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    Notification bar might sound something very basic and unworthy of attention but for some who are aware of its benefits, plugins are the best way to optimize the look and feel of the same. Leveraging the mailing list, sharing news, adding social media buttons or a call to action buttons, notification bars are every website’s need.

    And why not, when integrating plugins of notification bar help you increase and enhance the overall website traffic thereby improvising the conversion rate, using it is a must. Additionally, notification bars are user-friendly as compared to the pop-ups or the slide hovers. If you too are planning on the integration of the same, then here you are, at the right place.

    We enlist the best 8 WordPress notification bar plugins for you to consider when designing your WordPress website.

    Top 8 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

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    Figure 1 – WPFront Notification Bar – List of the top 8 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

    One of the most popular and free to use WordPress notification bar plugin, WPFront notification bar plugin works wonder when you wish to notify about the top events or product promotion. No matter if the event is ongoing or about to happen within weeks, the WPFront notification bar has a bundle of options to help you create custom notification bars for your website.

    Further, you can choose to view the bar in the form of a URL or even execute the same as a JavaScript upon starting up. Such leaves you with the ability to choose from different colors and see which suits your website best.


    • Ability to position the bar
    • Choose the layout, colors, and design
    • Create a custom fit notification bar
    • Keep it fixed or display in the form of a sticky bar.
    • Set the time frame after which the popup displays


    • Being free, it has limited functionalities
    • Does not have analytics

    Pricing: Free to use

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    Figure 2 – Top Bar – List of the top 8 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

    Now, this is also one of the easiest plugins for WordPress notification bar with the major difference being in the fact that this is not free to use. The plugin is the product of WP Darko and allows you to create custom-fit design’s to add to the notification bar of your website. From color to text and message, top bar plugin enables customizing all.

    The notification bar, created through Top Bar, has a clean and sleazy design and adding links using the same seems pretty easy. Imagine the bar displaying a welcome message to your website visitors followed by a link or a message that you wish to be popped up, every time a user visits the website.

    All you need to do is activate the plugin, pick up the color that you find best, and then go on adding the message. And yes, all of this was for free. In case, you seek to add more features, you can simply switch from the free to the paid version. Features of Pro version include: adding a footer, close the top bar or add a time frame for the display.


    • Users can choose from a selection of bright and, bold colors.
    • Draft self-made a custom message.
    • Sticky Bar feature available


    • Does not have any triggering settings. Meaning that the notification bar will display permanently.
    • The limited option of customization.

    Pricing: Free/$16

    9 3
    Figure 3 – WP Notification Bars – List of the top 8 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

    If you are a marketer or works as an agency, no other plugin would be as effective as the WP Notification bar. Regarded as the alert bar, the WP Notification bar is a bit different from others. Where others send push notifications to the visitors, this one prefers displaying the same. Every time there is a new product or you want to promote any of them, existing or new, the notification bar serves the purpose. The notification bar is the product of MyThemeShop and has the freemium model.

    This notification bar is ideal for pitching promotions, alerts, custom notification and also, increasing the overall click-through rate. WP notification bar is extremely light in weight and user-friendly, serving as an optimal choice for the beginners and the professionals.


    • Help create an enormous amount of notification bars.
    • Can Display the notification bar to only a group of audiences, for instance, displaying the bar only to the Facebook visitors or ones that are Google visitors.
    • Provides free forum support to the users on the MyThemeShop website.


    • Very basic options for customization.
    • Limited options for targeting.

    Price: Free / $19

    9 4
    Figure 4 – Sumo – List of the top 8 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

    More of a lead generation tool, Sumo incorporates notification bars along with buttons of social media, pop-ups, added to the service of email marketing. The plugin is better known as Sumo, the smart platform allows users to add customized notification bar either at the bottom or at the top of your website.

    The notification bar by Sumo can also be tailored to the display button as a call to action. This might entail users to follow you on social media or subscribe to the email newsletter. The plugin is available both as a free and a paid model.


