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    Tired of all the noise around building an alluring Landing Page? Your landing page URL wins over the competition after a lot of hard work goes into it. Once the customer is on the landing page, all you want is conversion. In this post, we will list Top 20 Best Landing Page Builder 2018 to you out.

    Conversion is the ultimate goal of the entire ecosystem but did you know that there are a lot of websites, which lose the leads because the landing pages are not rightly built. Building a landing page does not only need to be cost-effective, it needs to be efficient enough to engage customers and easy enough to build.

    You are not expected to spend an unusual amount of time in building perfect landing pages and that is where this article is going to help you.

    Be ready to explore the most comprehensive list of top 20 landing page generators that can make your task easy and quick.

    It is time to make your best pick.

    Top 20 Best Landing Page Builder 2018

    How to make a landing page effective?

    Well, it’s simple. Either you’ll hire the specialized developers to help you do that, or will create it on your own using a drag and drop landing page builder. As the first process may be lengthy, time-consuming, costly, and not 100% in your control, we would suggest you go with the latter.

    Here is a list of our 20 favorite drag n drop builders to generate custom landing pages:

    1. RGenisis Landing Page builder

    Got only a few moments?

    Use RGenisis to build a phenomenal landing page.

    Popular for its powerful design kit that accompanies the tool without any extra cost, RGenisis assists build modern and beautiful landing pages. With 280 plus ready to use design pages, its widget library offers the developers with accordion, Carousel, filters and background video addition.


    Its landing page building speed is backed by ready to use templates and the drag & drop functionality.

    2. OnePageStudio Landing Page builder

    Developed to help build landing pages that drive higher conversions, OnePageStudio is a multipurpose landing page creator that offers ready to use templates and drag & drop functionality to expedite the landing page building activity in an SEO oriented manner.


    Easy to personalize landing page tool houses a rich library of ready to use elements. With the availability of variants of elements, the tools make it easy for developers to build multipurpose landing pages in HTML5 and CSS3. Built-in image editor helps with desired image processing features. No expertise is needed to use OnePageStudio for landing page building. The core transparency allows developers to custom change the code of HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

    It is a one in all landing page tool priced affordably for building the unlimited pages of your website without compromising the website speed.

    3. Lune HTML5 Landing Pages Pack with Page Builder

    A pixel perfect landing page that is fully responsive can be built using Lune. Offering multipurpose ready to use templates, Lune helps create ultimate landing pages within minutes. 30 live demos and 350+ sections to be used with drag & drop functionality make it a channel for creative experts to develop landing pages that bring in more conversion.


    It offers a plethora of features with easy customization, Twitter Feed, Facebook Page Like, Instagram Feed, Google Maps, Spam verifications and much more. Its 10 different notification styles ensure your landing page never looks boring. 10 different header styles are a differentiator as soon as we click two pages built on Lune.

    4. Gum Landing Page builder

    Without even knowing the ABCs of coding, get read to build professional and intuitive pages using this builder. A rich library of 400+ ready to use templates make customization easy. Rendering drag and drop functionality, the landing page builder allows you use the colors and fonts of your choice.


    Going a step beyond and serving it’s users with an easy to use form builder, Gum Landing Page builder is an acceleration tool for professional landing page building. Integrated with the newsletter and email campaign running services, you can build a landing page that offers an advanced level of engagement with maps, forms, subscribe and more features.

    5.  LaunchKit Landing Page builder

    A responsive Landing page builder that helps build multi-purpose landing pages. With 50+ ready to use templates, the static landing pages can be built within minutes. Offering highly professional demos, Launch kit landing pages have 11 types of the different header to make an impression on the visitors, as soon as the page loads.


    Easy to use slide controls make it easy for you to build beautiful landing pages within minutes. Its set of 13 color schemes and 9 font variants make every landing page built using Launch Kit a beautiful piece of creativity. It is integrated with Mail Chimp for easy campaign setups so serves as a futuristic landing page builder tool.

    6. LeadGen – Multipurpose Marketing Landing Page Pack with Page Builder

    A speed optimized landing page builder bundled with features that support multipurpose marketing. Drag and drop functionality makes it an accelerated solution to build landing pages. Adding value to your products and services, it comes with SEO features, MailChimp integration, GetReponse integration, ActiveCampaign, Campaign monitor and 320 plus unique design elements.

    preview. large preview 1

    The Latest Google Captcha feature is also available to make it a secure landing page.

    7. PowerNode Multipurpose Landing Page Builder

    A fully responsive and chic landing page build platform that offer 230plus ready to use builder sections. W3C compatible and bootstrap based HTML5 and CSS3 page render a unique and fresh look to the landing page.

    Picture7 1

    As a pixel-perfect landing page builder, it offers 320 ready to use icons. Inherently SEO layouts ensure less effort goes into making the page rank high on search engines. Mail chimp integration makes it easy to run email campaigns on the landing page itself without any extra effort.

    8. Factor Multipurpose Landing Page builder

    Astounding count of 22 navigation types and 57 slider types it’s really hard to identify two landing pages were built using the Factor Page builder. In one word, it is versatile and robust page builder with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript files. Self-explanatory error pages make it’s debugging easy and thus encouraging a flawless page built up quickly.


    A cloning feature that accompanies it’s the latest release makes sure you save all the time you can. Enriching its SEO features, the version 2 of Factor Landing Page builder makes it a powerful tool. Drag & drop, RTL text support, 76 ready to use landing pages and 202+ builder elements are few things that add fans to its user base.

    9. Pixa Landing Page builder

    Is your target audience too much mobile savvy? Nothing can beat the responsiveness that Pixa landing Page builder brings to its landing pages. With zero coding knowledge and minimum effort, you can develop search engine friendly landing pages. Built with Bootstrap 3, HTML 5 and CSS3 files, the landing pages built on Pixa render a higher professional look and feel.

