The DotStore Global Services - Security & Privacy Policy

DotStore Security

Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are the owners & operators of DotStore (herein "DotStore")

We give high importance to your privacy as part of your visit to DotStore. Considering that we collect certain type of data with respect to our visitors, we understand that it is vital for them to know what the nature of the information we collect and how that could be possibly be put to use.

This privacy statement is only applicable to the information that is collected when our apps are downloaded.

A certain amount of personal information is received from our patrons, and the intent of publishing this privacy & security policy is to notify our visitors about the practices that DotStore follows with reference to usage, collection & disclosure of the data.

It is assumed that by using the DotStore, you agree to the practices that this privacy statement lists.

DotStore Privacy

The DotStore is indeed committed to abiding by regulations that govern the usage of your personal data, and respecting the privacy rights of visitors that hit the website.

With respect to visitor personal data, the organization is also committed to fully comply with global regulations related to data privacy.

An important aspect of our policy is our firm belief that visitors should be well aware as to how their data is collected and how it can be possibly used.

The literal definition of "Personal Data" indicates information that is personally recognizable and can be used to identify a person directly or indirectly. The data could be anything - identification number, name, payment details, email or location address, or even data points pertaining to economic, genetic, physical, cultural, physiological or social identity of website visitors.

When visitors to the website have personal information to share, below is the policy DotStore enforces as an approach to maintain user privacy.

Personal Data – Collection & Use

DotStore Data Usage

Data Usage

The DotStore and its affiliated companies make effective usage of the personal data collected in this fashion. The result is a personalized & more involved user experience throughout the customer journey.

Your Personal Data Put to Use for Special Purposes
  • Determine applications of interest by evaluating the need of visitors
  • Respond to customer requests & queries
  • Improvise on our marketing efforts, and the overall experience our store generates
  • Ensure participants avail the requisite information
  • Conduct trend analysis & research
  • Send communications pertaining to promotions, such as newsletters

To effectively summarize, the DotStore will only use the personal data of users for the areas they have been authorized for and only where it is mandatory.

By clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any promotional email sent by the DotStore, visitors can opt out from any form of automated communication. This is aligned to international regulations that apply, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Furthermore, personal data of children under 13 years of age is never collected unless there is consent from the guardian in line with international legislation.

DotStore Data Storage

Data Collection/Storage

Personal Information We Collect

The DotStore is committed to serving our customers best-in-breed services.

To make this happen, we collect some information. For instance, details of the device, web-browsing history, IP addresses, time zone, and cookies are collected. As one browses our website, information about items viewed and searched are collected automated to understand your preferences in a better manner. Every bit of this information is automatically collected for future use.

Additionally, we might ask you for your corresponding details like email address. For those who have purchased on our website, we expect you to share accurate information like name, billing address, payment information, and contact number. Such information is referred to as “Order Information” and is stored diligently.

Take note that “Personal Information” in this policy refers to both order and device information.

Technology Used While Collecting Customers’ Device Information:

Cookies - Cookies are the type of data files placed on the user’s data-driven device like computer, phone, and PC, and consists unidentified and distinct identifier. This technology allows us to understand your needs and suggest customized solutions.

To gather more insights about cookies and how you can restrict their visibility, visit

Log Files - Such files are used to keep track of actions happening on the website and collect crucial user data. Using Log Files, we successfully collect information like IP address, browser type, referring/exit page, internet service provider, and date/time stamps.

Information That We Store

The DotStore understands its responsibility for proper handling and storage of the crucial customer data. Hence, we adopt the best data storage practices. One must understand the only piece of data that we store in our database is admin name and email. This is done for customers’ benefits only as we use emails to share the latest updates, features, and promotions with our clients.

Any information, related to bank and business, is not extracted and stored. One must understand that The DotStore adheres to the best payment policies and never save information like OTP, bank card details, and PIN.

Data tracking starts automatically once a customer activates the license key and continues till the time plugin is activated.

Once you install the plug-in, we also collect the information related to your website environment to give you a more personalized experience. Such information is labeled as “Environmental Information”.

We store this information on our servers with a motive to boost up the productivity and viability of our services as per customers’ requirements. We accomplish this job by tracking the use of the plugin, the rate of abandonment, and environments where our plugin is used widely.

Here are types of Environmental Information that we collect through your association with us:

  • thedotstore plugin state (active, inactive, uninstalled)
  • thedotstore plugin active version
  • Your Site URL [for which the plugin is installed]
  • WordPress admin name and email address
  • WordPress locale details (country + language)
  • WordPress, PHP and MySQL version details
  • List of installed plugins and themes from thedotstore

Sharing the Personal Information

We have a wide network of third-party services and share partial/whole Personal Information with them. This is done for the end-user’s benefit only. Some of our partners with whom we share users’ data are Freemius, Google Analytics, and

You can read and Freemius, legal/privacy policies using given links.

