How to Sell Services Online with WooCommerce [Step-by-Step]

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    Selling services online is the new way to do business. And with WooCommerce, it’s easier than ever before. No matter if you’re offering consulting, design work, tutoring, or any other service, WooCommerce is your tool for success. 

    It’s customizable, easy-to-use, and streamlines your online sales process. And the best part, you can reach people worldwide, right from your home office

    So let’s dive in and discover how to sell services online with WooCommerce…

    Getting Started with WooCommerce

    Setting up your online storefront with WooCommerce is remarkably simple. Let’s go through the two main steps.

    Setting Up WooCommerce

    Here’s how you get started with WooCommerce:

    1. First, you need a place for your website. This is called hosting, and you have many options to choose from.
    2. After you’ve got your hosting, you will install something called WordPress. Don’t worry; it’s super easy. WordPress is what makes your website work, and it’s very user-friendly.
    3. The final step is adding WooCommerce to your WordPress site. It’s a tool called a plugin. Plugins are like helpers for your website, and WooCommerce is the best helper when you want to sell services online.

    Choosing the Right Theme for Your Services

    A theme is like the “outfit” your website wears. It’s what makes your website look the way it does. And just like clothes, some themes are better for selling services than others. 

    You want to pick a theme that shows off your services in the best way. And remember, your theme should be able to adjust to different device screens like mobiles, tablets, computers, etc. 


    This is called ‘responsive design’, and it’s important for making sure anyone can easily use your site, no matter what device they’re using.

    Here’s a simple checklist you can follow while looking for a perfect theme for selling your services with WooCommerce online.

    Examples of Services You Can Sell in WooCommerce

    There’s no end to what kind of services you can sell with WooCommerce. Here are a few examples:

    • Consulting Services: Are you an expert in a specific field? Offer consulting services to clients worldwide who can benefit from your know-how.
    • Online Tutoring: Do you excel in a particular subject like math, music, or a language? Share your knowledge with students in the form of online tutoring.
    • Digital Artwork: Are you a gifted artist? Create and sell custom digital artwork orders right from your website.
    • Web Design Services: A whiz at designing websites? Offer your skills as a service and create bespoke websites for clients.
    • Writing & Editing Services: Do you have a strong command over language and grammar? Offer your prowess in writing and editing as an online service.

    Keep in mind; these are just a few out of the many services you can sell using WooCommerce.

    Pricing Strategies for Online Services

    When setting your prices, the aim is to find a sweet spot where your prices are competitive but still profitable. 

    Here’s how you can tackle that:

    • Flat-Rate Pricing: This means you charge a single price for a service, no matter how much time or resources you invest in it. It’s simple and clear for customers but make sure it covers your costs and leaves a profit margin.
    • Hourly Pricing: If your service time can vary a lot, consider charging by the hour. This ensures you get paid for every bit of effort you put in.
    • Package Deals: Packages combine several services or offer different service levels at tiered prices. This can attract different types of customers and can increase your sales.

    Research is key: Before fixing a price, look at what others are charging for similar services. This market research can help you decide a fair price that people are willing to pay.

    Tip: To set up flat-rate pricing or any other custom pricing in WooCommerce, you can use our Flat Rate Shipping Plugin that allows you to customize your pricing options.

    Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Methods

    Boost your WooCommerce store’s revenue with flexible shipping options. Your business deserves the best!

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    Marketing Your Services

    Having great services is one thing, but making people aware and interested in them is a whole other challenge. 

    Here’s how you can market your services effectively.

    Creating Engaging Product Descriptions

    • Be Clear and Persuasive: Your service descriptions should clearly explain what the service is, how it benefits the customer, and why it’s better than other similar services. Use simple words and break down technical concepts.
    • Use Testimonials and Success Stories: People trust what other customers say. If you have happy customers, include their testimonials in your product description. It could make a big difference.

    Leveraging SEO for Service Visibility

    Data Analytics
    • Keyword Research for Services: Find out what terms people use to search for services like yours. Use these keywords in your service descriptions, titles, and blog posts.
    • Create Informative Blog Content: Blog posts related to your services can drive traffic to your store. If you offer writing services, post blogs on writing tips or content strategies, for example.

    Utilizing Social Media and Email Marketing

    • Social Media: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to showcase your services. You can run targeted ads, collaborate with influencers, or simply share insights about your services.
    • Email Marketing: Collect email addresses from your website visitors and send them regular newsletters. Share updates, new services, or special offers to keep your audience engaged.

    Remember, marketing is not a one-time effort. Keep analyzing what works and what doesn’t, and be ready to adapt your strategies. With the right pricing and a solid marketing plan, selling services online can not only be feasible but also highly rewarding.

