WooCommerce vs. Shopify – Which eCommerce Platform is Best for Me?

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    Is WooCommerce Right For Me? Or Shopify? The Same Age-old Burning Question For Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs. But Here’s The Fresh Comparison.

    Are you opening a web-store or managing an eCommerce business, then there’s no second thought to the fact that you have come across these questions:

    Is WooCommerce right for me? Or
    Is Shopify good for me?

    But the problem is…both WooCommerce and Shopify are not just good but great choices, when it comes to opening or managing the online business.

    So we have developed this infographic WooCommerce Vs. Shopify with a recent comparison to help you to determine which eCommerce platform will work best for your online shop.


    For Creating Infographic, have a look at the following resources:

    Woocommerce vs. Shopify : Which is the Best E-commerce Platform for you

    Final Words About Which Tool Should I Use?

    Well, it totally depends on your business’ requirements.

    But if…

    • You are a newbie in online business and don’t want to waste time in learning.
    • You have a little time with a limited number of products. And
    • You have a little interest in technical parts including SEO.
      …Shopify might be the best fit.

    However if…

    • You want a more professional site with higher customizations.
    • You have already a website and want to add products. And
    • You want better SEO and ‘complete ownership.’
      …WooCommerce might be the best fit.

    This is not to say Shopify can’t do a great job in helping you grow your online store, but we are just saying that perhaps there may be some good reasons why many websites use WooCommerce keeps on exploding.

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    Our reasonable suggestion is…to take up 14-day free trial Shopify offers and/or spend a few hours daily for two weeks on exploring WooCommerce and experiencing them for yourself. Both are top-tier eCommerce builders in the market, and there are reasons why they’re at the top as described in this infographic.

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