Step-by-step Guide: How to Get a Free Business Email Address for your Website in 5 Minutes?

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    Running a website for your business? Planning to get a business email address?

    Apparently, this is something every business leader plan to incubate. You can always create an email address using the domains of Google or Yahoo. However, when you are part of a business and wish to create a brand presence, it is advised that you have a business email address, one that’s specific to your own business.

    In case you have just started and have no idea as to how can you create a business email address for free, this article will help you. Here, we outline the reasons why would you need to add a business email address, followed by a detailed procedure on the creation of the same.

    What is Business Email & Why Is It Important?

    A business email address is one that has a personalized name and the name of your company. For instance, if you are John and run a company named Sterling, your business email address could be something like:

    On the contrary, if you decide to go with the generic email account, it would

    Considering that you are a professional, the first would be more specific than the second. One reason why is it advised to switch a business email address is the fact that the generic email account is open for all and anyone or everyone can create the same.

    When we talk about business, security comes first and hence, a legitimate business account is mandatory. Apart from the above, the following would help you decide when you make a switch to a business email address.

    1. Promoting a personal brand is a lot easier when done through business emails.
    2. It is specific to a business and easier to remember.
    3. Embeds trust and looks professional.

    With that being said, you now would be inclined to create a custom-fit email from your business.

    How to Create a Business Email Address?

    There are two different ways using which you can create a free business email address.

    Using the website domain

    When you run a business you are bound to have a website for the same. Creating business email addresses along with domain registration is easy and pretty simple.

    You can obviously have a business email account without having a website, however, if you opt to do so, you would need to pay a lot more. Instead, registering for a business email while buying a domain name and host for the website is the best way out.

    This method mandate you to have a domain name, a hosting account and an email service provider that would take care of all the business emails. Once you are done with this, follow the steps given below to create a business email in less than five minutes.

    Step To Follow: Domain Name Registration

    • To get started, you would need to visit a hosting company. Here, we take the example of Bluehost as the hosting service provider. Click on their website link and then, select Get Started.
    • The page that opens will have all of their available hosting plans. As so it appears, Bluehost offers three different plans and each has the provision of a free email and a free domain name. In case, you are just a beginner, you can opt for the basic plan and later upgrade, as and when needed.
    • After you have selected the package, you can click on next to move forward.
    • On the next page, you would need to enter the domain name, followed by the extension. Since we are to create a business email address, it is advocated that you keep the name of the domain as that of your business. After filling in the information, you can click on the next.
    • At times, it might so happen that the chosen domain isn’t available. The host will suggest alternatives and you can pick one among them.
    • The last page will ask you to enter account information, package information, payment, and extras. Add each and then proceed to the payment page. Once done, you will receive a welcome email, outlining the credentials for login.

    Creation Of Business Email

    The first thing to do here is log in to the hosting account. Next, move to the left side of the screen and click on email and office. The new page that opens will depict all of your domain names. Move the cursor to the right and click on manage.

    After this, click on the create button to start the process of email address creation. The page will have two tabs seeking the information as of username and password. Enter a customized name for the email which will have an extension of the domain you selected. Enter a strong password or you can click on generate to opt for an automated password. Whatever be the case, click on create.

    With this, you are all set to use an email address for your business. In case, your hosting plan allows more than one email address, you can follow the process the same as above to create more accounts.

    Using Email

    Accessing business emails can either be done using Microsoft Outlook or you can simply visit the hosting account, open email and account and click open the domain to have access to the newly created email address. You can read, compose, edit and send emails using the portal.

    G-Suite Software

    Another effective way of creating a business email is through G-Suite. It is a Google-owned product and allows business professionals to create personalized email addresses. Using the interface same as that of google, g-suite offers the ease and flexibility to create and manage emails. One thing that might worry you is the fact that this isn’t available from free and you would need to pay a small fee to get started.

    While the above method might appeal to you more, the fact that g-suite has a more friendly interface and does not limit the number of emails sent every day is worth the money. Every g-suite plan accompanies free access to Google Docs, Gmail, Drive, Google Calendar, and 30GB storage for audio/video conferencing per user. Given the above, this is always a better option than the first one.

    In case, you aren’t sure whether your business would benefit from the g-suite email address and whether it is worth the amount, you can sign up for free trial. This version lasts for 14 days and you can always sign out after the same if you are not willing to pay the subscription fee. G-suite has three different plans and differs both in price and features offered. Where the basic plan starts with $6 per month, the advanced one extends to $25 per month.

    Try for one and then decide whether you would pay to continue or discontinue the same.

    The Final Word

    As a professional and a business owner, it is a must that you integrate a business email address and use it connect with your customers and clients. Whether you go with the domain registration method or via a g-suite, you would always need a domain name. Start with building a website and then, add emails like a pro.

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