How to Charge Extra Fee Dynamically in WooCommerce Store?

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    E-commerce businesses are operating at a full swing nowadays. The rising number of such online businesses has increased the competition in this domain too. While owning an e-commerce store, we all want to execute the business with the ease of offline selling. Here arrives an issue, i.e. the need of a dynamic website structure.

    Unlike a normal business website or blog, an online store requires dynamically managing its operations too. It means that not just content, but shipping and pricing rules are to be automated when you own a WooCommerce Store.

    Toughest of all these things is – charging flexible extra fees dynamically.
    Let’s say you want to charge 10% extra if your product is being shipped to England. Can you do it with the basic WooCommerce setup?

    So in this post, we will tell you about the need of charging dynamic extra fees and what is the best way of doing it.

    WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin

    Charging Additional Fee Dynamically – When is it required?

    In the name of additional fees, you generally charge a flat rate shipping fee and taxes through your store’s website. But that’s not enough for all cases. Sometimes we need to charge dynamic extra fees for a location, product type, payment gateway, etc.

    For example, if your buyer’s debit card payment carrier charges 2% extra fee for each transaction, you will have to reflect this condition in the cart too.

    Similarly, some delivery service providers may charge extra fees for some regions than others.

    What will you do then?

    Not implementing the additional fee condition with your e-commerce store may result in losses. So, you will obviously search for an aid to help you out in this condition.

    Anyway, if you could connect to the previous examples then one thing is clear. You need a solution for how to charge extra fee dynamically in WooCommerce store.

    No issues. Read the next sections, which will resolve your problem 🙂

    WooCommerce Extra Fees

    Make profits from every confirmed sale through smart, conditional fees.

    WooCommerce Extra Fees Banner

    The Prerequisites

    Before will start telling you the procedure of enabling the feature for charging dynamic additional fee, you need to do the following:

    It’s very simple. Those, in rush, can watch this video to understand how this plugin works and how to charge additional fees through it.

    Yes, that’s it for now.

    This plugin is capable of enabling your WooCommerce store for charging dynamic or percentage-based extra fee.

    Thinking, how to do so?

    Check the next section of this article.

    Extra fees Banner image

    How to charge Extra Fee Dynamically in WooCommerce Store?

    There are 2 ways, in which, you may want to charge extra fee dynamically. These 2 ways are:

    • Charging uniform percentage-based extra fee.
    • Charging percentage-based extra fees, varying with the quantity or price of products.

    Apart from that, store owners may also want to charge an additional fee on a different basis, such as the location of delivery, cost, product category etc. So, the free version of this plugin lets you charge dynamic additional fees as per some essential parameters.

    If you need to charge percentage-based additional fee on the basis of uncommon parameters like user role etc., you will have to switch to the premium version of WooCommerce Conditional Product Fees for Checkout plugin.

    Here are the parameters, for which, you can make your buyers pay an extra fee:

    WooCommerce Conditional Product Fees For Checkout

    How to charge extra fee based on product in WooCommerce Store?

    Now, see how it works:

    Case 1: Charging Dynamic Extra Fee for One Condition

    A product named ‘Long Sleeve Tee’ has recently arrived in your online store. You are printing your store’s logo and selling it thereafter, and you want to charge 5% extra for that.

    Go to the plugin dashboard and click on ‘Add Product Fees’.

    You will get to see a fee configuration form here.

    WooCommerce Conditional Product Fees For Checkout (2)
    WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin
    How To Charge Extra Fee Dynamically In WooCommerce Store?

    Fill the name of Product Fee and select Fee Type as ‘Percentage’.

    In the field ‘Fees’, you need to fill the percentage of Extra Fee, which is 5 in this case.

    Enter start and end dates of the offer, if there is any fixed duration for this campaign. You can leave this form blank otherwise.

    Decide if you want this amount to be taxed or not.

    Scroll to the Conditional Fee Rule section now.

    2 3

    Here, select the ‘Product’ field from the dropdown list and fill the value of product name, i.e. Long Sleeve Tee, in the front of it.

    Note that you can repeat this step for different parameters as told above. You will just need to select a different parameter from the dropdown list as per your need.

    Save the settings and your problem is solved now.

    Case 2: Charging Dynamic Extra Fee for Multiple Conditions

    A store owner has recently started delivering his product ‘WordPress Pennant AS’ in New York. Apart from the shipping and tax fees, he needs to invest 10% of the product’s cost in packaging too. So, he wants to charge his customers an extra amount.

    The e-commerce store owner will have to follow the same procedure as Case 1. The only change will be in Fees, which is 10% now, and Conditional Fee Rules.

    Here’s how the store owner should create the rules:

    2 4

    To add an extra rule, you have to click on ‘Add row’ in this section. We have added a product-based, a country-based and a zip code-based rule here.
    To remind you, here are the other fields, for which, you can create rules:

    2 5

    Case 3: Charging Dynamic Extra Fee as Per Quantity

    For case 2, you may want to charge 10% for the first product and 5% for every next product. Check solution section to understand how it can be done.

    This case is especially helpful for the conditions when you want to reduce the extra fee per extra product.

    To do so, follow the whole procedure as you followed in case 2.
    Now go back to ‘Fees’ part and tick ‘Apply per Quantity’. Now, the form should look like this:

    WooCommerce Conditional Product Fees for Checkout

    As we are going to charge 10% extra fee for product 1 and 5% per product thereafter, fill the same details in the form.

    Save settings and your store is now charging your customers the way you wanted.

    With WooCommerce Conditional Product Fees for Checkout Plugin, you can charge dynamic extra fee for multiple other parameters. For example, you can charge additional fees for the payment gateway (learn here), category, tag or more [Check the image above]. So, install it on your WooCommerce store if you need this functionality.

    If you need any assistance with Custom WooCommerce Plugin Development, feel free to reach-out Multidots. They are one of the WordPress VIP partners and parent company of DotStore.   

    WooCommerce Extra Fees Plugin

    Learn More:

    WooCommerce Extra Fees

    Make profits from every confirmed sale through smart, conditional fees.

    WooCommerce Extra Fees Banner
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