8 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2022)

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    Do you plan to escalate your business using the method of email marketing? Or is it that you have just started and want to expand your business adopting email marketing strategies?

    If yes, you would definitely need an effective email marketing service. Given the fact that there are plenty of such services available over the web, finding the one that maps your business objective right is a tough task. But because these e-mail marketing services have a drastic impact on the success of your business, choosing the right one seems ideal.

    No worries, because we have done the homework for you. Below we have listed 8 best email marketing services for you to consider when promoting your business.

    Before we delve deeper into the prospects, let’s have a quick look at why would you need email marketing services in the first place.

    Importance of Email Marketing Services

    Email marketing is one of the most popular and widely used forms of marketing. Not only because it is cost-effective and would not seek greater investment, but also due to the fact that few studies believe email marketing to be responsible for 4400% of ROI.

    Now, the figure is definitely appealing enough to dive in and take the call. However, simply buying a service and using it to promote your business would not fetch the desired outcome. For one, you need to have the right strategy in place.

    Once you are all set with your marketing strategies, you next need to choose the right software or the email marketing service to channelize your business campaigns directly to the end-user.

    You need to be aware of the fact that an incompetent email marketing service would drain your money without actually providing the desired set of features and functionality. So, you should analyze and assess the different services to finally end up investing in the optimal one.

    Without wasting much time, let’s move ahead to uncover the top 8 email marketing services you can consider for your business.

    Top 8 Email Marketing Services For Small Businesses

    An ideal email marketing service must be simple, easy to use and deploy a drag and drop feature. Also, the same should integrate a level of automation that can generate and send marketing campaigns to potential prospects. Apart from that, personalization of emails works as an icing on the cake and the ability to track the performance of email ads, further enhances the usage of the marketing services, benefiting both you and your business.

    In case, you have no idea which service would be advantageous for your business, move ahead with the article.

    Constant Contact

    For the website owners that have just started on their business, a free to use and user-friendly email marketing service is one that would help you grow. The best fit here is constant contact. Not only is the platform self intuitive but it also has more than 100 inbuilt email templates that you can use to create and pitch email marketing campaigns to potential users.

    The platform gives you the ease to keep track of all your contacts, the templates, and the calendar. Additionally, marketers would have access to a reporting and analysis tool that would shed light on the performance of the campaigns and help your redesign the same to come up with better results.


    • End to end support
    • Shopify Integration.
    • Tools for social media sharing.
    • Email automation and surveys.
    • Library of resources and live training for marketing strategies.
    • Image library and Facebook as integration.

    Pricing: 60-day free trial/ $20 per month.

    Campaign Monitor

    The second in our list is the campaign monitor and it is yet another email marketing service for the small business owners. This service is easy to use and helps marketing professionals to create personalized and custom-fit emails for product promotion.

    The campaign monitor incorporates a drag and drop tool easing the task of drafting emails. Further, the presence of an analytics tool helps you track the response of emails and then draft strategies that would help optimize the emails and approach better. What makes this an excellent email marketing service is the ability to use data and generate personalized content, one that would appeal more to the customers. Personalization works in the sense that customer data is studied and used to create emails fostering higher engagement.


    • An extensive set of a resource library
    • Drag and drop tools for email creation
    • Analytics and automation tools
    • Customized emails

    Pricing: Free/$9 per month


    Looking for a reliable and trustworthy email marketing service? Try iContact!

    This email marketing service has been in the industry since 2003 and they have never failed to keep their users apprised of the range of services, features and functionality offered. Much like others in the list, they too have a simple and easy to use email creation and automation tool. What sets them apart is their frictionless and flawless customer support services. What’s more?

    They have an assistant assigned to every customer who would undertake the job of guiding them on their email marketing strategies, fascinating right.

    In addition to the above, this service also has the provision of social media consultants who go to great lengths to help you make the most of the email marketing strategies and gain from the same, creating an exceptional online presence.