    • Quick integration of the WordPress website with the smart Sumo platform by embedding the Sumo WordPress plugin.
    • You can pitch welcome emails, or promote email campaigns, or even integrate different email marketing services.
    • Allow Access to analytics and find the exact forms, pages, or notification bars that have greater performance.


    • Notification bars highlight sumo as their brand in the free plan.
    • Does not offer the feature of split testing.

    Price: Free / from $39 a month (billed annually).

    Optinly is one of the best WordPress notification bar plugins we didn’t want to miss out here. The plugin is super easy to use and comes power-packed with a whole bunch of built-in features. You can simply install the plugin and create your first notification bar in less than a couple of minutes.

    What makes Optinly one of the best when it comes to WordPress notification bar plugin is, it comes with 75+ pre-existing WordPress popup templates. All templates are highly responsive, customizable and covers most of the existing marketing scenarios.


    • Advanced popup triggering options URL triggers, exit triggers, device-based triggers, time-delayed triggers, and more.
    • 6+ types of popups like spin the wheel popups, floating bars, countdown timers, and more.
    • Powerful popup editor to help customize popup templates – suit your brand’s theme and ideas with ease.
    • Popup transition effects like fade-in, flip-in, back-in up, and more.
    • Seamless integration option with 15+ top email service providers and webhooks.
    • Forever free plan with no limitations on the number of page views and sessions.

    Put in a phrase, Optinly is a WordPress notification bar plugin you should definitely have onboard.

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    Figure 6 – Hello Bar – List of the top 8 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

    Deemed as one of the oldest and the most popular notification Bar, Hello Bar allows quick and prompt integration of the plugin into your WordPress website. The plugin has an interactive interface and a stylish design. Further, using the plugin helps to optimize the notification bars to be displayed on your site.

    Additionally, Hello Bar embeds both a free plan and a freemium model. Hence, if budget is an issue, you can opt for a free model but if you are looking for better features, then going for the pro version would be ideal.


    • Enables you to gather an enormous amount of subscriber email.
    • Allows live split testing on the website notification bars.
    • Integration of the notification bar with the majority of the email marketing services along Zapier.


    • With respect to the free plan, access to only basic design customizations are provided
    • Visitors to the notification bars restricted to 5,000 views per month.

    Price: Free / from $29 a month.

    9 6
    Figure 7 – Easy Notification Bar – List of the top 8 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

    An easy to use and customizable WordPress notification bar plugin, Easy Notification Bar allows adding optimized text to the notification bar. You can also add an optional button, next to the text to be highlighted on the notification bar. This works best for marketers who are looking for ways to promote a product or sale on the website.


    • Easy to use and simple interface
    • Optional button on the notification bar


    • Does not allow the creation of multiple notifications

    Pricing: Free To Use

    9 7
    Figure 8 – Foobar – List of the top 8 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

    One of the best premium WordPress notification bar plugins, fooBar is so repository of features and the fact that it enables users to easily add notification bar accounts for its sale. The plugin provides support to shortcodes that turn the job of embedding notification bars easily. The prime feature that sets the plugin apart is the Conditional Logic which helps in configuring different notification bar which is triggered as a call to action.


    • Has plenty of features
    • Unlimited foobars can be set up
    • Flexible enough to add bars either at top or bottom


    • Does not have a free version

    Pricing: $17

    9 8
    Figure 9 – Announcement Bar – List of the top 8 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

    Adding alerts would never have been easier. But with an announcement bar, you can add all the needed customizations, placing the notification bar on top or bottom and turn your basic website into much more static.


    • Add color to the notification bars
    • Alters the text and the style
    • Embed transitions and custom fonts


    • Restricted amount of customizations

    Pricing: $19

    Now that you have gone through each of the WordPress notification bar plugins, you can now assess the one best for you and your website and embed the same to make the most out of it.

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