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    Easy to use drag & drop feature that allows fierce customization with 80 section blocks available, makes Pixa a trusted choice among landing page builders.

    10. GetLeads landing Page builder

    A marketing appropriate landing page developed by using GetLeads is quick and easy to build. It is a high-performance landing page builder, known for its rich demo set to offer 230 plus ready to use sections.


    With PayPal and MailChimp integration, it becomes easy to add secure payment gateways and run marketing campaigns. Facilitating the development of a fully responsive landing page, GetLeads offers SEO support and customization deep to the source code of HTML and CSS.

    Its active development base ensures a running supply of new demos, new ready to use sections, icons and page layouts. So actually with Getleads, you are continuously evolving.

    11. Select Landing Page Set and Page builder

    Within just some minutes create the most engaging and alluring landing page with Select Landing Page. A rich library of 30 demo pages to build multipurpose landing pages, Select offer you two variants of Mobile Toggle Button styles.


    Retina ready layouts are developed in an SEO friendly manner. The designs available are clean and crisp making the content and images stand out and build the connect. The MailChimp integration allows you to set up and run campaigns almost instantly.

    12. Unicore Landing Page Builder

    HTML and Bootstrapped Landing page template is perfect for building effective landing pages. A feature-rich library ensures all your customization requirements are covered. Ready to use sections like FAQ, accordion, 20 homepage styles and much more makes it a suitable choice for rapid and impactful page building.


    As a fully responsive page builder, it can be customized to extremes. The HTML code that powers Unicore is crisp and easily readable. With 63 HTML ready to use pages, Unicore is a multipurpose Landing Page Builder. If any landing page requires Google Maps to be integrated beautifully, Unicore is the appropriate pick.

    13. Urip Professional Landing Page with HTML Builder

    A bootstrap-based HTML Landing Page template with a capacity to build a fully responsive and custom landing page. Leading to the developer of high-performance landing pages, the Drag and Drop functionality speeds up the page building procedure.


    With Urip Professional Landing Page builder you save the developer hire cost and develop one or multiple landing pages. 5 ready to use layout designs, working forms, customer review section and ready to set up MailChimp email campaign. It offers RTL support for text and video background.

    14. Wow landing Page Template with Page builder

    To develop an SEO optimized landing page and yet make it look beautiful is not an easy task. But with Wow Landing Page template, be ready to deliver professional pages that rank high without too much of effort. The export/import feature helps to save the template for future use without the MySQL database.


    Offering the live preview features for an enriched set of features, WOW let’s page developers have a real-time look and feel of the landing page even before it goes live. An effortless tool to build landing pages comes with 100 plus ready to use features with simple drag and drop landing page builder.

    15. ImStartup Landing Page builder

    Startups need a strong landing page to make an astounding entry into a fiercely competitive market. Unique templates with the trendiest icons, features, headers and SEO features, ImStartup is a platform that leads startups to success.


    A responsive and dynamic landing page built on ImStartup! It is extremely versatile with 7 slider options, RTL and LTR writing support. Powered by HTML5 and CSS3 files, this cross-platform supporting page builder can be customized with animation and parallax effects. The support and documentation offered by the ImStartup team are phenomenal.

    16. EventCastle Page builder

    A Bootstrap based framework that leads to the development of 100% responsive landing pages works seamlessly across multi-screen sizes and cross platforms. HTML5 and CSS3 files render high-performance capabilities to the landing page. Color and font selection allow page builders to customize and infuse uniqueness in the pages.


    Capable of the latest Parallax effect, EventCastle is being used my many page builders.

    17. Subscribe Marketing List Landing Page builder

    Are you running a campaign to capture more email ids? Nothing is better than Subscribe that allows you to build a simple yet alluring landing page within minutes. Subscribe comes across as an easy to use page builder that is responsive and can incorporate a Simple CTA and also the video testimonials.


    HTML and CSS files offer full customization ability to the page builders.

    18. Proland Unbounce Product Landing Page Builder

    As a drag and drop page builder, Proland comes with some of the most powerful integrations. With PayPal, MailChimp and Email Lead Generation, Proland is a premium page builder tool. Offering a lot of room to your creativeness, it lets you integrate videos in the background and product Popup.


    With 6 different layouts to customize the landing page, Proland is a perfect landing page software to make a powerful impact on the customers.

    19. HelpMe Landing Page Builder

    Dedicated to the development of theme-based NGO landing pages, HelpMe offers an HTML video lightbox. Integrated with a Drag and Drop Page builder, it is capable of offering Parallax effect, MailChimp Integration, and responsive designs.


    The templates can be customized to the desired scale in rapid page building cycles. With 19 builder elements, HelpMe is a well-documented page builder that is easy to use.

    20. Meetup Landing Page with builder access

    As a cross-border compatible and responsive landing page builder, it is accompanied by HTML 5 and CSS3 based 3 pages developed as per Twitter Bootstrap grid system. The file set includes PHP and JavaScript files too.


    Offering high-resolution images and crisp layouts, Meetup Landing pages offer a professional layout to develop a highly engaging landing page.

    Final thoughts

    We hope that you liked our Top 20 Best Landing Page Builder 2018. So which builder are you going to use?

    Picking up the right landing page builder is no easy job as it is going play a pivotal role in making your task cost-effective, efficient, high performance and phenomenally beautiful. A flexible, intuitive and fully loaded page builder must be the first choice in helping you build landing pages that create a mark in the history and set an example for your future projects.

    Do remember, buy a tool that has an active and progressive development team keep dropping latest technology updates, latest icon sets, SEO features to make sure that you and your landing pages keep pace with the trends and technology.

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