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    Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience. It has made its mark in every sector by automating tasks and reducing the need for human intervention.

    With the advent of online shopping and eCommerce, store downers are also integrating AI plugins in WooCommerce to enhance their store’s usability.

    AI increases the ability of websites and eCommerce stores to perform specific tasks efficiently. You need to set parameters and give instructions in AI-powered plugins for your WordPress website.

    Let us read this blog to understand the impact of AI on the eCommerce sector and the best AI plugins you can use in your WooCommerce store.

    How Important is AI in Ecommerce?

    In the last five years, AI in eCommerce has increased tremendously. According to a recent study by Statista, 84% of eCommerce businesses are working on AI solutions for their business or have it as a top priority. Installing AI can help you save time and make work easy.

    Could you solve five customer queries simultaneously? Of course not! But, using an AI plugin for your WooCommerce store can enable you to resolve issues from different customers quickly.

    It involves installing a plugin called “chatbot,” which gives pre-programmed answers to commonly-asked questions for your store’s services.

    Here are a few advantages that you may experience after efficiently leveraging AI on your WooCommerce store:

    • Simplify the process of finding products
    • Increase consumer interaction with the WooCommerce store
    • Drastically improve website functions
    • Track the entire customer journey
    • Recommend products to customers that align with their interest
    • Automate complex tasks
    • Enable users to experience your product digitally
    • Identify customer behavior
    • Analyze big data to increase engagement and retail customers
    • Identify and analyze customer data for future purchasing patterns

    What Role Does AI Technology Play in WooCommerce?

    From Alexa to Google’s home devices, AI has made it into our homes and become a part of our lives. AI has improved the experience of online buying and selling and added a personal touch to the customer experience.

    Let us see examples of Artificial intelligence in eCommerce that we widely observe during our daily usage:

    1. Chatbots

    Nowadays, almost all eCommerce platforms offer 24×7 automated assistance, known as chatbots. In the past, chatbots just offered customary replies.

    But with the advent of programming and interactive technology, these bots have become intelligent beings who always understand the customer’s issues. They also resolve them promptly with little to no human intervention.

    Currently, chatbots help people make buying decisions. They persuade users to purchase more products that can solve problems the customer may not even know.

    Even social media platforms like Facebook and Messenger have chatbots via which customers can communicate with the vendor site and offer assistance in buying.

    2. Internet of Things

    IoT intends to do offering connectivity in all elements of our life. The Internet of things even monitors the city traffic lights and air quality. B2B and B2C retailers can benefit tremendously from the IoT revolution.

    IoT is changing the parameters of our life by enhancing connectivity. It can provide more insights to the WooCommerce store owners about their customer’s purchase patterns and improve the order fulfillment process.

    3. Customer Service

    Customer service is the key to success, and AI enables you to change the path of excellent customer service with perfection. AI solutions help to present brilliant customer service.

    The ultimate goal is to convert it into sales volume. In hybrid customers, the service balance gets stuck between the man and the machine. AI options are leveraged while, at the same time, agent knowledge gets used to preserve the customer context.

    AI in WooCommerce: Why AI is the Future of Businesses?

    AI is important because it forms the very foundation of computer learning.

    Artificial intelligence

    Computers can control ample data and use their critical optimal decisions and discoveries in fractions of the time it would take humans. Companies spend resources on implementing AI into their business with newer applications in every industry.

    Here are the top 6 reasons why AI is the future of many sectors, including retail:

    • Deep tech applications with AI algorithms are in the process of development to reduce human effort.
    • Companies are developing algorithms to scan data generated to interact with consumer and machine interaction.
    • AI is generating consumer data and not just business data.
    • There is exponential AI growth, but the gap between research and implementation has also reduced considerably.
    • Human effort is shaping life and work with the help of AI. Humans don’t notice quickly, but each search on Google, Amazon, etc., is AI-driven work.
    • No other technology is as powerful as AI. There is no replacement for AI. All kinds of searches and funding revolve around AI.

    What are the Benefits of Using AI in eCommerce?

    A business needs to have an e-Commerce platform developed in WooCommerce. You may get left behind if your business cannot make a digital appearance in this competitive market.

    If you think integrating AI in your WooCommerce store is the right decision, here are a few benefits that you need to consider:

    1. Groundbreaking solutions

    AI is the only technology helping clear an extensive mass of in-built business technology. Artificial Intelligence has passed its stage and is now breaking into every sector.