    Streamlining the Booking and Payment Process

    Selling your services online should be easy and quick for your customers. That’s why it’s super important to make the booking and payment process as smooth as possible. 

    Let’s dive into how you can do this using WooCommerce.

    1. Implementing Booking Systems

    A booking system on your website lets customers pick a service, choose a time that’s good for them, and pay right away. No more back-and-forth emails!

    To add booking to your store, you’ll need a plugin. The WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods plugin is a perfect fit, especially for services that don’t need shipping. 

    Here’s why it’s great:

    • No Unnecessary Fields: It removes fields you don’t need at checkout, making it faster for customers.
    • Quick Checkout: Customers can buy directly from the product page – super fast!
    • Flexibility: Works great for digital downloads, online courses, or consulting services.

    This plugin makes the checkout process quicker and easier, leading to happier customers and more sales for you. Give it a try and you’ll see the difference!

    WooCommerce Checkout For Digital Goods

    Quick checkout for faster sales and happier customers

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    2. Setting Up Multiple Payment Gateways

    Giving your customers a choice in how they pay is super important. Everyone has their favorite payment method and by offering more options, you’re making it easier for them to say yes to your services.

    Here’s a quick guide on adding popular payment gateways in WooCommerce:

    • Go to WooCommerce Settings: Click ‘Payments’ to see all the types of payment options.
    • Enable Gateways: Click ‘Set Up’ or ‘Manage’ next to the gateways you want to use, like PayPal or Stripe, and follow the instructions.
    • Make Sure They Work: Check the ‘Enable’ checkbox so customers can start using them right away.

    Now, if you want to be really smart about which payment options show up for who, check out the Conditional Payments for WooCommerce plugin. 

    It lets you set rules for when certain payment methods pop up. So if you’re selling something that’s only for adults, you can make sure only credit cards show up, not pocket money options like PayPal.

    By setting up multiple gateways, you’re not just giving your customers convenience, you’re also growing your business reach. And with smart rules, you’re making sure the right options are available for the right products and customers.

    Conditional Payments For Woocommerce

    Reduce risk and supercharge your conversions with strategic payment limitations.

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    After-sale Service and Customer Support

    After selling a service online, it’s super important to help your customers even after they’ve made a purchase. Why? If they have a good experience, they are more likely to come back and tell others about your great service. 

    Here’s how to do that.

    Set Up FAQs

    Customers often have similar questions. Here’s what you can do:

    • Make a list of common questions and answers — like how to use your service and what to do if there’s an issue.
    • Put these FAQs on your website where folks can easily find them.

    Offer Live Chat Support

    Being there for your customers when they need you is a big deal. Think about live chat because:

    • It’s super quick — customers can get help right away.
    • It shows you’re listening and you care.

    Manage Customer Feedback

    Listen to what your customers are saying because their feedback is gold. It tells you what’s great and what you can make better. 

    Always say a big thank you for their thoughts too.

    • Encourage them to share their experiences with reviews or feedback forms.
    • Use feedback to make your service better.

    Final Words!

    Alright, let’s wrap this up. We talked about how to sell services like a pro using WooCommerce. Remember:

    • Good customer support makes customers happy — and they might just come back and bring friends.
    • Use FAQs and live chat to answer questions fast.
    • Listen to feedback to keep improving.

    WooCommerce is flexible. It works for many different services. Use it like clay to shape the online store you dream up.

    So, what are you waiting for? Dive into setting up your WooCommerce store for selling services now. 


    Can you use WooCommerce to sell services?

    Totally! WooCommerce is great for selling services. You can sell anything from consulting to online classes.

    How do I sell services on my WordPress site?

    First, set up a WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site. You can then add your services as ‘products’. Make sure you describe your services well and explain how folks can benefit from them.

    How do I add a service to WooCommerce?

    • Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Products.’
    • Choose ‘Add New’ and start typing about your service.
    • Be clear about what you’re offering and hit ‘Publish.’

    How do I sell on WooCommerce?

    Selling on WooCommerce is easy. Here’s a quick how-to:

    • Install WooCommerce on your WordPress site.
    • Add your services as products.
    • Set prices and add checkout options.
    • Share your services with the world and start selling!

    WooCommerce Checkout For Digital Goods

    Quick checkout for faster sales and happier customers

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    Saksham Kumar is a Content Writer and SEO with 6+ years of experience, specializing in WordPress and Marketing. Skilled in helping businesses expand their customer reach, he maintains a balance between work and his passions for biking, traveling, and adventure sports.