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    There is a reason why WordPress is the best CMS out there. Besides its intuitive operational capacity, it has much more to offer users. Today, we will discuss the best WP plugins that will save you from the troubles caused by spammers.

    We often need to opt for anti-spamming measures when the site has gained considerable traction. This is when you constantly scale in terms of daily visitors and engagement. Let us see what plugins, both free and paid, you can utilize to protect your WordPress website.

    Best WP Anti-Spam Plugins

    Here are the top WordPress anti-spam plugins you can try for your website.

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    Figure 1 – Akismet Plugin – List of Top 6 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

    Akismet offers enterprise-sized protection for your blog or website for free. The easy setup, functioning, and robust protective measures make it the first choice for every WordPress user.

    Apart from this, the Akismet is free to use and will not charge you anything up to the first 50,000 spam attacks. The best thing about Akismet is that it is built by the same team Automattic, which has given us WordPress and other robust web tools.

    Pros: Akismet has its own spam filtering algorithm. As soon as someone comments on your website, Akismet will run it through that algorithm and decide accordingly. It is a smart plugin.

    Cons: One of the problems arises from its robust mechanism only. The Akismet filter tracks the comments published by all the users who are also commenting on your site. Moreover, if it finds a previous comment by the same user, it will block the comment posted for your website, irrespective of the parameters.

    Pricing: If you want to handle more than 50,000 comments, the premium plans begin from $5 per month.

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    Figure 2 – AntiSpam Bee Plugin – List of Top 6 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

    The best thing about this anti-spam plugin is that you do not need to set it up separately. All you need to do is install it and let the plugin handle the rest. AntiSpam Bee takes the comments through the spam database for filtration and posting authentication.

    AntiSpam Bee plugin is the product of PluginKollectiv. It can analyze the users’ IP addresses and then block the suspicious ones for your benefit.


    • It is simple to use and has an option to delete the already stored spam comments.
    • The default option will delete the spammed comments within a month. This comes in handy when there is a bot attacking your website daily.
    • Anti-Spam Bee can also show you the data and statistics for the month.

    Cons: Anti-spam bee is not compatible with Jetpack WP contact forms.

    Pricing: Free to use

    WooCommerce Fraud Prevention

    Equip your store with our feature-rich fraud prevention plugin to reduce risk and safeguard your profits.

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    Figure 3 – Cleantalk [Spam protection, AntiSpam, and FireWall] Plugin – List of Top 6 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

    From trackbacks to Antispam bots and everything in between, the Cleantalk can help you secure your website with precision. They have their own cloud-based servers, and every comment is crossed through this cloud before posting on your website. Alongside, it can check the emails, registrations, orders, bookings, surveys, and other such things to prevent spammers.

    Pros: A special feature named Spam Queue stores all the rejected comments so that you can review them personally and approve it if required.

    Cons: CleanTalk has not shown any cons so far.

    Pricing: CleanTalk offers a premium plan which starts at $9/year.

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    Figure 4 – WP-SpamShield AntiSpam Plugin – List of Top 6 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

    Among all types of spam, this anti-spam plugin offers protection from distinct types of spam. This includes spamming related to comments, registration, trackback, and contact forms.

    The best thing is that the spam won’t even enter the WordPress database due to its efficient protection mechanism. For recurrent spammers, it has a blacklisting feature, and you can also block the spam originating from proxy servers.

    Pros: Anti Spam Shield is also fully compatible with WooCommerce, and this is helpful when your store has gained a lot of daily audiences. It can be integrated with contact form 7 and gravity form plugins too. Other than this, you can also use it with MailChimp, MailPet, and others.

    Cons: The tech support for this WordPress anti-spam plugin is not on point. They are a bit laggard when it comes to helping the customer.

    Pricing: $39

    7 5
    Figure 5 – Cerber Security Plugin – List of Top 6 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

    Cerber security plugin is another amazing and highly efficient anti-spam plugin that can help you ward off various spam attacks. The best thing about this plugin is that you can limit the login attempts by a user.

    The feature of creating white and blacklists will further help you segregate the users based on their intentions.

    Pros: You can activate the Google reCaptcha to enhance your protection from bots. Cerber Security is known further to streamline your website’s performance and overall structure.

    Cons: the pricing for Cerber Security is a bit higher.

    Pricing: $29 per quarter or $99 for the whole year.

    7 6
    Figure 6 – Anti-Spam Plugin – List of Top 6 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

    One of the best examples of blocking spam is this plugin, with many features to present to the user. The easy installation and setting up of the spam comments. It also has a storage feature whereby you can manually edit and restore the comments at your convenience.

    An anti-spam plugin was developed by Webvitaly, which has also produced other effective and proactive plugins for all sorts of websites.

    Pros: One of the best plugins for WordPress to combat the spamming menace. This plugin has a separate spam folder for blocked comments.

    Cons: Anti-Spam may be an efficient plugin, but its functions are limited to blocking the spam comments. It cannot block spammy registration and forms.

    Price: Free to use.


    As much as WordPress has made the life of an online worker easy, it has also given several other elements to disrupt the normal working of the website. To combat that, you need to have any of these 6 plugins that will let you make the best out of your efforts and allow only that traffic to your website that is authentic, purposeful, and adds to your value proposition.

    Plugins like Akismet and Antispam Bee, which add several layers of protection and some additional features, are highly proficient and will make your work easy and streamlined.


    What is an anti-spam plugin?

    An anti-spam plugin is an extension for WordPress designed to identify, filter out, and prevent spam comments, emails, or other forms of unsolicited messages on a website, particularly on WordPress.

    What is the best spam protection for WordPress?

    Several anti-spam plugins are popular for providing effective spam protection for WordPress websites. Some top-rated plugins include Akismet, CleanTalk, and WP-SpamShield. The best plugin may vary based on your specific site requirements and personal preferences.

    Which of these is an anti-spam and default plugin in WordPress?

    Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that comes pre-installed in WordPress by default. It efficiently filters and prevents spam comments to ensure a smooth experience for site administrators and visitors.

    What is the plugin to stop contact form spam in WordPress?

    To prevent contact form spam, you can use plugins such as Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA). This tool add extra layers of security to your contact forms by implementing verification mechanisms, making it harder for bots to submit spam messages.

    What is the use of spam protection?

    Spam protection serves several purposes:

    1. Reduces the volume of unwanted messages on websites or in emails.
    2. Keeps website content relevant, professional, and valuable.
    3. Saves time and resources spent on handling spam content.
    4. Enhances user experience by maintaining a spam-free website environment.
    5. Prevents security threats and vulnerabilities linked to spam.

    What is the anti-spam mechanism?

    An anti-spam mechanism is a technique or system used to prevent and filter out spam from reaching a website, email inbox, or other online platforms. Anti-spam mechanisms include plugins, captcha tools, content filters, and blacklisting systems that recognize and block spam messages to ensure a clean and safe online experience.

    WooCommerce Fraud Prevention

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