    In eCommerce, AI rapidly transforms the customer experience by offering cutting-edge solutions. If you integrate AI tools in your WooCommerce store, you may enhance the user experience by providing personalized shopping experience, voice search, virtual assistants and chatbots.

    2. Enhanced efficiency

    Digital businesses have gained popularity, with customers displaying a greater preference for online companies and eCommerce. They are looking forward to being the server provider of their chosen career path.

    At this point, it is essential to deploy artificial intelligence in your eCommerce website.

    AI enhances your efficiency in operations, and your sales would also boost among the audience. It automates tasks and ensures human intervention gets minimized.

    3. Virtual personal assistants

    We are aware of chatbots that have entirely changed the way of interaction with business. Chatbots solve customers’ queries in a fraction of a second, 365 days, 24×7. VPA is the form of a chatbot but is more intelligent than the chatbot.

    Virtual Personal Assistant keeps you updated with the events that are taking place in your company. AI has developed the most powerful technology for business, i.e., VPA. Virtual Personal Assistant is like having someone who never sleeps.

    4. Customer Retention

    Delivering targeted audiences and advertising messages personalized to customers can increase customer retention. AI extends customer service and daily operations within the company. Customer retention increases and reduces the employee burden by taking over various businesses.

    One research reads, “A critical element of personalization is building data and insights on customers, an asset that generates additional value for the value chain.

    5. Personalization

    Artificial Intelligence is being used to offer personalized product recommendations based on your customer behavior. AI algorithms give you the personal touch. For example, applications or websites recommend items you might like based on your previous purchase to analyze your purchase history.

    Business owners rely on AI algorithms to capture data, analyze it, and use it to give a personalized experience. With time, artificial intelligence will require less and less involvement from data scientists for types of applications in eCommerce companies.

    6. Automated Sales

    In a world during the pandemic, you want to plan your inventory on real-time and historical data. Artificial Intelligence is there to help you with that.

    McKinsey’s report suggests that investment in real-time customer analytics will continue to be essential to monitor and shift consumer demand. Store owners can then harness it for price optimization and targeted market.

    AI in WooCommerce Store: Case Studies

    Here are a few case studies on how AI is used by the companies for success.

    1. Amazon

    Alexa is the only AI product used by Amazon. This voice-powered virtual assistant allows customers to find and purchase a mobile and walk through the checkout process with voice prompts instead of tapping or clicking on the phone. Rejoiner states that Amazon’s recommendation engine drives 35% of total sales.

    Alexa helps to drive the algorithm to the targeted market audience and towards marketing strategy. With the AI algorithms, Amazon shows the customer that their products are in demand to provide customized recommendations on customer searches.

    2. eBay

    eBay uses Artificial Intelligence to maintain consumer interest in a competitive world. eBay has invested mainly in developing and deploying AI capabilities.

    eBay gives the best feature option to their customers is they can take a picture of the product. This feature has been available on eBay since 2017.

    The AI of eBay can boast an image clean up capability for sellers. According to Hamilton, eBay’s model is 5% or 6% more accurate than off-the-shelf products. With the help of AI, customers can communicate with the boat via text, voice or pictures taken with their phone.

    3. Alibaba

    Alibaba is the largest eCommerce marketplace. Probably while hearing about Alibaba, the first thing that comes to our mind is Artificial Intelligence assistant. Al baba customer service processes a higher number of written and spoken inquiries.

    Alibaba also mentions that AI algorithms help drive internal and customer service operations, including small product and search recommendations. AI of Alibaba also allows a map to check the most efficient delivery route.

    Why are AI plugins the Right Way to go?

    Every WooCommerce store owner wants their store to attract more customers, be functional in its use and provide a favorable online shopping experience for customers. Therefore, the integration of AI is seeing more and more takers.

    The pandemic and the advent of technology are equal contributors to the popularity of AI. As people prefer online shopping, their only complaint is the lack of getting to experience products.

    With physical shopping, people have always been able to try out clothes, see if they fit and look good, and then decide whether to buy the said products.

    • While it is not physically possible to try out the products you buy online before having them delivered, AI resolves this issue effortlessly.
    • AI plugins and features available in many eCommerce stores allow customers to try out the product virtually.
    • You can see it on eyewear websites or even clothing stores that use smartphone cameras to show how the product would look on people.

