they do after they clicked on your ad, and optimize performance like a pro.

    Pricing — $19-$499

    41. AutoPilot

    A multi-channel marketing automation software to create personalized customer journeys across SMS, email and direct mail. Monitor real-time activity, see pre-built reports for better insights, send targeted messages to your customers based on their journey and at the right time. AutoPilot helps you increase customer engagements, improve leads generated etc. When you want to do remarkable marketing, AutoPilot is what you should choose.

    Pricing — $20/mo-$40/mo

    42. Smartly

    Save time automating your Facebook & Instagram Advertising with this tool. No manual creation of ads, you can clone your ads within seconds, optimize campaigns, do A/B Testing and re-target your ads to improve overall ROI across the two channels. 

    Pricing — Minimum $1000/month

    43. ActiveCampaign

    Right from automating Welcome e-mails for first-time purchasers to birthday messages, ActiveCampaign is your next-generation Sales & Marketing automation tool. Create custom events, track page visits, understand user behavior and accordingly send targeted messages based on real-time analysis. You can even segment user data to deliver more relevant notifications to them. 

    Pricing — Starts at $17/mo

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