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    Thinking to start sending newsletters to your customers or readers but worried about how to do so. Well, if you are thinking about doing so manually, you have all the right reasons to get worried. But, as WordPress can be extended with Newsletter plugins, you can automate this process very easily.

    Read about the top 5 WordPress newsletter plugins that will be useful for you in the process:

    MailChimp Plugin

    In case you have spent considerable time over the WordPress platform, you might have an idea about newsletters. For any website owner, be it a blogger, business owner, or entrepreneur, the end goal remains the same, to attract customers and drive profits. A major role here is played by newsletters. MailChimp is one of the best plugins to consider as a newsletter plugin.

    The plugin supports as many as 2000 subscriptions for free and gives users the ease to set up and share newsletters on the go. This gives users ample time to grow their business and once it has reached a greater height, they can then switch to the paid version. The plugin uses Ajax to fill forms and share it with the customers.

    Plugin 1 - MailChimp - 5 Most Useful WordPress Newsletter Plugin

    Free Version Key Features

    • Support 2000 subscriptions
    • Limited to a single form
    • Provide email notifications
    • Detailed documentation renders the ease of integration and installation

    Premium Version Key Features

    • Unlimited subscriptions
    • Allow users to create multiple forms with hassle
    • Enables setting up email campaigns to boost customer interaction


    A WordPress backed newsletters plugin, this one is extremely popular among the beginners. In case you are looking to increase and enhance your subscription or the mailing list, the newsletter plugin is the best fit. The newsletter plugin has been specifically designed to help website owners improve their mailing lists and add customers.  For the e-mail marketers, the newsletter is again an ideal choice.

    With the customized plugin, you can have unlimited subscribers followed by unlimited newsletters. Additional benefits as offered by the plugin includes: detailed statistics of the website interaction and performance, check and block spam subscriptions, IP domain blacklist, etc.

    Plugin 2 – The Newsletter Plugin- 5 Most Useful WordPress Newsletter Plugin

    Free Version Key Features

    • Compatible with GDPR norms.
    • Simple and easy to embed
    • Has drag and drop composer to free up the need for technical knowledge
    • Supports unlimited subscriptions and newsletters


    Heard about MailPoet? Not yet? Well in case you are looking for an email marketing cheat sheet, MailPoet is definitely worth the try. With an array of built-in templates, the MailPoet WordPress plugin enables users to create a huge mailing list without switching between websites or say, leave the admin panel. Integrating MailPoet within the WordPress website is not a tough task and has a simple interface to facilitate the same.

    What’s best about the plugin is the fact that it automates the process of pitching newsletters to the users. Meaning that as a site manager, you can create newsletters and schedule the same. It takes only a few clicks to build beautiful email subscriptions with the plugin.

    Plugin 3 – MailPoet Plugin - 5 Most Useful WordPress Newsletter Plugin

    Free Version Key Features

    • Supports WooCommerce integration and support
    • Has an array of responsive templates
    • Has superfast speed and supports 50k emails every hour
    • Automated emails to users after sign-up


    Another powerful and effective Newsletter plugin is MailOptin. This is one of the highly creative and versatile newsletter plugins that gives users the ease to send customized emails and newsletters to the mailing list. In case you are looking for a way to increase and optimize your store visitors, traffic, and the conversion rate, MailOptin serves the purpose best.

    Embedded with an autoresponder, the MailOptin newsletter plugin allows the creation of pop-ups and additional forms to support the mailing feature. Using the autoresponder feature, website owners are relieved of the need to send a reply to every mail personally. Instead, they can now benefit from the automated system pitching a reply to every other mail. In addition to the above, MailOptin has other facilities including widget forms, sidebar pop-ups, and call to action buttons, driving user interaction.

    Plugin 4 – MailOptin Plugin - 5 Most Useful WordPress Newsletter Plugin
    Plugin 4 – MailOptin Plugin – 5 Most Useful WordPress Newsletter Plugin

    Free Version Key Features

    • Responsive templates to automate the creation of emails
    • Allow scheduling newsletter to save time and efforts
    • Segment email in multiple parts
    • Provides email digest for every published post

    Popup Builder

    You know what’s the best way to attract the attention of users and get them to subscribe for your newsletters? Through pop-ups. While you can always code and have pop-up designed to embed within your website, an easy way out is to use a plugin and the Pop-up Builder does exactly the same. An easy to use WordPress backed newsletter plugin, the pop-up builder is your get to go when seeking ways to engage visitors with your site.

    Using the plugin, you can add as many animations within the site. Also, it gives you the ease to display offers, discounts, and other offers to attract the attention of the users.

    Plugin 5 – Popup Builder - 5 Most Useful WordPress Newsletter Plugin
    Plugin 5 – Popup Builder – 5 Most Useful WordPress Newsletter Plugin

    Free Version Key Features

    • Renders support for the autoresponder feature
    • Customize the location of the pop-up
    • Embed animation in the pop-up and enhance the look and feel of the same.
    • Support onclick or hover over pop-up


    Using the Newsletter plugins in order to send beautiful and conversion-driven newsletters in a good idea. With these extensions, you won’t have to worry about keeping the designs responsive, picking the content, spending a lot of time in creating newsletters and so on. So, pick a good newsletter plugin and get started.

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