    Tractica research shows that by 2025, the profit generated from a direct and indirect application or AI software store will increase to $59.8 billion. There are still chances for improvement in AI algorithms, which will increase as AI becomes a part of modern solutions.

    As a store owner, you can leverage this increase by providing additional functions and facilities to your customers through interactive AI tools and plugins.

    5 Best AI Plugins for your WooCommerce Store

    Plugins have diverse uses and can add to the usability of your website or online store. We know why WooCommerce AI plugins are the right choice to enhance the usability, functions and user-friendliness of your WooCommerce store.

    Here are a few top AI plugins that you can integrate into your store:

    1. Voicer – A text-to-speech Plugin

    The user’s interaction with the content on your website is a deciding factor in every customer’s journey. Many WooCommerce store owners consider implementing various tools to enhance their content’s reach.

    Voicer powered by Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API

    Enabling text-to-speech (TTS) on your website or mobile app can bring you more customers. Here are a few benefits of using a plugin like Voicer:

    • Enhanced customer experience by providing personalized services
    • Effective branding of the content on your website
    • Inclusion of all types of customers, allowing more scope for market penetration
    • Automated audio increases web presence
    • Saves time and money by providing easy access to speech enabling
    • Easy to integrate and use on your WordPress website or WooCommerce store

    Voicer – text-to-speech for WordPress easily converts text to human-like speech and covers more than 310 voices and 45+ languages. It utilizes research from speech synthesis and Google to deliver highly accurate audio.

    The plugin has stellar 5/5 ratings, with a user saying, “Awesome and simple. With 3 – 4 clicks, you have a text-to-speech on your blog/website. Truly well built.” You can check the reviews and comments by visiting its review page.

    2. WordLift

    SEO for your WooCommerce store website is essential, especially if you want your website to rank highly on Google. This AI WordPress plugin, WordLift, helps you create and modify content metadata so search engines can easily understand it.


    By implementing this plugin, you can get the following:

    • Search engine-friendly website without using any technical skills
    • Create and publish your knowledge graph
    • Support your writing with trustworthy data
    • Enhance the website content by properly integrating images and links
    • Increase user interactions with your website using visualizations
    • Recommend content to readers for additional engagement
    • Publish metadata to enhance the reach of the content
    • Enables search engines to index and display your website

    This plugin is the perfect AI-powered tool to increase the SEO of your website. It also supports around 32 languages ensuring that the popularity of your website is not area-specific.

    You can use WordLift to convert unstructured content on your website to structured, search engine-friendly data. The plugin is easy to use and has over 700 active installations.

    It has an average of 4.6/5 stars with a user, funder1, saying, “I am a huge fan of WordLift, the plugin, and the company. Quality, effectiveness, and RESULTS.

    WordLift and Rank Math work superbly together, and both plugins are years ahead of the competition. I have already recommended it to other SEOs.”

    3. Google Language Translator

    If your WooCommerce store is in English, you may assume it will be popular as English is a widely known and accessible language. But not all of your users will be well-versed with it and may require assistance.

    You may miss out on many potential customers if your website does not offer translation tools. The Google Language Translator is the right AI-based solution for this.

    By installing it on your website, you get the following:

    • Free and automatic translation from Google
    • Integration of Google Analytics
    • Options to hide translation pop-ups
    • Translation for website content, posts, pages, categories, tags, menus and even widgets
    • Floating language selector tool
    • High-quality translation with context

    The free version of this plugin offers limited benefits compared to the paid version, with advanced features like multilingual SEO, Yoast SEO compatibility, manual translation correction, metadata translation and more. Google Language Translator has over 100,000 active installations and an average rating of 4.7/5.

    A user, elanggovan, says, “Easy to install, configure. It works like magic. My international clients appreciate can read in many languages! Wow it’s increasing membership register in our Affiliate System. Thank you for greatness.”

    4. WordHero

    WooCommerce stores require a lot of text-based content, so the user can understand what is being offered to them.

    As the store owner, if you have a more technical background or do not possess adequate resources or skills to write such content, this AI plugin can help you.


    The WordHero plugin is an AI writing tool that enables you to write high-quality blog articles, social media posts, emails, ad copies, product descriptions and SEO descriptions.