To opt out of Google Analytics, you may proceed using this link.

Additionally, we are bound to share your personal information, with or without your consent, when asked by law & regulations. Throughout the information sharing process, The DotStore adheres to the industry’s best practices.


Some of our strategic third-party business partners may avail the personal data collected by us. In such cases, the appropriate data will be shared only for advertising purposes as approved by the law, or to optimize our services. Under NO circumstances do we rent, sell, trade or share visitors’ personal data with random third parties.

When it comes to legal process requirement, disclosure or reporting that is legally mandated, our company may require to use or disclose your personal data, only from compliance viewpoint.

Correcting / Updating Information that is Personal in nature

With the following actions, we allow visitors to work on settings to manage personal data.
  • Data Amendment
  • Data Deletion
  • Usage of data accompanied by right to access
  • Restrict or object data usage

To effectively summarize, the DotStore will only use the personal data of users for the areas they have been authorized for and only where it is mandatory.

By clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any promotional email sent by the DotStore, visitors can opt out from any form of automated communication. This is aligned to international regulations that apply, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Furthermore, personal data of children under 13 years of age is never collected unless there is consent from the guardian in line with international legislation.

Third Party Tools Guideline

The Dotstore makes good use of the large amount of automated data collection tools on its website. These tools include third party GDPR compliance as well as embedded web links. Our tools capture standard user information such as browsers, or website page that served as redirection, or the browsing behaviour for a specific user and the corresponding IP address. Comprehensively, these tools work in collaboration to deliver a better & personalized experience for users when they return to our website.


While we make use of cookies, it is vital that our users understand the basic fact that cookie itself is not a storage unit for information or personal data. A cookie is never capable of revealing user identity, copying data from a user’s hard drive or even scanning websites or cookie files to collect information. User anonymity is never revealed unless the visitor responds to some form of promotional campaign or clicks on a download URL. During a user’s first visit to the DotStore, cookies get enabled only after the appropriate consent is provided. Cookies are completely optional hence if a user chooses NOT to opt for them, limited browsing experience continues. Your web browser can track cookies, disable them, notify when you receive the same, or prevent their activation.

In line with normal behavior, automatic data collection tools such as embedded links & cookies are made use of on the DotStore. This results in standard data collection, such as search history, browser details, user domain, IP address, time spent on the site, page visit history, clickstream behavior, etc. The data collection may not be limited to above-listed parameters. The information collected is not with the intent of associating it with individual visitor. Based on classification by browser types, MIME types and domain names, our organization derives a ton of usage statistics by analyzing the information from the browser string that is an inherent aspect of every visitor’s browser.

Our organization hosts the websites in a perfectly secure environment, making effective use of password protection systems, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, coupled with other tools & technologies that prevent unauthorized accesses & avoid breaches. DotStore follows industry defined protocols when it comes to technical as well as physical security processes, combined with administrative controls and appropriate procedures to safeguard user data while receiving as well as transmitting. The information handling happens with best possible scrutiny, considering that the complete data exchange happens over secure HTTPS connection using plug-ins that are reliable in nature. To guarantee that only authorized users have the requisite access to the data captured on our systems, our privacy & security policies undergo periodic enhancements & detailed reviews.

Promotional content suited to a user’s particular requirement, or targeted advertisements likewise are an outcome of leveraging personal information. Further information can be availed of by visiting theNetwork Advertising Initiative (NIA) page. Using the below links, a user can opt out of targeted advertising.

The right to make modifications to the privacy statement rests with the Dotstore. If there are any changes planned to the privacy statement, the Dotstore will ensure to send out notifications via the company websites at least 30 days prior to the actual change happening. To receive the latest updates on our privacy policy, we encourage our users to follow this page regularly, as only the current privacy policy is considered effective.

Appropriate measures to abide by international regulations for personal data, including GDPR have already been taken by the Dotstore. We also have a defined commitment statement for the same.

To suit the needs of our visitors, the Dotstore websites may have links to other third party products, services & websites (collectively known as the “Linked Sites”). However, the Dotstore as an organization is not responsible for the privacy policies or contents of any of the linked sites. Contact details or location data could very well be part of the information collected by third parties. As a general practice, we recommend our visitors to check out the privacy statements specific to the linked sites.

Specific to the websites operated & owned by the Dotstore, the names of the products & companies mentioned may be the trademarks of the respective owners.

The Dotstore website visitors have several rights that relate to their personal information.

  • Email communications can be opted out of
  • Phone & digital marketing exclusion is possible
  • Preferences & personal data can be reviewed, and corrected if required

Website visitors will warrant to the Dotstore that the company websites will be not used in any way to serve any purpose that is prohibited or unlawful as per applicable terms & conditions. Users will refrain from using the company websites in a fashion that could disable, damage harm or overburden the websites, or interfere with other user experiences or usage of the Dotstore offerings.