    • Alluring dashboard and email marketing tools
    • Automation for assessing strategies and campaigns
    • Out of the box customer support services.
    • Strategic partner for performance enhancement

    Pricing: 30-day free trial


    Emerging as one of the fastest-growing email marketing services, Sendinblue might be the right fit for you if you are looking for an email and SMS marketing software. An excellent platform that is extremely easy to use and simple to implement, Sendinblue has inbuilt templates that ease the process of generating and sending emails to the customers.

    In fact, beginners would not find it hard to create emails using the software. The prevalence of drag and drop tools guides them to pitch feature-rich emails and make the most out of such campaigns. Whether you wish to segregate the workflow, automate email creation or track the progress, the software allows you to do all.

    AI algorithms help you decide on the best time to pitch emails and benefit from it. As a starter, you can begin with their free plan that restricts you to pitch 300 emails per day. In case, your business has wider requirements, you can always upgrade to premium plans.


    • Automation tools for bulk emails
    • SMS integration for mobile marketing
    • SMTP support for WordPress site.
    • Pro features include Facebook ad integration, CRM, etc.

    Pricing: Free/ $25 per month.


    Next in our list is Drip. Whether you are a business owner, a marketer, a blogger or a digital enthusiast, the drip email marketing platform encompasses features for all. In fact, the platform offers a range of email automation features that can not only streamline the process of email marketing but at the same time, improvise your sales funnel for better results.

    In case, you have a WordPress or a Woocommerce website, the drip email marketing service provides seamless integration with all. Under the influence of the above, you can easily combine your signup forms and use them to promote your business operations. The feature that helps drip stand out in the crowd of email marketing services is the intelligent email marketing automation tools that lead to better segmentation of users and higher campaign revenue. For the beginners, the platform has email support, live chat support, webinars, and training modules.


    • Personalized and customized emails
    • Send bulk email in a click
    • Increase customer level engagement
    • Website integration

    Pricing: Free Trial/ $49 per month


    In case you have had spent some time looking for an email marketing service provider, odds are MailChimp would be one in the list. Definitely, the platform is worth the popularity and is not just any other email marketing tool, rather a suite of tools that quicken the speed of marketing while adding more and more visitors to your business.

    It has a very simple interface promoting the creation of business-specific emails. The platform also extends support to the automated responses, the analytics tools for determining the success of the campaigns followed by the flexibility to create different segments. MailChimp further gives marketers the ease to schedule their campaigns in a way automating the same.

    Integration of websites using MailChimp is pretty easy and no matter which site you run your business on, you can integrate MailChimp in a friction-free manner. Free and live support for all in mail issues and webinars to guide you on the marketing features.


    • Free to use service with limited features
    • Automation tools for faster pitching
    • Determining schedule for sending mails

    Pricing: Free/ $10 per month


    As much as the name of the service entices you, its features do the same to your users. The service platform has a bundle of features that eases the task of email creation and marketing.

    Using the drag and drop interface, marketers can easily design customer-specific emails, list contacts and also pitch group-specific emails. Automation tools boost the process of email automation and at the same time, trigger campaigns for better results.


    • Live support, email support and 24/7 guidance and assistance for marketing needs.
    • Quick integration with third-party websites and software.
    • Data analytics for personalized marketing.

    Pricing: 30-Day Free Trial / $15 per month.


    Finally, we have AWeber in our list of email marketing services. Apparently, this is one of the oldest yet a widely used email marketing platform. The software service renders an array of tools that can be used by the website owners and the marketing professionals to create emails and promote brands.

    If you have a WordPress website, AWeber allows you to integrate the same with the email marketing platform and streamline the task of marketing. Prebuilt email marketing templates, forms, sender and autoresponders further accelerate the entire marketing phase.


    • Traditional and most popular
    • Range of marketing tools
    • Auto-responders and senders

    Pricing: 30- day free trial / $19 per month.

    Final Word

    The above were the best 8 email marketing platforms you can use to pitch emails and market your business on the go.

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