10 Best Request-a-Quote Plugins for WooCommerce (Free/Paid)

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    Looking for the best Request a Quote plugins for your WooCommerce store? We’ve put together some top ones for you here!

    Good business is all about putting the customer first. One way to do this in your online store is to let your customers name their price with a Request a Quote plugin.

    You can add a “Request a Quote” button to your WooCommerce site with these plugins. It’s a handy feature that lets customers ask about the price of your products. It also helps you connect better with your customers.

    Choosing a plugin can get confusing with so many options out there. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Below, we’ve listed the 10 best Request a Quote plugins for WooCommerce.

    1. ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin

    Best Request a Quote plugins for your WooCommerce store Google Docs

    The ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin is an ideal plugin when it comes to offering your customers the ability to place a quote request on your products.

    Using the plugin, you can easily sell the products to retail merchants at a wholesale rate by letting them place orders as ‘quotes’ instead of adding the products to the cart.

    You can also remove or keep both the Add to Cart button and Add to Quote for the products on the shop page as well as product pages.

    Here are some of the prominent features of the plugin:

    • Add the “Request a Quote” option for all products or on chosen products in the shop as well as on individual product pages on your store.
    • You can keep both the “Add to Cart” and ” Request a Quote” buttons for all products or only for any selected ones.
    • You can easily enable/disable the “Request a Quote” option for specific products.
    • A store owner can accept/reject/modify customer’s quotes from the WooCommerce order page itself.
    • Accept payments, once the quote approval is done by the store admin.
    • Set up a Custom Form for the customers to allow them to place the quote request.
    • Set up notifications via email, chat, as well as SMS notifications to the store admin.
    • Trigger email notifications on the order status or any updates to customers regarding the quote request.

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    2. YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote

    02 YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote

    YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin is a popular plugin that lets users place a quote request on your WooCommerce store without many hassles.

    It lets you place the quote request on the products and submit the quote request for the products in the store. Customers can send a proposal to the store admin quickly for the chosen products.

    Here are some features of the plugins :

    • You can easily create or customize the “Request a Quote” option on the shop page.
    • Lets you hide the price and even the Add to Cart button for products to encourage customers to place a quote request.
    • Supports multiple languages and is translation-ready.
    • Supports third-party themes and plugins.

    3. WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin

    03 WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin

    Using the WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin, the customers can add the products to the quote basket and then ask for the estimated price for the products to the store admin.

    Just like customers adding products to the cart, they can add the products to the quote list and then send the quote request via the quote request form.

    Features of the plugin:

    • Get a complete quote management system done swiftly.
    • Show “Add to Quote” only for specific products.
    • You can also replace “Add to Cart” with either “Add to Quote” or any other text with a custom link.
    • Maintain the list of products in the mini quote list like a mini cart.
    • You can attach the quote to multiple menus.
    • Also compatible with page builder plugins.

    4. Product Enquiry Pro

    04 Product Enquiry Pro

    The Product Enquiry Pro adds an inquiry button to your WooCommerce product pages. Using the button, the customers can send a quote request or a product inquiry for their selected products.

    Here are some interesting features of the plugin:

    • Allows adding the “Add to Quote” or “Make an Enquiry” button for chosen products on your store.
    • The plugin is translation-ready.
    • Set the pre-configured email addresses to which the details of the quote requests are to be sent.
    • Quick access to the support desk right from the plugin.

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    5. WisdmLabs Product Enquiry Pro

    05WisdmLabs Product Enquiry Pro

    Never miss out on any product inquiry from your customers from your store using the WisdmLabs Product Enquiry Pro plugin. The plugin smoothens the process of placing a quote request on your store for simple and variable products alike.

    Using the page builder, you can seamlessly add the product inquiry button on the product pages. The plugin has many more features to look into, here are few of them.

    • Supports multiple languages.
    • Easily lets you add product enquiry options on products.
    • Create a price quotation for the desired product and send a PDF of the same to customers easily.
    • Create custom forms for product inquiry.
    • Add a logo to the quotations to personalize the quotes.

    6. Call for Price Pro for WooCommerce

    06 Call for Price Pro for WooCommerce

    The Call for Price Pro for WooCommerce plugin lets you place a “Call for Price” button on your WooCommerce store for selected products. This can be done when the price is hidden or not available for the WooCommerce products.

    Moreover, you can hide/show/modify the “Add to Cart” button as per your specifications. Using this option you can reduce cart abandonment easily.

    Here are some features to look for :

    • You can add the “Call for Price” option for both simple and variable products.
    • Display the “Call for Price” for products that are out of stock.
    • Easily hide the Add to Cart button.
    • Display “Call for Price” for products falling in a particular price range.

    7. NP Quote Request WooCommerce

    07 NP Quote Request WooCommerce

    Using the NP Quote Request WooCommerce plugin, you can easily enable the quote request option on your store. You can quickly turn the whole store into a quote request-only store or even go for designated products alone.

    The customers can place the quote request and checkout normally like in a simple store.

    Here are some features to look forward to :

    • Allow quote request option on both simple and variable products
    • Customers can also place their cart as a quote request.
    • You can send the confirmation email to both the customer and the store owner.
    • Efficiently manage price visibility.

    8. Request a Quote

    The Request a Quote plugin is specifically designed for small to medium businesses to receive quote requests or Request for Quotation(RFQ) or request for information (RFI) from the customers.

    Some features include :

    • Create a customizable form for submitting the quote request.
    • Compatible with popular themes.
    • Display the quote requests in a tabular form for the customers in the front end.
    • You can customize and add or remove fields in the form as per your needs.
    • Keep your customers informed regarding the quote submissions and updates.
    • You can also assign the quote request to staff members.

    9. Quote Request by SoftProdigy  

    08 Quote Request by SoftProdigy
    Quote Request by SoftProdigy  

    Give your customers the possibility of contacting you through a simple form. The Quote Request by SoftProdigy is a simple plugin that is easy to work with and is convenient.

    The customers can bargain or negotiate on prices quoted on the products. Also, it is easy to notify the customers regarding the quote requests using the plugin.

    Here are some features of the plugin to look for:

    • It allows the submission of quote requests for both simple and variable products.
    • Customers can place quote requests for multiple products at the same time.
    • Upon submitting a quote request, the unregistered users will get registered.
    • If quote requests are canceled, the customers can send a request again for the same.

    10. eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress

    09 eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress

    The eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress is a simple, fully responsive, and free plugin that lets your customers place a quote request on your store quickly and easily. The plugin is easy to use on your WooCommerce store.

    Here are some interesting features of the plugin :

    • You can choose to display the products with or without a price as per your choice.
    • Easy and fully customizable display options on products.
    • You can also filter products in a way that your customers can easily find the right products.
    • Clear and well-structured options, which make it easy to use.

    Final Words!

    All in all, this post has provided you with a list of the top 10 WooCommerce Request a Quote plugins that cater to various needs for different online businesses.

    Each plugin comes with its unique features and benefits, such as custom forms, quote management systems, compatibility with different languages, and more, depending on your specific requirements.

    As you look to enhance customer interaction and improve pre-sales activities, these plugins can significantly aid in streamlining the quote request process on your WooCommerce store and help you better serve your customers.

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