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2 votes

Add "Same banner as parent" for categories

Add a flag option in the category page under "banner image upload" : "Same as parent". This way there is no need to upload a new image, the image of the parent category will be shown instead. This is useful if a website has many categories nested and there is no need to create an […]

Planned Category: WC Category Banner Management 1 comment
1 vote

value calculation

It would help very much to have a value calculation not only for the whole cart but also for only the products which fit into the filter criterias. Need this because of also using advanced shipping packages to split into separate packages/pallets.

Under Review Category: Advanced Flat Rate Shipping 0 comments
1 vote

Add a counter for the user based fees

Hi! Thank you for this plugin, it’s very useful.I have a music rehearsal room and I actually use the plugin to charge penalties to users that leave a mess. It would be awesome if there will be a counter for the fees. Example: I set a fee with count 1 and I charge that fee […]

Category: WC Extra Fees 1 comment