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Could the Pro version automatically generate an nice thumbnail of the uploaded (PDF) attachment , that would be a Pro feature and really justify the 100+ euro/dollar price for me!! A generic icon/image is just not worth it for me.

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Add up shipping coast

Hi there, It’s my very time to set up a shipping methode. I’ve chosen the Advanced Shipping Price Rules – Shipping Cost on Total Cart Weight But it does not add up the shipping fee to the total amount. Need help! Thank you so much, Verena

Under Review Category: Advanced Flat Rate Shipping 1 comment
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Have a line change option before delivery time

At the checkout, it would be very good to have an option to force the estimated delivery time on its on line. For example, instead of checkout showing: FedEx Economy, 20.00 € (2- 6 working days) to have FedEx Economy, 20.00 € (2-6 working days) on any device.

Category: Advanced Flat Rate Shipping 1 comment
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multiply fee automatically

i need the plugin to multiply my fee for X – when X is aplied to product. Say customer chooses 8 tshirts – I need the conditional fee to be the same number. Or another customer chooses 5 books – I need the fee to automaticly to be 5. Is this possible in Premium version?

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Make sure that unhidden address fields are still required

My website is set to still show the name, state, & country fields. However, people are able to buy without entering anything. VAT/GST legislation requires the country to be given (e.g., at least two different forms of evidence required, one of which can be the country given by the customer). Could you update the plugin […]

Category: WC Checkout for Digital Goods 1 comment