    Here are a few of its advantages:

    • Writes original content in a few seconds
    • Covers several use cases from creative to technical
    • Saves time in research and writing
    • Generates plagiarism-free, error-free, and human-like content
    • Saves money spent on copywriters
    • Finishes projects quickly
    • Delivers highly accurate results using an advanced AI language model with 175 billion machined learning parameters

    WordHero functions on keywords and helpful prompts and generates content in no time. As a WooCommerce store owner, you can use this tool to write product descriptions, blogs, emails, Google ads, and listicles and use it for marketing.

    The tool has positive user reviews, with Dan-oconnell saying, “I have purchased dozens of products over the last ten years, and I can honestly say this is my favorite!!! I have written articles over 2,000 words long with minor editing.

    And it was way better than I would have written on my own. It saves me hours every time I use it and creates a much better piece of content.”

    5. Akismet

    In any online store or website, you may have to deal with excessive spamming and similar issues, which are common. However, it can affect the credibility of your product and can seem off-putting too.

    Therefore, it can help to install a helpful plugin like Akismet on your WooCommerce store. Here is how you can benefit from using Akismet:

    • Automatically checks and filters out spam comments
    • Provides clear history to check which comments from your store were removed by the tool
    • Indicates hidden or misleading links
    • Blocks spam and directly speeds up your websites
    • Approves comments for each user
    • Prevents your site from publishing malicious content
    • Possesses a comprehensive global database of spam

    The plugin is an excellent safeguard for your WooCommerce store from bots and spammers. Akismet is a reliable AI-powered tool with an average rating of 4.7/5 and displays consistently positive reviews. A user, winbel, says, “Akismet is a great plugin that does exactly what it says at a small annual charge.

    I have been using it for 3 years and it has saved me from a significant amount of spam on my website. Customer service is also responsive and knowledgable.” Another user, kdwinton, says, “A great product and a good value, definitely worth the subscription.

    The support (though for me not needed, my issue turned out to be with another plugin) was fast, helpful, and great.”

    Pros & Cons of AI Plugins for WooCommerce

    Plugin NameProsCons
    VoicerSynthesized human voice in high quality
    Efficient conversion of text to speech
    Uses Google cloud to ensure reliability and speed
    Provides 300+ voices in 45+ languages
    Easy to use
    Inconvenience in selecting text on touch devices
    Lengthy installation process
    WordLiftAutomated SEO process
    Helps you create codes without requiring technical skills
    Brings your website on Google results pages
    AI highlights your website content using metadata
    14-day free trial
    Paid plugin, can be expensive
    May take time to yield results
    Google language translatorTranslates website content with easy
    Creates multilingual website
    Easy to install and use
    Facilitates smooth translation
    Limited features in the free version
    May slow down the page load speed
    WordHeroGenerates content quickly using AI
    Pocket-friendly price
    Original content which is plagiarism-free
    Easy refund policies
    Saves time and money spent on copywriters
    May not match the smoothly-return human content
    Restrictions in machine-based creativity
    AkismetAI-enabled spam protection
    Automatically filters out comments that look like spam
    Speeds up your site
    Provides authenticity
    Can be expensive
    Limited features for free options


    What exactly does AI integration mean?

    Artificial Intelligence has an idea to integrate their system while developing software components. AI helps developers to solve the world’s important problems by unlocking the value from sensitive data without increasing risk.

    Features of AI include:

    • Facial recognition and image processing
    • Speech processing
    • Personalized content
    • Automate repetitive tasks
    • Virtual assistants
    • Help find products

    How can I automate processes in my WooCommerce store?

    To manage all the marketing strategy one need to select the right tool to automate the time-taking business process. You can analyze and manage data to drive the traffic towards your store and can earn more revenue through larger sales.

    You need to automate various kinds of business processes by using WooCommerce marketing automation plugins and can increase your efficiency.

    How do I speed up WooCommerce API?

    You can speed up WooCommerce API in six ways:

    1. Optimize Site Performance
    2. Increase WordPress Memory
    3. Choose the theme of WooCommerce
    4. Smaller the image size and optimize delivery
    5. HTTP2 is mandatory to use
    6. Use a cache plugin

    What is the future of AI in eCommerce?

    Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of eCommerce, especially with users showing increasing preference towards automated tools. Companies like Google, Microsoft have invested heavily in AI. There are various sites that leverage the concept of predictive intelligence and contextual messaging to engage the customer as they are already reaping the benefits.

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