20 Tips to Boost WooCommerce Sales This Holiday Season

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    As October nears its end, there is much more to do than choosing Halloween costumes. The holiday season is slowly coming closer, and every entrepreneur and marketer knows what that means – preparation.

    November and December are the hottest months of the year that help boost woocommerce sales, so it would be best if you prepped your website accordingly. Due to an overwhelming number of holidays, people are going to want to choose something for their loved ones.

    So, how do you intend to increase your sales? Contrary to popular belief, there is not a single plan that can cause your sales to skyrocket.

    Instead, you have to do the little things to enhance your brand’s performance. For this reason, we’ve done some research and came up with the 20 most useful tips to boost your WooCommerce store.

    1. Use the header to promote a sale

    During the holidays, lots of people will visit your website for the first time.

    During festive seasons, people don’t have a lot of time. They want a user-friendly website that can lead them to items on discount. Therefore, make things easier for them and include an ongoing sale on your header. With one or two clicks, visitors will be able to make a purchase.

    2. Put in work in the descriptions

    Here’s a tip that has always been underrated by marketers. The chances are that you are going to have your customer lining up your products next to similar, trying to decide.

    To help your products rise above all other, write creative and enticing descriptions. If you’re having trouble with this, feel free to hire the services of a good writer from a cheap paper writing service that’s specialized in marketing.

    3. Segment gifts based on price

    While the holidays are nearing, some people have already made some of their purchases. Right before the season begins, many individuals with a limited budget are might going to want to purchase some more.

    The customers who want to save money, you should definitely implement the “sort by price” option. More sales will be coming your way because visitors will have an easier time making the pick.

    4. Engage budget mode

    Fast decision making is all you want. The holiday season is all about efficiency and speed in terms of getting people what they want. Include “budget mode” and divide your items by their price range.

    Someone who is looking to buy small gifts is definitely going to get bored scrolling through $200 shoes. Be sure to divide your catalog.

    5. Keep deals on a single page

    No, you shouldn’t have all your catalog on discount. Leaving some less attractive items at their normal price will create a contrast.

    To save your visitors some time, your WooCommerce store should include all the available deals on one single page. The discount page will allow everyone to navigate the pages with ease and purchase more. Avoiding too many clicks is the key.

    6. Write blogs and guides

    Not everyone knows what they want to purchase before the holidays start. To give people an idea and boost your sale, write useful blogs. In them, you can elaborate on ideal gifts for different people and even manage some subtle product placement.

    Blogs are a great way to ease people into holiday gifting and help them craft a plan. While underutilized, this method pays its dividends.

    7. Use counter bars for limited items

    The sense of urgency is every marketer’s best friend. People want to feel special and lucky for grabbing an item not many people can have. During the holidays, your message sending has to be even more direct.

    Simply writing LIMITED EDITION won’t be enough. A counter is a great visual representation, with which people can see that they have little time to decide.

    8. Guarantee hassle-free returns

    Let’s face it – holiday shopping is all about speed. The chances are that when you buy in a hurry, you are going to get something wrong. Whether it is the wrong color, a wrong size, or something else, you have to return it.

    To motivate your visitors into buying, give them reassurance using a bullet-point list. List all the conditions clearly to send a message of integrity.

    9. Give delivery time estimates

    Plans give everyone a sense of reassurance and security. These two characteristics are perhaps the most important messages you can send as a marketer.

    Delivery time is an essential information you can provide. Don’t worry about exact times, give out a close estimate (from-to) so that people can have a somewhat clear vision in their heads.

    10. Launch new deals in the last few days

    Last minute shopping is a thing, and it’s only getting more popular. While there are people who simply forget, most buyers deliberately wait for a lot of time to pass so that they can score better deals.

    Amazon, Chubbies and other stores o this all the time. For extra sales, you can hype up these holiday sales just as the season begins.

    11. Introduce bundles for easier purchases

    This or that? The dilemma pops in the head of every holiday buyer. To boost your sales and provide benefits to your customers, create gift packs/bundles.

    Not only will the cost per item be lesser, but the whole concept of a pack will also make it seem like a can’t miss-promotion. Remember, always combine extra popular and less popular items together, because it’s the best way to sell everything out.

    Greet The Holiday Season With Product Bundle Boons For Your WooCommerce Store

    12. Quantity-based discounts are essential

    As the holiday season rages on you, you will be at risk of being left with a lot of “dead stock,” or unsold items. Present quantity-based discounts to avoid this unpleasant trend. The more people pay, the more they get.

    A good way to start this off is with the classic 2+1 and 3+1 promotions. Every five items, there should be a special gift included, as well.

    13. Offer savings based on spending

    Every WooCommerce store owner wants to increase the average order spend. To make this happen, you have to remind your customers that the more they spend, the more they get.

    The “buy more, save more” mantra should always be repeated. A good way to implement it is to offer different discounts for different amounts of money spent. Subtly, but surely, increase the thresholds for each discount.

    14. The more the free shipping, the better

    A good WooCommerce store is only as good as its outreach. Chances are, people around the world will want to buy your products.

    The biggest factor of discouragement is shipping costs. For a limited time only, offer free shipping worldwide. Although you will spend more money on shipping, your earnings will definitely jump and dwarf the initial investment.

    15. Include free gifts with every purchase

    The holiday season is a time when sales jump, but including incentives may boost your sales rate even more. A T-shirt, small gift or gift card are great ways to motivate your visitors into buying.

    By offering these gifts, you will offer things that other people don’t and your store will become the prime choice. For bonus points, include an extra free gift in some shipments, as a surprise.

    16. Send email countdown teasers

    Hype is everything when the holidays arrive. To remind and motivate your customers, send them emails with sales countdowns.

    An additional move you can make is to add special activation codes. By entering these codes, the customers will be able to purchase before others or to get the same items at a lower price. Remember, the emails have to be easy to rid and simple for maximum effect.

    17. Use holiday-themed emails

    Holiday gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Use the power of email to highlight them, but in an unusual way. Every 3 or 4 days, send promotional emails highlighting all kinds of different products.

    One can be for clothes, the next for tech and every other for a different kind of items. With the most popular items highlighted, people will know what to buy when the time comes.

    18. Don’t forget the nudge emails

    Right before the sales period ends, use one last effort to instigate a purchasing spree by using email marketing in full force.

    Remind your customers that in a few hours of a few days, the promotional period will be over and that they should make their purchases. Add even bigger last-minute discounts If you wish to increase your sales even more.

    19. Social media promotion is everything

    Before and during the holidays, your social media manager is going to have to work overtime.

    Planning campaigns, posting promotions and coupon codes are all going to require a lot of time and dedication. Spend more money on advertising, and you will have more and more unique visitors.

    20. Reveal a thank you page for existing customers

    Imagine being a loyal customer of a web store and seeing a Thank you email, with a big discount code. Feels great right? Every one of your loyal customers should be rewarded. Customer satisfaction will promote a “word to mouth” marketing period during the holidays.

    To conclude

    Boosting your sales requires thorough preparation before the holiday season. If you really wish to get the most of your program and product roster, combine all these details at once. Some of them can even be implemented during regular sales periods. Learn More:

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